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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyocool

Anivia, the Legendary

Kyocool Last updated on April 17, 2011
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In most lore, the phoenix is a creature of fire that rises from its own ashes. What few know, however, is that phoenixes are elemental beings, formed by the eternal essences of their native world. Anivia was conceived on a world such as this - a being of the coldest winter, a creature of pure elemental ice. On her world, Anivia was the protector of the frozen wastes and all those with the spirit to endure in such unforgiving places. She was consulted as a creature of great wisdom, one who could not die and who had seen the world renewed several times. Somehow, Anivia knew that the day would come when she would be plucked from her home and pulled across worlds, and when that day came, she received the call with grace. Seeing the imbalance and injustice on Runeterra, a world lacking elemental protectors, Anivia took her place at the League of Legends.

Since her arrival, the Cryophoenix has chosen to live among the highest peaks of the Northern Ironspike Mountains, adjacent to the frozen wastes of Freljord. She has openly claimed this territory as her own protectorate. Surprisingly, Anivia has struck up a friendship with the yeti of this region - a friendship that grows deeper and deeper with each passing moon. She has formed a close bond with two League champions: Nunu (and Willump) and the nomad princess Ashe. In a move that caught the League by surprise, the Cryophoenix recently entreated the summoners of the Institute of War to research a means in bringing across others of her elemental fellows. As a champion, Anivia is revered with a sense of awe by most, but is not the most popular as most consider her unapproachable.

"Some say the world will end in fire, some in ice. Anivia awaits the inevitable latter."

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This is a build that focuses mainly on AP. Anivia has great burst potential, killing other mages in around 3 seconds. I find this build very flexible, able to survive for a moderate amount of time in lanes, while still doing insane amounts of damage. Let's see how this happen, shall we?

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First off are the runes. Anivia has the lowest base Health at level 1 out of all the Champions in the League, at 410. She does, however, have the second lowest base Health at level 18, at 1610, due to her better scaling per level. What does this have to do with runes? Well, this is why we have invested all our quintessences in flat Health.

Marks are specialized in attack, so there goes 9 magic penetration marks. Focuses are good for magic, so you would think you would want mana/ mana regen. Not for this build! We go for cooldown, so you can use more skills more often. it doesn't matter if you have the mana to cast your ability if you can't even cast it in the first place! Finally, the seals. They specialize in defense, so defense or magic resistance? Nope! Mana regeneration per level for this one! Remember that if you can't cast the spell? Well, this is the other situation. This is good, you are now prepared for two situations!

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The 9/0/21 build for Anivia is usually the way to go! In offense, let's get some ability power, and since you need 4 to move on to the next tier, why not go for critical? The 4 in sorcery is perfect for those cool down reduction, not to mention that you get that nifty 15% magic penetration! It's fun to deal damage, isn't it? Let's go over to the utility side.

Having some mana regeneration is always nice, and that Health regeneration is an added bonus! No teleport or ghost in our summoner spell, so the only option is less time being dead. Now, at this point, people say, "Wait a minute. Why no more mana? isn't that better than experience?" I don't know the exact answer, but I can tell you a little guess of mine. This is only base mana, so not to much increase in that mana. We also have a lot of mana regeneration. There are a lot of reasons, and i will be telling you them though out the guide, so watch for them. next tier, max out meditation for those amazing mana regeneration, and utility mastery. I'll tell you why.

Do you remember that tutorial where you had to kill the lizard with the red circle thing around him? Yes? No? Well ignore him. You don't want the red ring (of death). You want the blue sc-Ring of awesomeness. (Not the blue screen!) This buff increases your mana regeneration and increases cooldown reduction (which, in turn, decreases your cooldown). You like this buff. Grab it as often as you can. Quickness helps your movespeed, which is good, as Anivia is very, very slow. Blink of an Eye allows you to use your Flash more often, and presence of the master allows you to use ignite and flash just a bit faster.

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Well, it's item time, it's item time, won't you have some items of mine? With that 475 gold you get at the beginning of the game, go buy yourself a sapphire crystal. Why? Cause it gives you mana, and you need all the mana you can get at the begnning of the game. Add in one health potion for that low base health of yours and your Anivia is ready to go out and fly! I've listed all the items in chrnological order, depending on how much gold you have when you get back to base.

Catalyst is great for staying in lanes, giving you that Health and Mana gain. Boots are there for movement speed and penetration, and then a Mejai's Soulstealer comes next. This is why you have Anivia have lots of health, so you don't die as much and lose your stacks. Rod of Ages is up next, this increases health, mana, and ability power. By getting it early in the game, you can get it's full potential about 20-30 minutes into the game. Chalice of harmony is a good, cheap item that gives you a lot of mana regen, not to mention it gives you some magic resistance to live longer. Will of the Ancients allows your spells to regain back health, so not only are you a great burster, you can keep on bursting with that spell vamp and mana regen. Rabadon's deathcap is for the overkill, giving you enormous amounts of AP to decimate opponents.

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Skill Sequence

Get Flash Frost first, as it can slow and stun, dealing double damage if you can time the exploding correctly. After this, rank frost bite and glacial storm ASAP, with glacial storm having a higher precedence. Get crystallize at lvl 4, and then forget about it till the end of the game, as you only need a small wall to displace your opponents if you place it well. Frost bite deals double damage if you have used flash frost or glacial storm on the target first, so that's where the great burst comes from.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite really helps with killing enemy champions, they always escape with just a sliver of HP. flash is here to help get close in range for your skills, or retreat from a big fight.

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This guide is mainly here to help your style of Anivia get a little push. Experiment around a bit, you may like a different build better. I hope this guide helped you with Anivia. Good luck, have fun, and keep cool!