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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Galio Build Guide by BiggerNigg

AP Galio (AKA GGaliOP) *Fully Detailed*

AP Galio (AKA GGaliOP) *Fully Detailed*

Updated on November 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BiggerNigg Build Guide By BiggerNigg 4 3 10,897 Views 5 Comments
4 3 10,897 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BiggerNigg Galio Build Guide By BiggerNigg Updated on November 20, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
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More Galio Runes

Before you judge...

LOL, this build may look sketchy but TRUST ME, it rapes. This build does NOT FOCUS on the TANK ASPECT, but focuses on his UNBELIEVABLE damage output.

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Runes / Masteries


9/0/21, non negotiable, we are NOT PLAYING as tanks, we are playing as ****ING PWNING MACHINES, we NEED the CDR.


WE NEED MAGIC PEN to hit hard, MANA REGEN for mana issues and skill spam, AND CDR for our ULT.

Greater Quintessence of Insight + Greater Mark of Insight = 14 Magic Pen
Greater Seal of Clarity = 16 Mana Regen at LVL 18
Greater Glyph of Celerity = 8.10% CD Reduction at LVL 18
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Summoner Spells / Farming

TELEPORT - with map control we can save A LOT of towers, kill entire groups of minions (making us rich) and participate in EVERY teamfight (dont worry if you are late, we can still make an ace, with our ult and help our friends to hit that bastards). We can PUSH LIKE GODS when we have our LichBane (3 hit = tower down)

IGNITE - Good when you dont get the kill with your first 2 spells (rarely happens, LOL). Also HELPS A LOT in early ganks when the *****ies run away with no HP.


GHOST - useful to chase and scape and the syngery with Gust its just amazing..


WE NEED TO FARM EVERYTIME WE CAN, with this rule we can REACH LVL 18 with a 3/4 lvl difference on the other team, and this HELPS A LOT ON TEAMFIGHTS WITH YOUR ULT. When we reach lvl 16 and the other team is STILL on lvl 12/13 we can RAPE ALL OF THEM. Its really hard to do, so try not to leave lane very much.

By Mid game your Q should be able to kill minions in one hit, SO FARM IT UP. REMEMBER THIS BUILD REQUIRES FARMING!!
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Early Game

Be careful on lvl 1-4, we are still really squishy, be safe behind minions.. and hit the other champs whenever you can..

Q + E on early game makes a champ to back off and fear you, you CAN HARASS and DENY XP like a BOSS, YOU ARE THE ****ING BOSS.

Make sure to farm with spells, but keep enough mana so that if your getting pushed, you can push them back by HARASSING THE **** OUT OF THEM!!!!
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We have a lot of tasks in the team..

1 - HARASS with Q + E everytime you can. You need to show the other team your BOSS POWER.
2 - You can SAVE a teammate putting your W on him when he is running away from another champ and taking down the enemie (or scaring him) with Q (slow) + E (more movespeed to your ally).
3 - TEAMFIGHTS, you need to warm up that *****ies with your Q + E, and when they have 70%/80% or less hp, we can RUN with E, SLOW them with Q, put your SHIELD with W, and ULT with your R.
BUT REMEMBER!!! when their hp is going down TOO FAST.. you can MOVE to interrupt your ult, and KILL'EM ALL. Also remember that you will be able to take alot more damage than a normal spellcaster because galio is supposed to be a tank, so YOU control the output of the fight.

Note : If you are ulting on a ENEMY TOWER, you receive the tower hits, and your ult HITS MORE HARD. (MORE DAMAGE THAT HITS YOU IN UR ULT, MORE DAMAGE IT DOES!!)

YOU NEED TO FINISH YOUR ULT PHASE WITH ZHONYA ACTIVE, or you will die or be focused like a *****. When the other team sees you hurt after your ult (if they have a melee dps carry) they'll wanna focus on you, but if you are IMMUNE they cant do **** and your team can **** them all. When your zhonya ability is going down you'll NEED TO TURN ON YOUR BULWARK and BE CAREFUL on HOW TO USE YOUR Q + E, you can kill the enemies left, if anyone is still alive. The cooldown runes are essential for team fights like this.
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Having Trouble with tanks?

