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Ashe Build Guide by x_Hex_x

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author x_Hex_x

Ashe - Bot Killing Queen

x_Hex_x Last updated on August 4, 2011
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**Below is now Void. I am up to level 24 and have been in PvP.**

Hello all. I would like to start this guide off by saying that, at the time of writing this, I am fairly new to the game. My account has been on LoL for a few months now, but I've really only started playing this past week or 2 due to internet issues the months prior. I am currently only summoner level 11, so I am not that experienced.

I'd also like to state that I have not gotten into any real PvP matches with this build. I've got some friends I play with who I am trying to help with the basics of the game, and so I've been strictly playing bots with them to help them learn, and in the time I'm not playing with them, farming the bots for the XP and IP trying to hit 20 for Greater Runes.

With all of that said, I will begin my guide. I would appreciate it if you kept all comments respectful and civil. If you do so, I will be sure to read over most, if not all of them. Tips and suggestions are always welcome, and I will try forming the build better as I go using your suggestions.

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My Style versus Bots

Please keep in mind that I am not experienced with real PvP matches, and I do realize that these tactics probably won't even be effective against minded individuals.

Also note that this build is built for Attack Speed and Damage.

Using Ashe against bots I always call the middle lane, and get out there first. Ashe seems to excel at the middle, and it helps to get her XP and her Gold up quickly. Playing against the bots, normally Ryze or Annie Bot get sent to middle. The first 5 levels, I use a hit and run technique. I'll stay behind my minions until the Bot gets about even with his minions, or step in front. By that time I'm usually level 2 and have my Frost Shot. As soon as I see them cross over, I'll turn my arrow on and step up and shoot them once or twice, and then pull back some. Which usually results in very little to no damage done to me, but about a bar of their health gone. That tactic continues until level 6, in which I do that about 2 or 3 times, before running right onto them and using Volley, making them run, then turn Frost Shot on and hit them with an Enchanted Crystal Arrow and continuing to pound them until dead.

Later game, by 14 or 16 once I have a Phantom Dancer and a The Black Cleaver, bots don't cause me too much trouble. Most of them I can run up too and start hitting away at them and they start running. Then I hit Frost arrow to slow them, hit them with a volley for some extra damage, and fire an Enchanted arrow once they hit about a 1/4 health. Cho'Gath, Renkenton, and Warwick are normally the ones I can't do like that because of their high health. Most of them will give chase, so I fire at them until they begin to approach me, then I retreat and repeat until they begin to run.

By approaching Endgame, if I have all but my Infinity Edge even the tanks don't give me much trouble. You just have to be cautious like with all Ashe builds, and make sure you aren't getting surrounded for a gank, and that you have some team support if there are multiple full health enemies.

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Runes and Masteries

I can not take credit for the Runes and Masteries I use on my Ashe. Credit goes to Madmack and his Ashe - Carry Ranked Games build that I looked over shortly before beginning this guide.

I was in the process of saving up for armor pen. runes when I found this site and his guide, and I realize that all armor pen. runes wasn't the best idea, and using his rune set would help with my cooldown and my mana usage, which I seems to be going through a lot of late game when the bots would attempt a single lane push or trying to gank me within their base. Being only rank 11, I don't have the full set yet though, so it only helps me slightly.

I also have to give him credit for the masteries I used. Like with the Runes, I don't have the full trees yet, and probably won't for a while. But currently his masteries are doing better than what I had before. As I get some more points, I may experiment with my own masteries and see if I can get something better, but it seems his may have hit the nail on the head for what I need.

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Boots of Swiftness
So with the item order switch, I also started picking up Boots of Swiftness instead of the Berserker's Greaves I was using. I'll probably switch between the 2 a bit, and see if the extra movement point is worth not having that early game 25% attack speed.

Phantom Dancer
55 attack speed is really helpful with this build since it is based on attack speed and damage. The Phantom Dancer also adds 30 to your critical strike chance, and an extra 15 movement speed, which I think makes up for not taking Boots of Swiftness as well.
*To be updated based on my decision of Berserker's Greaves or Boots of Swiftness*

Infinity Edge
This item adds 80 attack damage to your low damage output, putting you up over 100 attack damage, which I've found . Plus you are increasing your critical strike chance by 25, and your critical strike damage is increased by 50% more than what it normally would be, making you hit even harder when you crit hit.

The Black Cleaver x2
Another 30 Attack Speed, 55 Damage per Cleaver, and an armor reduction passive. These 2 items give you an extra 60 Attack Speed and another 110 damage to your basic attack, plus each attack drops your opponents armor by 15 for 3 stacks. This item is the only other attack damage item you get after you get your Infinity Edge, so try to get them as soon as you can.

