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Ekko Build Guide by redhaze_2010

Other Ap ekko Mid/jg

By redhaze_2010 | Updated on July 7, 2020

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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Ekko
    Ap ekko mid
  • LoL Champion: Ekko
    ap off tank Ekko jg
  • LoL Champion: Ekko
    ap mid tank ekko (Outdated) not viable

Runes: Mid Runes

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #13 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Start (Lane)

If you are starting in mid or top then start with dorans ring and health pots. Pick your Q first then pick your E and then your W, max your E first.
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Start (Jungle)

If you are starting in the Jungle then start with hunters machete and health pots then get your W first and start with wolves or gromps.
After you take wolves or gromps, pick your E and recall, then go back to the jungle and take blue and wolves and gromp again. you should have lvl 3 by then. pick your Q.
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Types of Builds for Ekko and which to choose

There are three types of ways to build Ekko

1. Full AP with lots of burst
2. Tanky AP You're still AP just more health less dmg same burst really.
3. Full tank Ekko your a tank you may build some AP tank items but your main role is a tank.
( I do not recommend this because it can fail easily if you are not experienced with Ekko because you wont do lots of damage and if you dont know the Ekko combos this could go drastically wrong) I recommenced that you go AP tanky Ekko if you are just starting to use Ekko, once you are experienced you can try full AP Ekko or Full Tank Ekko: Also you should chose depending on what your team needs. I Personally go AP tank Ekko.
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Passive: Z-Drive Resonance

This is your passive ability that stacks when you hit an enemy with a basic attack or ability, at three stacks Z-Drive does bonus AP damage and steals some of your enemies movement speed, giving you a small movement speed boost use this to chase the enemy this also works on minions. also you can stack Z- Drive with your Q, E, and R. Once you have gotten the three stacks on an enemy you can still damage then but you will not be able to apply stacks on them until the little circle on thier feet is gone this is approximately 10 seconds.
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(Q) Timewinder

Your Q timewinder is basically a little particle mini hologram that Ekko throws out, it is a skill shot but what it does is that it goes to a certain distance forward then it comes back to you. It does magic damage to you enemy or enemy minions it hits. If you enemy while going forward it does normal damage and stacks one Z-Drive stack, if it hits an enemy while going back wards then it does double damage and stacks 2 Z-Drive stacks. Your Q is also great for slowing enemies so you can get away.
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(W) Parallel Convergence

Your (W) Parallel Convergence is a mid-size globe that you place on the field and takes around 5 seconds to appear once it does it will explode if you are inside it and stun any enemies neutral monsters or enemy minions inside it, if you are not inside it it will slow enemies that pass through it. Your W is great for setting up team fights, or setting up stealing dragon or baron, or just slowing a chaser.
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(E) Phase Dive

Your (E) Phase Dive make you do a short rollover going in any direction basically a short dash, and gets your rod up then target an enemy champion, minion, or neutral monster and it will teleport you to them and hit them doing magic damage of course this a short distance direct teleport (Like Flash) just with bonus effects. LOL. This applies two stacks of your Z-Drive. You can also jump over walls with Phase Dive. Your E also works for getting away or fleeing or chasing not recommended to chase someone by using E since you wont be able to use the actual ability after 5 seconds of rolling over.
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(R) Chronobreak

Your R or also called ult is your best ability and for Ekko it takes you back six seconds in time. You may be asking how is that? I will explain. So basically when you reach level 6 for Ekko you will have a hologram that is always where you were six seconds ago, so if you use your ult you will land there, bonus effects of your ult are that you do lots of AP damage as long as enemy champions are in the radius, and you reheal for the more damage you take. You can use your ultimate for various situations for example if you use your stun and stun the enemy team then you can ult on them after six seconds to burst them down this is great in team-fights. Or maybe you just stole the dragon or baron you can quickly get out, also you can teleport back to lane. Last but not least if you make a mistake you can get out.
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Champion Spotlight

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1. Runic Echos (Jungler Item) (Ludens Echo): This item is basically the jungler's version of Ludens Echo it has the same attributes but 40 less AP trading it for the smite effects and and 7% movement speed.

2. Rod of Ages: This item is very important It is your main source of mana, health, and AP early game. Basically this item gives you stacks of AP, Health, and Mana. Even though the stacks are a little you would multiply the amount you get per stack X 10. So in the end you end up getting around 120 AP, 300 Health, and 400, Mana another thing is that every time you level up in a match you regain some health and mana. Also it has a new passive that each time you use a spell you gain up to 25 health back also a little bit of mana.

