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Tristana Build Guide by vissicrate

AP Carry AP Tristana: Hopping your way to victory

By vissicrate | Updated on March 21, 2013

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Hello This is My Rendition of an AP Tristana Guide. This is also my first guide and is in no way going into great detail. Just a quick summary of how i play her and what items i use.
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Magic pen marks are pretty self explanitory
MP5 Seals for more spamming Of Explosive Shot
In my opinion Flat MR Glyphs are better for a AP mid because You need the extra MR earlyer rather then later but if yo u feel like useing scaleing MR go nuts :P
And lastly Flat AP quints for the extra oomf early game
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Pros / Cons

-Great Burst
-Ult will almost 1 shot most ADCs
-Great poke with Explosive shot
-Great escape with jump

-Really squishy
-Very cooldown dependent
-Without ult not much burst.
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Skill Sequence

start with explosive shot for the aoe on the creeps... then pick up your jump at level 2 then u can max whichever one u want first... i like to max the explosive shot first its a wicked poke but your jump does more flat damage.... so level whichever u find to be better for you
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Team Work

For team fights Your job is to nuke their ADC down which should be easy just jump in Hit with your E then your R and maybe use ignite if u feel its necessary then once they are dead u can jump out or jump right back on top of your next target and hit with your E because your W gets reset on each kill/assist so just keep hopping around till you get to low or they are all dead. Remember that your R will knock back your target also knocking back everyone your target hits on its way so its a GREAT group CC if you line it up properly.
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So as i said at the top this is my first guide and i have no idea how to do all the fancy stuff with pictures and stuff so i may come back at a later date and pretty it up a bit once i play around with the guide creator some more.

Thanks for reading....

League of Legends Build Guide Author vissicrate
vissicrate Tristana Guide

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AP Tristana: Hopping your way to victory
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