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Ashe Build Guide by cosmonot1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cosmonot1

Ashe DPS Crit 3v3 AND 5v5

cosmonot1 Last updated on November 5, 2013
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About This Build


All of the highly rated Ashe builds focus on 5v5 and there are very few for 3v3, so I decided to make on for 3s. If you wanna play a short game, minimal enemies, and good fun/winning, then choose this build.

This build is also a little long but it has a lot of good info. Lots of great stuff :D. I am trying to make it one of the most comprehensive Ashe guides out there. If you want something to be here that isn't here yet, please comment and tell me!

Many people have said that crit chance abuse for Ashe is not good... I completely disagree. I think that crit abuse is amazing and this is a build for that! You can crit 700 dmg!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!! Just FYI, with the attack speed from this build, you can deal 2800dmg in 2 seconds. Thats a lot of damage to non-tanks...
Now about me. Not super experienced and i have s***t grammar so don't hate. If you don't want a build for crit, don't bother reading. If u like it then vote :)

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Ashe is one of the cheapest (IP wise) characters (450IP), and one that can be used at any player at any skill level with the right items and masteries. Ashe can be played manny different ways, including crit, life steal, dps, ability, and more. I personally think that Ashe works best if she is a crit w***e. This build will give you nearly 100% crit rate, great attack speed, high damage, good life steal, and reasonably good movement speed. Just remember that Ashe is super squishy so don't even think about tanking or initiating!

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Pregame/Champion Selection

Select Ashe so that others can't but don't lock in. If your team has no tank, ask another player to use a tank or switch over to a tank. If you have 3 carries and no caster, pick a mage like Veigar or Annie. Also, your summoner ability choice should be affected by your team mates. If everyone has Exhaust or Heal, you probably shouldn't choose it as well.

Just remember that a balanced team usually does better than an unbalanced team. Try to be adaptive in champion selection.

Set up your runes and masteries before the game. It sucks to go into a champion selection and realize that your rune book is set up for the wrong character.

NOTE: QUEUE DODGING. If you feel that your team won't win because you don't have a tank or because you know that a certain player is terrible, feel free to queue dodge (exit out durring champion selection). The only penalty as of now (2/18/11) is 5 minutes before next game can be played. It is better to queue dodge than to waste 30+ minutes on a game that won't be very fun.

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I use the standard 21-0-9 build. Get the Deadliness and Cripple masteries. These improve crit chance and the Exhaust summoner spell. Then get the Alacrity and Sorcery masteries. They increase attack speed and reduce cool downs. Then max out Sunder, which allows you to penetrate more of your target's armor. Then get 3 point in Brute Force and 2 in Lethality. Brute Force gets you more physical damage and Lethality makes your crit strikes hit harder. Next get Havoc, which gives you +5% to all damage dealt. This should be 21 points in the offense tree. If you don't have 21, make sure that you max out all of the aforementioned masteries with the exception of Lethality.

The other 9 points are not nearly as important as the offensive points. I would recommend getting Spatial Accuracy (for Teleport spell) and Perseverance (for mana regen).I then get Awareness for more experience and Meditation for mana regen.

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Rune choice is very important. I get Marks and Quints of Desolation for armor penetration. This helps to negate the effect of armor (duh!) and helps make tanks much easier to kill.

I get Seals of Clarity for mana regen. If you like to use volley a lot (like I do), then you will need these. This is because Ashe's mana regen, both early and late game, lacks potency. This will help you to keep you manna meter below empty.

Lastly I get Glyphs of Celerity. These decrease cool down which means more ability spamming.

The runes that you choose will vary greatly depending on you play style. Remember, this guide is just to advise. Alter it so that it fits your play style.

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Summoner Spells

Personally, I like having Teleport and Exhaust, Ghost and Flash, or Flash and Heal, or Flash and Exhaust. Again, like with the runes and masteries, customize summoner spells to your own personal needs. If you die a lot, use heal. If you need to get around a large map quickly, use ghost and teleport. Avoid Ignite for the reason stated below. Avoid Revive because its cool down is too long and you shouldn't be dyeing enough to actually need it.

Flash: Jump in or out to your cursor. Great for jumping in and ganking, jumping out and surviving, or jumping away from a pursuing enemy. NOTE: You can jump through walls! Just make sure that you are close enough to actually make it all the way through the wall. If you aren't then you will just hit the wall and it'll be awkward.

