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Anivia General Guide by Lea Flamma

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lea Flamma

Anivia - the way to master the battlefield

Lea Flamma Last updated on May 25, 2012
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I just want to say it's my first build. I have chosen Anivia because it's my main caster. I hope you can give some usefull feedback. I also hope for any criticism and coments. English is not my native language, so If you find any mistakes, wrong letters or grammar problems just let me know. Nobody is perfect.

I presented two builds. The first one is more of a AP carry/support teamfight Anivia and the second is a pure nuker. I got very good results with both builds and it's just the match itself that decides what you need more.

Changed the build a little, after some more matches ( around 500) I decided on a little diferent masteries and starting items.

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Changes made


- Added the Athene's Unholy Grail to the build. It's really nice item for the mana thirsty champions, like Anivia. Mobafire has to add it thou. In the item builds you will see the Chalice of Harmony.
- Changed the runes and masteries a little. After some more experience i figured it works better. For me at least. Now the nuking version has a 21/0/9 mastery and the mid-supporting version has a changed 9/0/21 mastery.
- Also item build are adjusted to new patch.

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I saw many Anivia builds here, some of them are well planed, some of them helped me create my own way to play her. I just want to say that the way i build my Cryo Bird never disapointed my team. You are going to be a nice nuker and with some skill and practice there wont be any champion who will actualy take you down easily.

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Pros / Cons

Short form:

+ nice nuker
+ one of the best passive
+ can do a lot of a support in team fights
+ cleans waves of minions in seconds

- one of the slowest champs
- the lowets Hit Points through the whole game
- some mana problems
- passive before lvl 12 has armor and magic res debuff

What can I say? Anivia has one of the best passive in the whole game ( Rebirth). It helped me finish many matches with no deaths. It alows you to play more offensive at the begining and with a well organized team will let you win any battle. One thing to remember is that before lvl 12 when in egg state you get a minus armor and magic res.

With good skill combo you can deal a huge amount of damage in a very short time. But what is more you can spam your ulti to clean entire waves of minions and get easy gold.

Your stun ( Flash Frost) is really slow what makes it easy to dodge. But I will explain how to use it properly later on.

You are also one of the slowest champions in the whole game. That's why it can be difficult to avoid some skills like Piltover Peacemaker or Javelin Toss. In the early game before you buy the boots chasing and fleeing can be dificult.

Anivia is also really mana dependant, that's why I have chosen Clarity. Before Rod of Ages or Archangel's Staff you will find yourself in need to port home just to replenish mana. But don't hasitate because without it you are harmless.

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Short form:

- mana regeneration
- magic penetration
- ability power

Now the runes are tha same for both builds. I figured it is worthless to use Colldown Reduction Quints. This extra Ability Power can help you early on and the CDR you can get from items, like the new one. The runes are obvious i think. There is all a champion like Anivia will ever want. An option are Magic Penetration Quints instead of AP, because you can get it from items too, but almost everytime i build a Void Staff so you have to decide what is better for you.

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After the new patch i changed the masteries a little. You no longer get the extra gold in the second build. Instead there is some more magic penetration and in both builds I changed the extra exp from kills and assists into general boost to exp. You will be farming minions in entire waves so it is much more profitable.

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I have changed the item builds, because of the new preatty thing that appeared in stores on Summoner's rift lately. The little and buetifull Athene's Unholy Grail. Represented by Chalice of Harmony untill mobafire will put the new item into database.

Now you can see only core items in the builds. Still they are not in purchase order because there is none. It's the metch and teams that decide.

First build short form:
- sorcerrer's shoes
- rabaddon's deathcap
- Rod of Ages
- Chalice of Harmony

So basicly i start with a Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potion or Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. Then I either try to buy Boots of Speed and Fiendish Codex if startet with Meki Pendant or Needlessly Large Rod and Meki Pendant when started with Boots of Speed. Then priority are sorcerrer's shoes and Rod of Ages. After that I finish building my rabaddon's deathcap. If you find yourself in lack of mana or with a jungler strongly dependant on it building the Chalice of Harmony first can be a better option. Finish of with the Chalice of Harmony or rabaddon's deathcap and you still have two slots for items. If you need more armour then i recomend Frozen Heart or zhonya's hourglass]. [[morello's evil tome is also a nice choice. The match will decide what you need.

