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League of Legends Build Guide Author makeshiftreaper

Anivia the unexpected tank

makeshiftreaper Last updated on August 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I have yet to use this and will update based on comments and play,

Anivia the unexpected tank!

The goal of this build is simple, be the tank that nobody saw coming.
The only way this can be played as a tank relies on Guardian angel. Why you have this you have 2 revives before you die. So it takes 6296.544 damage to kill you. This is with zero health regen by the way, so this makes Anivia surprisingly difficult to kill also take notice of the high armor which will protect against a lot of damage. Important things to note here, you are not high on ap, or attack speed, so it is recommended that you have a buddy to fight with you while you suck up damage. Secondly, Anivia's ult has a low cooldown (6ish seconds) so along with that and high mana, it is very affective and can be used often to slow people chasing you and in group fights. Your skill shot is you focus due to it's slowdown and ease on farming minions (flies past first 3, files close enough to back 3 to do fly by damage and explode, this makes more sense when you use Anivia more) Great combo. Also frostbite is a very mediocre skill UNLESS combined with flash frost. Then it is a very unexpected high damage combo. Crystallize is pretty much worthless until level 5, you can get level 1 earlier if you get chased a lot, but I just wait until the end to get it because the damage from other spells is better.

So basics aside let's cover all the summoner skills to see which you should use
Rally-This is to be a good helpful tank/support player, use it in big group fights to give an edge
Fortify-This falls back into the category of being helpful of team mate.
Teleport-This is another useful one for getting back into the fight, Anivia isn't the fastest champion so this doesn't hurt
OK to use
Heal-This is fine early game but later game you don't need it that badly, it can be helpful to heal you and your team members however
Clarity-This is good until you get the chalice of harmony, which is pretty early, the chalice can keep you at around 45% mana fairly easily so unless you constantly use spells, this isn't necessary
Ghost-Early game you can be vulnerable so I understand why you would use this, however you are going to be a tank with 3 lives so, not that important, because if they can get you 3 times, it doesn't really matter how fast you run
Smite-This is ok but I like to think of it as a filler spell, you may want to use it for a high damage hit, personally I don't think that the cooldown/damage ratio is high enough to be good
Not good
Exhaust-Your a tank not a fighter, stop chasing them into a trap
Revive-Again your a tank with 3 lives, why are dying so much you need this? In this time the egg can cooldown twice! The Guardian angel can cool down once, and have a minuet left on the second cooldown. Not worth it
Cleanse-Not really that great, you taking these from team mates for a reason. So no need o get rid of them if you get them right back
Ignite-Your shouldn't be chasing and ending with this, your are a tank
Clairvoyance-Kind of useful to know if there is an ambush, but you should be able to handle one without seeing it coming so I would say no need
Flash-I have a general dislike for this spell, I think that there are better alternatives, considering how little distance it moves you

Feel free to comment, please note that TERRIBLE BUILD *****! doesn't help anyone, so post opinions and I will consider them and update guide as necessary