OR 3. Thorn-mail or Randuins Omen: This depends if the enemy has high critical strike champions then go Randuins if not go thorn-mail. Randuins is an item that gives you Health, Armor, and reduced damage from critical strikes. also has a unique active (meaning hotkey that you press like 123... so on). The unique passive will slow any enemy champions around you.
Thorn-mail: Thornmail is a great item for enemy champions that deal attack damage by basic attacks and if they dont have much critical strike its a great armor item since it has a high armor value. Thornmail is one of the few armor items that dont carry health, but gives 100 armor and has a unique passive that is great. The passive is that it returns 25% of damage done by basic attacks as magic damage which means if they keep on attack you and you attack theme they will not only receive the damage you do but they will receive all that damage back. This item and randuins is great against adcs.

4. Rageblade: now that you have armor time for another damage item, this item is great since your already pretty tanky since this gives you 40 AP, and 30 AD but it has stacks per basic attack up to 8 so if you multiply 40 X 8 and 30 X 8 thats how much AD and AP you get per 8 stacks, then add that to your total AP and AD. So in theory this item is great to stack your passive lots of times and also works with on hit effects like your E.

OR5. Spirit Visage or Banshees Veil: Both of these items are great Spirit Visage is great for health regen and gives Magic Resist and Cooldown Reduction. It also gives a unique passive that all healing effects are increased by 20%, this works with your ult very well. Banshees gives the same basically but no Cooldown Reduction but instead gives a unique passive which is great against bursty enemy AP champions like Diana, Veigar, Katarina, AP Shaco, Brand.

6. Situational item: You can get A randuins or thorn, or you can get a Visage or Banshees if you need more armor or magic resist, if more health is needed get a Warmogs Armor. If more AP is needed then get Rabbadons Deathcap.
Warmogs Armor: Warmogs is the item in the game that gives the most amount of Health in an item which is 800, it also has a unique passive that regenerates massive amounts of health after not takeing damage for 8 seconds. This item is great to stay in the fight but its not recommended if you need more magic resist or armor.
Rabbadons Deathcap: Rabbadons is great for any AP champion that of course the summoner is building AP on. it gives 120 AP the most AP you can get out of an item and it gives a awesome unique passive which increases all Ability Power (AP) by 35%, so if you have like 400 you will have 120 plus 35% so you will have like around 640 or something like that it is a great item.
My pick for my last item, is usually armor or magic resist, but sometimes if I see we need more damage and the enemy is not that OP then I pick A Rabbadons. I rarely pick Warmogs for Ekko. These are the situational items you should choose fromOR OR
Other Viable items: I will not go in depth but I will list them and their basic functions.

Lich Bane: AP item, that gives mana, Cooldown Reduction, and movement speed. Its unique passive is that after using an ability you have an empowered basic attack over your AP. This item also gives you E burst as Ekko.

Nashors Tooth: gives cooldown reduction, AP, and attack speed. This item really only helps you get your passive stacks faster.

Archangels Staff: Heavy mana item and stacks mana and the more mana you have more AP damage you do and more AP you have, at a certain amount of mana you get an activate-able mana shield.

Rylai's Crystal Specter: Another great item since it gives you the power to slow with your abilities health and AP. so basically you slow them down with your q so the enemy doesn't get away and things like that, I usally dont build it because of space issues.

Zyhonias Hourglass: Perphaps the best item for AP ekko also works well with tank, but This item is AWESOME! The reason I dont build it is because I need more tank usally. Even though it has armor and AP it has no health which is a depriving factor. But it has a great unique Hotkey active, which if you press the hotkey you can make your self a golden statue that is invulnerable for 2 seconds ( means you cant do anything but neither can the enemy do anything to you.) This is great in team fights you can basically be a suicide bomber LOL. Here is How: Basically you put your W in the middle of the whole enemy team try to get as many as you can in the circle take your time, then once they are all in you flash then E in the circle, once they start hitting you in the circle BAM place your Zyhonia's right when the circle is going to explode, if your takeing to much damage do it right away. They will all be stunned and your team will abuse them.

Ludens Echo: The Laner version of Runic Echos. Just has more AP and movement speed has same effects.
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