Second build short form:
- sorcerrer's shoes
- Rabadon's Deathcap
- Archangel's Staff
- Chalice of Harmony

As you can see I removed the Mejai's Soulstealer, because it is really high risc high fun item. If you are reading this you are not experienced enough to use this item properly and it will just get you focused in teamfights. But I added the Chalice of Harmony which gives you some nice AP, MR5, MR and CDR. So basicly I start like before with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion or Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potion. Then the Rabadon's Deathcap is a must have. Consider buying tear of the goddes first, the faster you start stacking the better. Finish up your Archangel's Staff. Build the Chalice of Harmony. And now you candecide what to do next. If you see the enemy team is strongly building into MR then Void Staff is your friend. If not just buy another Archange's staff. If they have fed AD carry but the Frozen Heart or Zhonya's Hourglass. It's all up to you.

Item usefull info:

As for those who are curious, the max AP build consist of one Rabadon's Deathcap and 5 Archangel's Staff. This will give you around 1295 AP (without the tear stacks, with fully stacked it will give you 150 AP more) and 30 Mana per 1 sec. It's awsome but has it's downsides. You will have only 1600 HP and no armor at all. So a pure glass-canon. Still it's fun to see 800 damage per second from your ult and the entire enemy team runing like hell, just keep in mind to stick to your tank. Best otion would be to buy sorcerrer's shoes, rabaddon's deathcap, 3 Archangel's Staff and a hp item like Rod of Ages, Randuin's Omen or simple warmog's armour.

Building banshie's veil instead of Rod of Ages can be an option when you are facing a strong AP carry on mid lane. I usually take it when I am facing someone like LeBlanc or Veigar. In the second situation care not to lift the shield with his stun. You need to worry about Dark Matter and Primordial Burst.

With Chalice of Harmony and Frozen Heart you get 35% cooldown reduction from items and with Sorcery it gives you 39% where the cap is 40%. So even if you do not have one of those items but have blue buff on it's all you will ever need. If your jungler needs blue and you do not need either MR or AR then buy Morello's Evil Tome instead.

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Skills and Fighting



This is one of the best passives i have seen in the whole game. It not only keeps you alive most of the time but it also lets you stack [mejai's soulstealer]. one important thing to mention is that before lvl 12 you get a huge armor and magic res debuff. Keep that in mind and try to die in the early and mid game as near to the tower as possible.

Flash Frost

This is one of your main skills. It chilles (slows) all targets it goes through and upon detonetion stuns for 1 sec in a small radius. If you aim it properly you can get double damage. First time when the shard is floating through the enemy champ and then by detonating it just behind him/her. The best way to use it is to get enemy chiled or even stuned and hit with Frostbite. You can also stop chaneled skills like Infinite Duress while stuning.


You may think it's just a simple wall. But truth is that this baby is a teamfight saver. Most important thing is, that it grants you vision. You can check bushes or clifes for a safe baron/dragon. Secondly in a team fight you can separete one enemy from the others and get a fast kill. Thirdly in 1 vs 1 combat, after your stun wares off and the enemy is runing away from your ulti you can keep him/her there a little longer, just the time needed to land another Frostbite. The funny thing is that when enemy is using ulti that needs some time to be cast you can place the wall on their head and stop the cast ( Nunu, Fiddlesticks, etc.).


Your main damaging skill. As an AP carry/nuke you want to make this skill your priority. It deals huge damage to chilled targets. You will use it mostly just after the Flash Frost or Glacial Storm. It has preaty short cooldown so in a well timed combo you will have the possibility to use it twice. Just remember to chill the enemy first.

Glacial Storm

And area of effect spell that has a cooldown shorter then your Q. It slows the movement and atack speed of all enemy units in the area. It wins every team fight. After you get it, your spell combo changes a little. You will start with it, followed by Frostbite and flashfrost to keep the enemy in the area longer. After the stun wares of you can still use the Crystallize and another Frostbite. The only downside is that it eats a lot of mana but with proper item build, runes and masteries you can counter it. As a last chance to save yourself, you have the Clarity. You can use it for chasing, fleeing and for massive teamfight damage.

What to take first:
I focus on maxing the Frostbite firts because it's the main damage dealer. You just need to remember to chill the enemies first, so you will double the damage of it. I take wall on lvl 4 just to check the bushes. I nearly don't use it on 1 vs 1 combat before it raches lvl 3 or 4. Still you need to remember that it grants vision, so placed in grass or over a wall (jungle, clif, etc.) will let you see what's in there. Many players forget about that and they think they are safe hiding. Prove them wrong.

Skill Combos:

- early game

Before you reach lvl 6 your main combo will be just QQ and E. Keep in mind that your Q can deal a double damage. First when it goes through and second when you detonate it just after it passes enemy champ. You will have him stuned for 1 sec. It's just the time you need to use your E. If you are on bot/top you can use bushes to hit with Q, it will be harder to awoid.

