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Anivia Build Guide by Graven1993

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Graven1993

Articuno by Graven :-)

Graven1993 Last updated on December 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi. I'm Graven. My nickname on server Eu west is Graven1993. I would like to present you my Articuno/Anivia build for good games. My best elo was 1836 so maybe I'm not really good and this build is not the best for sure, but i hope you guys enjoy it. :-)

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For runes i prefer :
- Quints 3x flat ap - That will give you extra 15 ability power on start it's really good when your jungler want to gang mid fast, then you can do around 250 dmg from combo q+e at lvl 2. It's really good.
- Marks 9x flat m pen - That will also help you on start, for example when their mid have 30 m res, thanks to this runes he have like 20 for you so it's much more dmg.
- Seals 9x flat arm - That will help you to survive from ganks from jungle + auto attacks from your opponents on lane. Of course when you also fight against him and the opponent's creeps are attacking you, it's also helping really much.
- Glyphs 9x flat m res - That will help you with some magic resist against champion who really want to spam spells on you. For example q from Karthus or gragas or spam autos from Orianna which also constain dmg ap.

I prefer this runes for being aggressive Anivia on lane and in team fights ofc too.

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I prefer 21-3-6 as you can see.
Why i do this? It's pretty simple.
- The good thing about going 21 in offence is that you have really good dmg on start and also in late game.
- 3 points in defence for extra 6 m res is really good for me. It's helping a bit and their mid cannot burst you on combo at lvl 6.
- 6 points in utility for lower cooldown on flash, some extra mana because Anivia is really hard to handle with infinity mana. Also extra mana regen on start.

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Skill Sequence

I prefer start with q on Anivia. It's really usefull because it gives really much dmg for push your lane when you need it , also nice pull of blue or red buff. Also when you invade enemy jungle or they are invading you can stop them easy with that stun. Then i prefer going 2 points on frostbite. It gives really much dmg ( 2x combo q, e + ignite and enemy is dead ). Then pick the wall to help you to escape or block the enemy when your jungler ganks. It's really helpfull.
And next ofc try to max e first, then you can go for some points in q and then max w or at first just max full q. Depends on your playstyle.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and ignite.
I think that is the best setup for all mid champions, but for anivia it feets perfectly, because if u hit full range q then you can flash r+e and ignite and the enemy is dead.

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Even that Anivia have great ultimate for creeping it's not that easy. You need a lot of mana to spam this ability and it's not that good on early lvls. You also push the lane then. I prefer auto attacking creeps on low hp, and harass your enemy with q > e combo. also if 2 creeps have low hp , hit one with auto attack and the second with your e. When you have already catalyst + chalice you can also ask your jungler for doing some wraith or wolves camps. It's really helping you a lot.

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Team Work

Remember to use your q to stun the people properly. You don't really need to stun their ad or ap. You can also def yourself or your ad carry with that spell hitting it on enemy team. Try to always split their team with your wall. Wall placement is really important for win or loose team fights. You can find on youtube many tips how to use wall really good. Also you need to have perfect ult placement in the middle of team fight. It's really good to slow and slowly burn your enemies hp.

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Anivia is really easy champ to play but hard to master. Remember that Anivia have 3 skill shots + her e is also needed to shoot great to deal double dmg. Also you need to always watch enemies moves and try to split them up. I think that actually Anivia is one of 5 most valuable champs on mid lane. She's really good atm for bursting enemies, split them up and so on. I think that the champions who can be better and more usefull than her are : Orianna, Karthus, Gragas and maybe Ahri. But remember that is only my opinion so i might be wrong. Also remember that there is not really hard counter for anivia. I think that only Kassadin can beat her easy but then you need to kill him at start 1-2 times and he will loose mid too.