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League of Legends Build Guide Author shiinchan

Anivia, The Nevermore

shiinchan Last updated on August 14, 2010
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Anivia, The Nevermore Guide

Anivia is considered one of the best champions in the game and she can be played as support or carry, i believe she is better suited for a carry type roll even tho shes super squishy, main reason for this is her egg and amazing escape mechanism's

High Damage
Escape mechanism's
ONLY Environmental manipulation in game (her wall)
built in guardian's angel

low health
low armor
low magic resist

Now some of you will find some more "cons" based on how you play. but the way i play these are the only cons i find. the biggest one i hear "anivia is so slow" .. . ok well take that into account .. always calculate your escape path and the variables and you will never find a problem with the speed.

Summoner Spells
So i tested out with ghost, and i find it much more useful the clarity, i actually have taken less deaths each game thanks to having 2 escape mechanisms and it has even helped get me some kills that i would have had to give up due to not having the speed to get out of the tower / enemy range in time.
The reason i choose flash along side ghost is a offensive and defensive choice, one good reason was in my last game. i flashed onto there mid tower and killed there katarina, then ghosted out and had the speed to get away from a tower death, this is the offensive side of the reason i use both. The defensive side is a singed was coming at me... he had 1/4 health i flashed out of his throw right before he grabbed me, when he insanity potion he almost caught me so i ghosted and it gave me that speed to get to the tower then i turned and did my thing with the help of the tower and took him down, this is the defensive application of the set up. and i find that once your level 6, you can kill golem so fast that you will ALWAYS have golem on you.

And this is my reason for dumping clarity.

The reason i do not take ignite is honestly... if you need ignite to get the kill with anivia.. then your bad, anivia has 2x more burst damage then a fed ryze..

The runes i have selected are tested to perfection, this set up makes your level 1 - 10 play very deadly and destructive, you and your lane partner will either always get first blood. the only thing i would suggest changing is AP per level quintessence.

Core Items
Now unlike most champions, there is only 3 CORE items these are the 3 must haves no matter what the other team composition is, the reason i use archangels staff is what gives you the mana you desperately need and with that mana you will get some bonus AP, the boots are amazing because with your MARKS runes, it gives you great amount of magic pen. and mejai's is there to boost your ap to the 300 ap you need to be at.

Now another item i go for is zhonya's ring, now even tho its in EVERY one of my builds.. its not going to be called CORE... as this should be common sense, 120ap + 25% of all ap stacked.. is a luxury for any AP caster


So like i said, im classifying zhonya's as luxury because it should be common sense that you are going to buy it. but its not a MUST per so as other items are, so its a replaceable item, now if you find you are doing huge chunks of damage which you will be, that is energy going to waist.. why not create a synergy right? and that it was will of the ancients does, it gives you back life for doing damage. The more damage you do, the more health you will get back in return giving you staying power. Now Abyssal Scepter is very looked over and discarded as a baddy item by some. Well i like it with anivia, why ? a lot of the times your close enough to a few enemies that this will hit the 2 or 3 enemies. Well those enemies are reduced while there standing in your hail storm, and as flash frost passes through them and blows behind them... and well that equals more damage to me and as a carry that is good, the second part of this item is you get magic resist and trust me, this is very good for you as ezreals mystic shot can hurt bad. Then we have Rod of Ages, most people do not like this item because it takes time to get to full potential, well guess what.. with archangel, your runes, and mejai's this is already at potential for you, it gives you right off the bat health, mana, ap... and as you go.. you get more. To me even tho it takes "time" to get that extra health and such that its still a decent item on anivia with out the bonus's. Death fires grasp is amazing to me, it offers some of the BEST stats for its price, it has AP, CDR, and a initiating blast... if you come in hitting this first then you flash frost, your guaranteed a kill on any carry / non-tank hero withing seconds, no chasing, just a nuke faster then ryze. Now i am adding lich bane as an updated item, i found my self getting the kill by last hit auto attacking. and well with this is mind and having 450 ap with my core build + zhonyas i mean .. 80ap, 350mana, MR and move speed PLUS 100% of that 450+ ap which is now over 500ap as auto attack damage, this will make sure they die to your auto attacks with certainty.


Alright this is were the bads and the goods will differ...

Start off with golem, get a buddy or someone to help you get it this is very important that you ALWAYS get golem buff anytime you can take time to go grab it (after 250 AP you can kill it in 2 frostbite cast time)

I have played anivia mid, i have played anivia top, and i have played her bottom... i honestly think anivia is a great mid lane champ... but she is better in a lane with a partner that knows your play style, so if you are going into a game with a buddy or a premade take a lane, if you are solo queuing then you should honestly take mid lane.

