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Ashe General Guide by dLzzz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dLzzz

Ashe: AD carry <3

dLzzz Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Hello, Wellcome to my Ashe Guide
I have find some ashe's guides pretty good, but I dont follow anyone by the book. Ignore if I miss spell anything lol. Well, since this is my first guide, not to sure how I should do this so dont be to judgemental, leave constructive coments plz. and most of all, Have a good time ;).

PS: You should be going solo mid with ashe, and this is short because I like to keep it simple =DD

JUST LOOK AT ITEAMS AND stuff, you dont need to read.

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As all champions, Ashe has her pros and cons. If your team is in need of a Damage Per Second (DPS) Champ, Ashe is a very good choise due to the fact that she is, IMO, one os the easiest ad carry champions and one of the best.

Probable Pros

+ Ranged Champion
+ Long range stun (Ulti)
+ Toggle slow
+ Good farmer
+ Awesome passive that gives you a granted Critical hit each time you go back
+ Minion kills grant extra gold (E skill)
+ Good Crowd Control (slow) with Volley (W skill)

Critical Cons

- Squishy in early-game (if targeted, she's easily killed)
- Needs the right items to be 100% usefull
- Slow initial attack speed
- Low starting damage
- Slow initial movement speed
- No escape skill
- High expectations of Ashe players

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Pretty much:

Deadliness - Perfect for Ashe
Cripple - Improved Exhaust Spell
Sorcery - Cooldown reduction
Archaic Knowledge - Ult does 600 damage at final level, we want to keep it around that damage mark with a little Magic Penetration
Sunder - Free armour penetration
Brute Force - A tiny bit of extra damage!

Good Hands - Reduced death timer can mean you are alive to defend the base, or still dead. 6 seconds is a LONG TIME when your towers are being destroyed.
Perseverence - Only one level is enough
Awareness - This ensures we hit level 6 as fast as we can
Greed - MONEY!
Meditation - Perfect for Ashe.
Quickness - Ashe is so slow she needs to movement speed boost.
Blink of an Eye - Reduces the cooldown of the best spell of all, IMO

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"Why not atack speed runes? Isnt she DPS?"
Yes, sure, she atacks faster, but she has no extra damage. Belive me, its not worth it.

Dont have much to say about the runes, if you're reading this you probably havent got the money for all the runes so its not much of a problem

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Summner spells

Flash and Exhaust, definitely the two best spells for ashe, Exhaust allows you to chase people, since you slow in the beginning, while flash lets you go trhough walls and run away.

If you're a beginning Ashe, go with Heal and Ghost.

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Now, The most important part, items:

Early Game:
Start off with a Doran's Blade, its gives you atack speed, health and a litle bit of life steal, its the best Ashe item so start with. In later game you are going to sell this.
In your first back, you should be able to buy Boots of Speed, try to back when you have 2000Gold, so you can buy the Boots of Speedand the B. F. Sword, if you realy have to go back for health, at least grab Boots of Speed and a Health Potion. DON'T COMPLETE Berserker's Greaves BEFORE HAVING THE B. F. Sword], this is very important, if you do, you will lack atack power for a while and get killed a lot easier, trust me.

Mid game:
By this time, you should have killed 2/3 times and have the Main items of your build, The core iteams: The Berserker's Greaves and the Infinity Edge. When You grab Infinity Edge, you will notice a LARGE INCREASE of power in your ashe, she will become stronger and faster.

Late game:
If by any reason the game hasnt ended alredy, you should have the Phantom Dancer and you are in your way to the The Bloodthirster, this will be a good time to sell your now useless Doran's Blade. Also, buy from time to time a [Elixir of Fortitude, it gives you atack damage and health, so its good for you lol. Well, follow the build you'll be fine =)

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I like to keep it simple so...

That's pretty much about it lol. I could compare stats and all that, But I know that that build is good, so go try it =D. I know its very short, but this should be enough, since its my first build lol. Keep it to the build until you know how to make your own build, you should be fine.

Positive feedback plz =D


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