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Kalista Build Guide by TheGreatGramps

Support Anything works in bronze: a VERY SIMPLE guide to support kal

By TheGreatGramps | Updated on May 3, 2015

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in this guide i will show you the wonderful world of support kalista who needs an introduction anyways
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lets start off with runes first of all what even is a rune its just a tiny little rock with some Korean jibber jabber on it but what you will need is
9x marks of armor
9X seals of +1 armor
9x glyph s of magic res
and 3x quints of gold
you also need to rename the rune page to someone you play with name and put smells at the end
EX matt smells
this is a crucial part of the runes and is needed to even play
also who even needs runes
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master your self master the enemy
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how do i put item pictures? who cares
first you get coin
then boots of swiftness (optimal to get the homegaurd now )
sight stone (after buying this switch to a red trinket)
then ghost-blade
and finally a IE
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Skill Sequence

max W for the preferential damage this is the most of the point for kalista support
second you should max your q for the poke damage and also the proc of your w passive also you do not want to hit any minions during labeing phase as it will give you the gold and not your adc also free wards
and lastly your e it can be used to help your ADC kite
your first thought when reading this guide is "why would i throw my ADC into the enemy team ?"
well thats the best of it ... you dont your ult is used to protect your adc and escape sticky situations
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Pros / Cons

pro: she has amazing damage with her w passive , save the adc at the touch of a button ,and kite like no other

cons: requires a lot of teamwork with adc , is sqishy , hard time getting
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other champs

support kalista plays great with any adc that has a range longer than 550 and works super well with sivir as both of your ults can save eachother

but on the other hand kalista has trouble playing against anyone that can poke from afar like cait
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in conclusion support kalista is the best support ever and if you dont play it your a feeding noob gg

but in all seriousness i believe that support kalista is actually viable support if under the right conditions with a a good teammate by your side
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheGreatGramps
TheGreatGramps Kalista Guide

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Anything works in bronze: a VERY SIMPLE guide to support kal
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