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Heimerdinger Build Guide by fet ngr kuk

AP heim

By fet ngr kuk | Updated on June 10, 2011

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Since this is my first build i took facts from some other people and wrote it down here.
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I start with buying because heim really needs mana for hes towers. I try to survive in my lane as long as I can if I take lethal damage i recall and buy 2-3 . IF I recall I'll buy and if I can afford I buy . Now I shouldn't have the same mana problem as before so now it only my hp that will make me recall.
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H-28G Evolution Turret:

Ah, Heimer most known skill. Everyone hates his turrets, its usually the first thing targeted in a fight since end game there not hard to kill. With this build your turrets become more of a distraction, once they focus on them you have free game to harrass with your grenades and missles. During the laning phase though these are your best friends from stoping ganks. If your always near your turrets keep your ultimate ready, soon as someone tries to jump you your able to slow there movement considerably and either get a kill or escape. Also these turrets are the reasion heimer is one of the best pushers in the game, he can clear a creep wave rediculasly fast and drop a turret very quickly if his turrets are left un noticed.

Hextech Micro-Rockets:

This is your main dmg skill as Heimer. Your rockets do great base dmg. This skill will automatically target the 3 closest enemies including creeps, so make sure if ur goin for that last hit to get close enough to them if there are alot of creeps around. This skill is also a good harrass, you can rush in and missle them on there turret while u wait for another creep wave to assist you.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade:

Your grenades are your longest range skill. This is your best initiating skill to set up a gank or help your team initiate a fight. This isnt very effective since its harder to get the stun effect if your not dead on. Its much easier as a " Tankier " Heimer to get close and stun em then missle there Face ;) giving your team a jump on them easily.


This is your " Oh **** " skill. Its nice early game to help prevent ganks in lane. It's also best used in team fights mid/late game. After you have lured them into your turrets you can proc this skill to slow there movement speed considerably, making it easy for your team to pick off any stranglers. Also alot of the time I find myself not putting down my Turrets at all untill after the fight has begun, then they dont notice your turrets and your able to catch them off guard while there focusing somethign else. Its best to use this skill midway threw the fight, if you pop it to early you'll have used your best advantage for your team.
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Early Gameplay 1-9

Heim should always either be in the mid lane or preferably the 1v2 lane where you truly shine. The outlvling nature of his missle abilities is not only enough to maintain a lane but actually get first blood and keep a lane pushed for extended periods of time. If they try to hide in the bush a combo of a grenade for sight followed by a missle strike works very well to prevent them from trying to sneak in some exp or land a hit against you from the bush. If you took teleport, place a turret deep into a bush to prevent auto attacking followed by returning to the base in clear sight can trick them into pushing a bit which is a deadly mistake, by teleporting into the bush they won't see you coming and with the help of a gank from a jungler can lead to easy kills.

Mid Game 9-14

Around this time your missles are maxed out and are working on the turrets, if the other lanes are going well then a tower should have dropped and you should be getting consistent help in taking down the enemies turret in your lane as well as supporting other lanes. You should continue your strategy of whidling away at the enemies hp hopefully until you either get a kill or force them to recall and finish up the tower. This is also the time where you can help with ganks by opening with the grenade and placing ult'd turrets where they are likely to run to.

Late Game 15-18

At this point in the game you are likely to still be a few lvls higher than the rest of your team excluding the mid and should take advantage of this to hold a lane while your teammates spend some time to farm or push other lanes. Your objective in a team fight is to be the pre-initatior, by this i mean is to help set up a main initiator by lowering the enemies hp to atleast 50% or less as well as opening up with your grenade to make sure that they cant avoid the initation by the main initiator. During the fight just simply place one turret to where the fight is and one to where the fight is likely to go but only if it doesn't take you straight through current fight as well as blinding any main melee dps and firing off missles as often as possible.
League of Legends Build Guide Author fet ngr kuk
fet ngr kuk Heimerdinger Guide

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AP heim

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