If the other team have a fed Garen or a tank who rapes ur whole team? No problem get Deathfire Grasp for its passive [UNIQUE Active: Deals magic damage to target champion equal to 30% of their current Health (+3.5% per 100 Ability Power) with a minimum of 200 damage (60 second cooldown).]

Also get ELIXIR OF BRILLIANCE for a total of 840 AP endgame. holy ****...

Having Trouble with Carrys?

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Runic Skin

Nice Passive, but most of the Galios fail when rushing MR items, thinking "OMG OMG OMG I HAVE a percentage OF MY MR IN AP.. OH NOES LET'S RUSH MR!!!!!!!!".. NOT, this is an entire FAIL___FAIL, so.. it is a nice passive, but not THAT important..
With all MR items (Chalice + Mercury + Force of Nature + Banshee Veil + Guardian Angel + Abyssal Scepter) you can reach 283 MR, that cost 12665 Gold, and gives you only 141 AP from MR, when Mejai cost only 1235 Gold, and gives you 180 AP, yeah.. you need to be careful and dont die, ok.. you can buy Zhonya for 3460 and it gives you 120 AP + 30 AP (from 25% zhonya passive) = 150 AP ONLY with Zhonya.
So.. it's a NICE PASSIVE, but not THAT nice to set your entire build on this.

Resolute Smite

This is one of our CC moves, with this we can slow and dmg an entire group of enemies, and combining it with our Righteous Gust, we can hit SO ****ING HARD that our enemmies go for /all screaming.. "CMOOON WTF IS THAT DMG?!".


Yeah yeah yeah.. our shield, **** that, the only good thing on this skill is the ****ing heal, MR? ARMOR? yeah.. thx for that (90 MR = 45 AP), it is useful.. but that heal.. O M G.. HELPS A LOT on teamfights, and combined with our ULT.. is a GG teamfight.
REMEMBER, you can put the Bulwark on your allys AND RECEIVE THAT HEAL ON YOU, this is an amazing move for heal you when you are back with low hp.

Righteous Gust

OK, that's it.. THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ****ING SKILLS EVER, it gives us.. an INSANE DMG.. an INSANE move speed, and has an INSANE range. With a nice AP we can clean up an ENTIRE group of minions ONLY WITH THAT SKILL.. it is SO ****ING AWESOME!
Try to be smart with this, because this skill can buff the speed of the minions too, so.. if your enemy is close to your minions.. you can Q + E the enemy minions (try to put Q on your enemy), and YOUR minions go with a lot of speed to **** your enemy doing nice dmg because no enemy minions left alive.

Idol of Durand

The I-WIN-BUTTON, that's it, nothing less.. nothing more.. Having a hard teamfight? Having trouble making an Ace? The match is lasting for too long? Ok.. Put your Resolute Smite in the middle of the fight, make a path to your enemies with your Righteous Gust, turn on your Bulwark, and bring it on *****..
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1 - We can warmup the teamfight with our Q + E and take down 50% of hp from the other team.
2 - We can farm ALL with E, but.. in jungle we need Q + E
3 - We can enter in jungle with no hp, and come back FULL HP
4 - We can WIN a LOSE teamfight with our W + R


Q = 784 DMG + 40% Slow
W = +90 Armor AND Magic Resist + 320 HEAL per hit (-20% healing for each consecutive hit)
E = 922 DMG + 36% Move Speed
R = 1150 DMG + 10%/80% = 2077 DMG (depending on how much we are hurt on the taunt phase)


1 - The ONLY con, is CC Counters like, Mercury Threads, Cleanse, Quicksilver Sash, Blitzcrank Power Fist, Garen Decisive Strike, Udyr Bear Stance, Xin Zhao Three Talon Strike, if every one on the other team buy Mercury Threads, we are finished.

THIS is why GALIO is NOT an OP Character, because if the OTHER TEAM has COMMON SENSE, they can buy a Mercury Thread, and make your ultimate useless..
League of Legends Build Guide Author BiggerNigg
BiggerNigg Galio Guide
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AP Galio (AKA GGaliOP) *Fully Detailed*

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