Now the reason i do not like doing mid lane with anivia, to start with you do not have your bushes and anivia is a great ambush killer, and the enemy can just dodge a lot of your flash frost's, this is a bad thing. In a lane you can get a lot more hits with flash frost due to surprise attacks and thus you will get more kills faster with your lane mate.

So the game starts buy your sapphire crystal, mana / health pot and head to your lane, BE AGGRESSIVE you have a guardian angels already. you and your lane mate if done right can hold the lane at there tower 80% of the time. Your going to focus the squish in the lane and constantly flash frost him... you can constantly harass them with you're lane mate, you do enough damage. Now you have gotten maybe 2 or 3 kills and your on your way back to base to get your items... Now you do NOT want to go back until you have 1200+ honestly... if you can wait till you have enough to buy your tear and sorcerer's shoes that would be ideal, but in reality you will go back when you have enough for your tear + boots of speed and a couple pots.. which is your basic goal and is a fine time to go back. Once you get back to your lane apply the aggression again. Even if your alone in the lane... aggressively harass them. If done right you will kill 1 with a well places frostbite + ulti clean up. once you destroy your tower go grab Golem again if you can

Now that you have that beautiful golem buff again, go to mid lane. and do your thing there, harass with flash frost, lock in with crystallize, and ulti. Always try to land a flash frost stun while there inside your hail storm to maximize the damage. Also, do not be afraid of 1 or 2 tower hits, if they have low heath and you land a flash frost stun, MAKE SURE YOU HIT THEM WITH FROSTBITE, ONLY if there at the mid point or in front of the tower... if they are behind do not risk it. Remember if you do this and you get the kill and there teammate is coming at you... you can crystallize and stop him from chasing you, and your hail storm slows as well.

Once you get around 400+ AP you can start being a bit more alone as you now have the power to 1v1 MOST other carries and just walk away with a tickle in you're belly. and this is your goal as anivia. you will be feared and your shoulders will hurt a lot... get use to it

This is probably one of the biggest confusions people have with anivia, "How do i use her wall + ultimate effectively??" well i will show you how to use it effectively

Your wall is a bit of confusion on why its there, well its plain and simple there are two reason's for crystallize, and the main reason is to maximize the time you have the enemy in your hail storm, which maximizes the damage to mana ratio. the second use, which may be a lesser use BUT an important use is its defensive aspects were it can completly save your team from a 3, 4 or even an ace death...

Always place your ulti in places were the damage to mana ratio is maximized for best results.

-The way your going to use your wall in the lane / river areas were it is wider is as an extension of the side walls. You want to connect 1 side of the wall with your crystallize creating 1 smaller "doorway." When you do this you want to have your Hail storm laid down on the "doorway" you just created. This will force any enemy champion that wants to come attack you take damage from storm, get chilled and be in danger of a flash frost + frost bite combo.

-Another successful way you can use her wall is land your wall so 1 side is connected up with the side pre existing wall, but at an angle putting there champion at the "cone" end of the angle and you and your teammates at the "doorway" you just created. This forces the enemy champion to either "flash" through the wall wasting that skill for that time, or them trying to walk right through you, ensuring a kill on them.

-Everything that applies in lanes, applies in jungles. but one of the better things about the jungle is you can "Lock the Door." This is done by placing your wall so it completely blocks the path for reinforcements, as well as completely blocks there escape path and this can cause instant death for there team.

-this takes practice but is fairly simple, learn to place your wall on what i call the "particle ***" of your character or the enemy champion and it creates a small "dash" effect and this can create an opening for a kill more then you think.

-Always get GOLEM buff when you can
-Always harass and be aggressive when your egg is up
-Learn her strengths and weakness's and use them to your advantage to ambush / gank
-Always go for the killing blow if you know you can get away from it fairly undamaged
-Always stun inside your hail storm
-Use your flash frost to stop ultimate's such as, Fiddle, WW, Kat and others.
-ALWAYS place your crystallize so that its a full door in the jungles completely shutting off there reinforcements and escape.

One other key point that is very important, IF you can land your crystallize directly on a champion, it will freeze them in place. No moving or attacking for them. if you can do this consistently, it will increase your survivability ten fold.

Now that you have read this guide... before you suggest any changes or tweaks. please play it for AT LEAST 20 games. why 20 games ? this gives you a fair chance to get a good amount of positive games over negative bad horrible games. thus seeing the potential.. i have never once in 20+ games gone negative with anivia... granted there normal games.... but none the less. even applied.. you can do just as good in ranked games with anivia as normal.. just play a tiny bit less aggressive at the start make "safe" attacks only.. and do not get into a position you can not escape from. :)

Good luck fellow anivian's

in game: Shiinchan

Update 1:
Changed summoner skill from clarity to ghost, and set profile to reflect it.
Added a section on wall + ultimate use.