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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeroicEdge

Anivia - The Frozen Nuke

HeroicEdge Last updated on March 18, 2011
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Chapter 1

This is a pure nuke build. I plan on making a nuke/support build in the future, but for the time being, this build is intended for pure offensive capabilities.


Anivia - Frozen Nuke Build

Note: The stats you see above are from an older game and I screwed up a couple of my items/was experimenting with Archangel's Staffs. My Ability Power could have easily been over 900 if I had swapped even one of my Archangel's Staffs for a Zhonya's!

Click here for the full screenshot!



+Excellent Nuker
+Excellent Harasser
+High offensive attributes
+Easy 1-2 combo
+Can destroy full health enemies in one burst combo (late game)

-Extremely Squishy
-No armor/magic resistance
-Focused down quickly
-Almost entirely cooldown dependent
-Rune-dependent on magic penetration


This is the first build I've written for mobafire but I doubt it will be my last. I am HeroicEdge and Anivia is my main champion. This build is intended solely for nuking your enemies. Your main objective while using this guide should be to kill. To achieve this objective, you will focus on maximizing your ability power to the point where it reaches the mid to upper 800s and possibly even the lower 900s. Your enemies will learn to fear you and focus you down as soon as they realize how many stacks your Mejai's has. Use this to your advantage to separate them with your Ice Wall and pick them off one by one.


Core Item Build

The key point of this build is maximizing your damage output. Because of the low survivability you'll have by using this build, I recommend buying Boots of Swiftness instead of Sorcerer's Shoes for greater mobility, allowing you to swoop in and out of combat as necessary.

Mejai's Soulstealer is necessary to maximize ability power. Do your best to gank enemies with less than half health so you can accumulate as many stacks on your mejai's as possible. Don't be afraid to spam Glacial Storm in team fights, either. Every assist counts when you're Anivia.

Archangel's Staff is a necessary item with this build. You should do your best to spam your spells as much as possible when you have Tear of the Goddess or Archangel's Staff. Because Archangel's Staff's passive is not unique, it has the ability to stack % into Ability Power. The more mana you have at the end of the game, the more ability power you'll have.

Zhonya's Ring gives you some pure ability power at the end with its 25% boost. Its active of invulnerability helps substantially late game, too, especially if you get too close to the front lines and get focused down.


Optional Items:

The above items are NOT at all part of the core build. These items can or should be swapped out for 1 or more Archangel's Staves as needed, depending on the opposing team's champions and items.

The Abyssal Scepter gives you flat ability power, decent magic resist, and reduces all nearby champions' magic resist by 20. Great if the opposing team is stacking magic resistance.

The Void Staff offers flat ability power and 40% magic penetration against enemies. This item will benefit you but not your allies. Great if only one or two enemies are getting a bit of magic resistance.

The Rod of Ages is a great all around weapon that supplies your champion with health, mana, and ability power, and will continue to increase all three of those stats as each minute passes. Get this item if you're being focused down too quickly and/or are running out of mana too fast (which you shouldn't).

The Banshee's Veil is a decent item if the opposing team is focusing you down with the use of stuns, slows, or other harmful spell effects. Use this item as a one-shot cleanse that's available to you every 30 seconds.


Play Style

Your play style should obviously differ depending on how far into the game you are. You should make time for heavy harassment with Flash Frost to Frostbite or Glacial Storm to Frostbite combos, trap setting/baiting with Ice Wall, top and bottom ganking when enemies are below half health, and jungle ganking/scouting with Ice Wall and Flash Frost. If you are playing a 5v5, you should also make time to get the golem buff EVERY TIME IT'S AVAILABLE. It will keep you in the lanes an immense amount of time longer as you spam Glacial Storm to increase mana and clear creep waves in a matter of seconds.

Early Game
Take middle lane if possible and focus on getting to level 6 as early as you can. Harass your mid-lane rival by sniping them with Flash Frost. Generally, your enemy won't expect an ice ball hurling towards them if they're concerned about taking out creeps. If you're noticing that the enemy is dodging your Flash Frost or moving back and forth a lot, they've likely fought Anivia many times before, in which case you should forget about sniping them. Instead, try to keep your movement up and kite them if possible, and toss a Flash Frost at them if they begin to run toward you in a straight line.

Your goal will be to harass them continually until they fall below about 1/2 or 1/3 of their HP. When this occurs, get close to them (Flash if you need to) and toss a Flash Frost right on them, making sure to detonate it while it's on top/just past them. Smash them with a Frostbite directly afterwards. If your opponent is still standing, set them ablaze with ignite and use normal attacks or Glacial Storm if it's available until Flash Frost or Frostbite's cooldown is up.

