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Nunu General Guide by Dsa683

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dsa683

AP nunu. Mid, slows for days, extreme damage (=

Dsa683 Last updated on June 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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UPDATE 5/14/12

Hi there people of the world!! Im updating this guide because I totally forgot about my account on mobafire. Anyways, in this update i will be changing the runes, masteries, and tell you the pros and cons of NUNU(: ..... I was a level 18 when I made this, but I've been level 30 for months now. Nunu is still viable in ranked... Even mid nunu if you know how to play him correctly.

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[*] Nunu is highly mobile and great for ganks.
[*] Great at poking and slows enemies.
[*] An ult that does MASSIVE damage.
[*] Very good in teamfights.
[*] Ult can be countered by a stun, knockup, or being kicked/blown away(lee sin,janna)
[*] Only 2 spells that do damage to enemies.
[*] Many dont consider Nunu a 'mid'.

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If you're with Anivia in a match.

Anivia's Frostbite deals 2x damage when enemy is already frozen so if you use ice blast then Anivia uses frostbite you deal significant damage. SLOWS GALORE. If your not mid nunu and you are supporting or jungling, gank for anivia, all the cc is crazy and you will get her fed so quick. If you ever find a great anivia add her and duo for unlimited wins.

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I play nunu on 5v5 matches mainly. He is a great mid laner for the fact that his ice blast harrases enemies and does significant all game long. I will put up a video of beg game mid game and late game, to show all the pros and cons of him. Nunu is also a fine jungler(clears jungle with full health because of his consume, and attack speed from blood boil) and support(because his blood boil on a teamate makes your ad carry move fast and attack so much faster.

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Mid- Marks= magic penetration. Seals= AP/level. Glyphs=Magic Resist. Quints=Flat AP
Marks- You always need magic pen as an AP carry, obvious.
Seals- Your ult and ice blast are your only damage spells, and you NEED damage lategame to carry.
Glyphs- MR is always what you need vs a mid.
Quints- Flat AP will make you destroy levels 1-6

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With mastery builds damage is key. The better Nunus ice blast damage-wise the better you will be early game. I'm a level 15 and i only die once or twice a game w/ nunu. I have only lost one game w/ this build and im confident masteries help early game exspecially.

That^ was before my update. I revised masteries now... 21 points in offense, for maximum damgage, 9 points in utility for mana regen and for buff duration, for blue buff. The 21 in offense benefit you begining, mid, and late game, 9points in utility brnefit you early game so you can spam your ice blast more often.

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Doran's ring is the best item you can get first. It will help u regen mana so you can spam your enemies w/ ice blast. Next item is boots of speed. Around level 5 or 6 or when you recall grab boots of speed. Along with blood boil you will be able to catch up w/ enemies early game in mid lane when they have low health to pick up kills. Catalyst the Protector is great early game also. It gives you a lot of mana and health and every level gives you a number of health and mana over 8 seconds. After you buy that you should upgrade your boots of speed to Mercury's Treads. This will give you magic resist to enemies which is important along w/ movement 2. Rod of Ages will give you mana so you don't run out of mana often and a lot of ap for lots of damage. Sunfire cape will give you armor so you can be up close with ad foes. It damages them 35 life every second which can make a big difference when they have low health. Frozen Heart and Guardians angel are optional. If you see you need more health and armor pick those as your next items. Guardians angel can revive you so its good if you have to follow someone into a turret to pick up a kill. When you revive you will be able to away from the turret to have the kill, and your life GA gives you a ton of armor and MR too along with frozen heart and catalyst you will be pretty tanky, and GA works well in teamfights if you get focused. If you feel you need ap pick something like void staff(for magic pen. and ap) and rabadon's deathcap. You can also switch out Doran's ring after mid to late game.

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Skill Sequence

Max ice blast immediately getting it at level 1. Take consume at level 2 and max it after ice blast. Get blood boil at 4 and max it last. Obviously get ult at level 6 ans max it at 11 and 16.

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Read all above and you will do great w/ nunu. Plz comment if you see anything that would be better(masteries, items, etc.). Thanks for reading and if you think mid nunu isn't viable, you're wrong... Try him.


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