Stark's Fervor
Another 20% Attack Speed here. Sure, there are other items that could go in the place of this that would give much more attack speed, but by endgame this build has enough attack speed to hold out without needing anymore. Also what makes this my item of choice over any other attack speed item is that it gives yourself and allies bonuses as well. You pick up a 20% lifesteal from this along with your 20% attack speed, and you also share it with all your near-by allies. You also get a 30/5 hp regen for yourself and allies, and reduce the armor of all nearby enemy champions by 20, which works well with the armor pen. runes I picked up. I try to grab the Targon's Brace needed to build this in between the 2 Cleavers so you have a bit more attack damage and some life steal, and then upgrade it to Stark's after I get the 2nd Cleaver.

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Skill Sequence

This section will be relatively short. My skill sequence is usually differing from what I have, based on the situation I am in at the time of leveling. The one thing that remains the same however is that I always take my Enchanted Crystal Arrow as soon as possible, I always take Volley first off, Frost Shot always comes second, and Hawkshot always gets level 3. After that, it really depends on how hard the enemy bots are pressuring the lanes at the time. If they are pushing hard, I'll get with a Frost Shot/Volley combination to keep them at bay. But if I am mainly worried about the minions, and the enemy bots aren't doing much, I'll go with Hawkshot so that I have the additional gold income.

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Summoner Spells


So typically, I've always used Teleport and Revive because it seemed like a decent combination. Revive keeps you from those 60 second respawns late game and helps you get back into the game faster, and teleport helps you get back to your team as soon as you respawn if your Revive is down, or it can be useful for quick lane switching if your way is blocked by an enemy push or if the lane needs quick help and it would take too long to run.

However, looks at some of the summoner skills again, Revive seems like it is down when you actually need to use it, and it seems like Ghost could be as helpful for getting to your allies aid.

I've hit 12 and tried out Flash and didn't like it much. The distance isn't great enough that it would make a difference with chasing a champion, and Teleport still seems like the better option to me. Ghost however is worth it. Much better than using Revive in my opinion.

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As I've stated before I'm not that experienced at the game, but there are a few tips I would like to share.

Tip #1: Solo Middle
Always go middle whenever you can. Call it in the pre-game lobby if you have to. Always get there first, and don't leave it early game unless one of your team mates are being absolute ***es and not leaving when asked. This build focuses on Ashe's Attack Speed and Damage. The items she needs cost a bit, so you need all the money you can manage, which you will get best my soloing the middle.

Tip #2: Stay Back
Your a ranged character, not a melee. Stay behind your minions and your tanking allies as much as possible so they take the damage, not you. If you are in a 1v1 fight, hit them with a Frost Shot and get back before resuming your barrage of arrows. Once their health is low enough, an Enchanted Crystal Arrow can stop them in their tracks, and give you enough time to finish them off, if the arrow itself doesn't.

Tip #3: Last Hit
Your Hawkshot relies on getting the kill shot on the minion. Focus on one of the high health minions, and when you see a minion hit low health, switch to it, finish it off, and then move to another high health minion. This brings in the best income, and is also another reason you should go with Tip #1, middle is the best place for you to solo, and solo brings you the best income because you don't have another ally going for the kill shot for the base gold amount.

Tip #4: Hawkshot Ability
Don't forget about your Hawkshot's use ability. The hawk is a great way to check the bushes, and also to help you aim your Enchanted Crystal Arrow at fleeing enemy champions. It can also help you be prepared for Tip #5.

Tip #5: Don't get yourself Surrounded
One of the last things you want to do as Ashe is look down at your minimap and realize you have enemy champions all around you and can't run any direction without encountering one of them. Ashe is a ranged DPS dealer, she is not meant to tank through an enemy or enemies. However, if you should find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do would be to A) Pick the weakest character you see on the map and hit to that one and try to hit them enough to make them flee or kill them, or B) hit the one with the least amount of health and try to push through them. Even if the one you pick pushes closer to the enemies base and not your own, you are best to head that way and then hit the jungle to escape, rather than trying to push back to your own base against the strongest champion on the map.

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Thank you everybody for taking the time to read over my guide. I hope some of you find this build to be useful.

Again, I would like to give credit to Madmack and his Ashe - Carry Ranked Games guide, as it helped me realize the mistakes I was going to make with the runes, and helped me get some of my masteries in order.

I ask again that you keep all comments civil and non-bashing, and I will be sure to read over them and take tips from the players that have more experience at this that I do.

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June 29, 2011 - Build posted.
June 30, 2011 - Changelog added, Summoner Skills updated, Items updated.
August 4, 2011 - Items re-sequenced. Summoner Skills updated again. Note added to first post that below content is void. Will update more later, tomorrow possibly.