- mid/late game

After lvl 6 your skill combo changes. If you have a good timing you can start with Frostbite and during it's flight use Glacial Storm to chill the enemy. Then place the Crystallize to stop them from escaping and if they still attempt to use your Flash Frost to stun them and deal even more dmg with your ulti. By that time you should have your Frostbite ready again. It works for me just fine.


In teamfights you have two roles, first one is a nuker and the second one can be support. Just focus on one champ and deal as much dmg as you can. But don't forget that you can be really helpfull too. Yes, Anivia can help others in a lot of ways. First of all you have Crystallize. So Poppy can charge/stun them. The wall alows you to separete one enemy for a fast and easy kill. After some damage from Glacial Storm, when they are fleeing you can hold them with it for some more kills and huga advantage. You have a stun, so with good aim you can stun even up to 3-4 enemy champs for 1 sec, which can change the whole fight. Still not enough? Your Flash Frost and Glacial Storm are slowing targets and the storm is also reducing attack speed, with the Frozen Heart you are slowing them for 40%. It's a huge ammount and nice buff for your team. I usually just start with Flash Frost (when ganking, or entering already existing battle) or Glacial Storm (when the battle is about to begin). Then focus on one enemy (choose damage dealer like Talon, Ryze, Fiddlesticks, etc.) and simply kill him. With the Rod of Ages you will have the HP to survive a little longer than avarege AP carry and the Rebirth grants you second life if they target you first. All you need to remember is that stuning the enemy damage dealer is the priority. As soon as they are one short you won.

As a nuker you want to do a lot of damage in teamfights. just focus on one champ and do a lot of burst. Keep in mind that you are going to be targeted so luring an enemy AD carry and using wall to separete yourself from him is a very good idea. Just stun him afterwards and he is dead. Keep in mind that you should alert your team who are you going to attack. Always focus on the same champ as others. Your ulti does tons of damage but keep in mind that it also eats tons of mana. That's why you have Clarity up and waiting. With your masteries and runes you have a 20% cooldown reduction. You should grab blue buff as often as possible, if your jungler alows it. The skill combo is tha same as mid/late game so just pick the target.

- fleeing

Beware of ganks. The enemy jungler can be a pain especialy if you are solo laning. If you are ganked just flee, if the enemy champs are chasing use Flash Frost to slow/stun them and run like hell. If they don't give up you still have the Crystallize and after lvl 6 Glacial Storm. After all that you will hopefulle be close enough to your own turret or other champ. Always chose the direction carefully, go there where is closer (friendly champ/tower).

Champs that can be dangerous:

I found it dificult to take down some champs like Vladimir or Pantheon. Before you reach lvl 6 you just need to try not to die. If you are solo laning try to keep enemy champ from farming with your Flash Frost and Frostbite. You can always escape using stun and wall and in critical situations you have the egg. If you see that you can't escape flash as close to your tower as you can. It can save you.

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Summoner Spells

I usually chose Flash and Clarity.

The first one helps in chasing and fleeing. It's just awsome spell which can be used also to help you aim your Flash Frost better. Don't forget about the possibility to port through clifs/walls/etc. If you are playing with Jarvan IV, Anivia or Trundle you can flash through their skills respectively Cataclysm, Crystallize and fillar of filth.

As for Clarity it's a teamfight winner. I found myself preaty often out of mana in a middle of team fight, as well as most of the casters from my and enemy teams. You just use the spell and kill. It alows you to stay in lane longer at the beggining too. You can spam your ulti even more. But usualy save it for a really crucial moment. With the items, runes and masteries you will have some nice mana regen so just don't waste it if not needed.

Other posibilities:

If you want to get some kills faster you can chose that skill. It is very helpfull also when fleeing or in teamfights. I personaly rarely use it because I would need to give up one of the listed above. Sometimes you can use it with clarity for some awsome laning but using it without the boost from mastery wont give you and damage boost.

It can be helpfull in some situations but I rarely use it. It can lift the Exhaust debuff so on PvP it can be a fight saver. You can lure the enemy close and Cleanse yourself and stun him getting an easy kill. The trick is that the animation of Exhaust is still on so he can be fooled easily. Althou you can't use it while suppresed so Warwick, Malzahar or Skarner can still damage you with their skills.

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Anivia is a nuker. Say what you want, if played properly she is unstopable. She has two Crowd Control spells and a wall, she has a potential of massive damage and preaty nice fleeing options. It is really hard to kill her and with a nice team support she can win the whole match.

If you are looking for more detailed info about how to play her see the movie on youtube "All you need to know about Anivia". It explains a lot.

And at the end some games i played with this build.

As you can see, there is one loss in there but I still had double as much kills as the best of the enemy team and I died only 4 times.


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