I can not stress this enough: PLAY AGGRESSIVELY. Remember - you have an egg if you die. You basically have double the health. Your enemy may even forget and leave you sitting there for a second if they manage to down your bird. Sure, you may be defenseless if you're in egg form, but that's why you have the ability to stun with Flash Frost (remember, you can detonate it mid-flight by pressing Q a second time, before it reaches the end of its travel path) and that's also why you can Flash away from your opponent. Early game is the best time to make use of your egg - your opponent(s) will typically be too low level/too weak to do anything about it.

Fighting Master Yi with Anivia is not impossible, but to put it quite plainly, a good Master Yi will generally hack Anivia into bits and pieces and sell the pieces off to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Why is this? Well, let's consider the facts.

Flash Frost to Master Yi > Result > Master Yi Alpha Strikes you and completely dodges your Flash Frost.

Ice Wall behind Master Yi
> Result > Nothing. It's not going to stop him from Alpha Striking you or moving left and right.

Frostbite to Master Yi > Result > Meditation. The damage you just unleashed unto Master Yi was just nullified.

Glacial Storm to Master Yi > Result > Master Yi uses Highlander and walks out of Glacial Storm.

Chilling Master Yi using ANY method > Result > Master Yi uses Highlander, rendering Frostbite completely useless.

As you can see, it is very difficult to fight Master Yi with Anivia's abilities. If a Master Yi goes mid against an Anivia, request that someone swap positions with you. It will save you a lot of trouble.

If you don't go mid-lane, your main priority should be getting to level 6 as soon as you can; secondary priority being heavy harassment with Flash Frost to Frostbite combos with your lane partner. Bait them towards your turret/partner if you can, letting them believe they can kill you if you have low health. Always remember - you have an egg. Use it wisely.

Mid Game
By now, you should have your Tear of the Goddess, Boots of Swiftness, and hopefully a Mejai's Soulstealer. This is when you should start ganking lanes like crazy. If you're going pure offense for lane ganks, you should have more power in Flash Frost and Frosbite with no points in Ice Wall. Look for anyone with approximately half health or less. If the enemy is squishy, you can probably even do more. Let your teammates know who you're going for, then snipe them with an unexpected Flash Frost (if you can make the shot without them moving) and combo them with a Frostbite. Hopefully, if you have competent teammates, they'll have all jumped on the person you're targeting by now. Lead their escape with Glacial Storm but don't attack them directly; just try to stay near them so you can finish them off with another Frostbite. Clean up the other champion/creeps and repeat the process.

Tip for Novices: Remember, Frostbite shines when you use it on an enemy that's chilled. Any enemy that even touches, is stunned, or is slowed by Flash Frost or Glacial Storm is considered chilled. You can recognize a chilled enemy by the icicles protruding from their feet as they walk (they will be slowed from this). You can always recognize a player that's new with Anivia when they waste their Frostbite on an enemy that's not chilled (unless they're certain they'll be finished off with the Frostbite), whether it's intended to harass or just deal plain damage.

Late Game
By now, you should have a fairly large mana pool and, if you played smart, a mejai's soulstealer with 20 stacks. Everyone's going crazy--middle lane is being pushed like a baby inside a 10 month pregnant woman's stomach, everyone's paranoid the other team's going to go Baron, and people are ganking all lanes in groups of 5. You should continue to play smart. Let your tanks initiate. Slow your enemies down with Glacial Storm, and if the enemy mob is starting to run isolate 1-3 of them with your (finally) maxed Ice Wall, then stun the squishiest champion you can with Flash Frost. At this point, Flash Frost will likely hit them for a minimum of 1/4 to 1/2 of their max HP and Frostbite should be more than enough to clean them up. If you're stuck playing defense, remember - tower hugging is your strong suit. Lay down a Glacial Storm on mobs of enemies, stun anyone that's being shot by the turret with Flash Frost, and use Ice Wall to keep champions from escaping.



Well, I hope you all enjoyed and benefited from the first guide I've written for Mobafire. Please feel free to leave comments in the comment section below. I will gladly accept any constructive criticism but I request that people keep insults to a minimum, as I'm fairly new to this site. If you -1'd my build, please let me know why.

Important Note: Please keep in mind when leaving feedback that this build is meant for pure offensive capabilities. The object of this build is to greatly increase ability power in order to be your team's most powerful and most feared nuke. Survivability is intended to be low, which is why I've recommended investment in Health per level Quintessences and Boots of Swiftness for greater mobility.


Thank you to every one who took the time to read or even skim my guide! Best of luck to all of you!