Exhaust: Slow enemy movement speed, slow enemy attack speed, and decrease enemy armor (only with mastery). This makes exhaust great for running or for pursuing. Just make sure that when you exhaust an enemy, you need to be able to actually get the kill/assist. Try not to waste it.

Teleport: Get to friends, or stay out of lane for less time. As Ashe, this spell can be super useful. Recall when you want to buy something and teleport back to your lane!

Ghost, or Heal are also good secondaries because they will help you stay alive (squishy squishy squishy)

Revive: Don't even f**king think about it. Useless. If you use it. I will hunt you down and tie you up. Never use revive. You may be like "OH, COOL!!! Less time spend dead, I really need that!" If you say that, then you die too much and you should be playing someone less squishy. NO REVIVE!!!!!!!!!!

Ignite: Ignite is an attack spell. Ashe is to squishy to be using this spell UNLESS you know what you are doing. For the experienced players: If you know how not to die, then go ahead and use this spell. FOR n00bs: Avoid ignite with Ashe unless you know what you are doing.

ALL OTHERS: Rally is not useful for Ashe (try it on a tank?). Fortify is also not good on Ashe (again, its for tanks). Clarity, Clairvoyance, and Cleanse are all not for Ashe because she is a dps champion. Smite can be used if you attempt jungling, but I will not discuss that in this build.

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Items are probably the most important aspect of the game. Items will make or break your game! Always make sure that you have a health pot early game. It will keep you in the lane for longer and will save your life. Stay alive! Don't Feed! FARM MINIONS! This last one is the most important. Minions = gold and xp. Gold gets you items and xp gets you stats and skills. Make sure that you farm as much as possible.

This build has two different item sets. One is for soloing mid on 5v5 or top on 3v3 and the other is for cooping any other lanes. The only real variances between the two are the starting items

SOLO: Doran's Blade first. Get one, then run to your land until you have about 1500 gold. Then recall and buy another Doran's Blade and the boots.

COOP: Doran's blade is not first!!!!!!!! Get the Philosopher's Stone. HP and mana regen are super useful and it will eventually pay for itself. When building the stone, get the Faerie Charm first. Mana regen is nice. When you have about 2000 gold, go back and buy the boots and finish Philosophers Stone and start on the boots.

THE REST OF THE ITEMS: Any of the boots will work depending on your situation. If you find your self being too slow, get Boots of Mobility or Boots of Swiftness. If you find yourself against an annoying mage like Veigar or Annie, get Mercury Treads. In a normal game, I usually get Berserk's Grieves just because of the attack speed.

Now get the The Bloodthirster. Base damage and life steal of this item are really good, but its passive rapes. The life steal will help you from dieing and the attack damage will decimate everyone. At max everything, its 100 damage and 25% life steal.

After the Bloodthirster, get one Phantom Dancer! One means one, save the next one for later. This item gives you 50% attack speed, 30% crit chance, and 10% movement speed. Attack speed and crit chance are amazing and the 10% movement is just a cherry on top! This is one of the most critical items of the build. Once you have one, you will kill so much more. With two, you are almost unstoppable (but just remember that Ashe is still squishy, even with good items)

Then get Infinity Edge! With the completion of this item, you will score lots crits and they will do 250% damage instead of 200%. This means that you will rape anyone who is stupid enough to get within range. The Infinity Edge also gives you 75 attack damage. Early game, this is a **** load of damage. With good crit chance and the crit damage boost, you can deal lots of damage! By now, you should have over 50% crit chance. This is where the game gets a lot easier.

Now get the Last Whisper OR the The Black Cleaver. This will make armor almost useless! I personally prefer the Black Cleaver. It has more attack damage. Attack damage means that you kill faster. Just remember: if the enemy team has an AVERAGE ARMOR of 120 for each champion, the Last Whisper will be more effective in countering armor.

Finally, get the second Phantom Dancer. More crit, more attack speed, more movement speed. This makes you soooo good. When you get this item, you will have almost% crit chance. Lots and Lots of damage.

REMEMBER: This build WILL have to be VARIED depending on your opponent. If you face an enemy with lots of health or armor who ravages, you might want Infinity Edge or Black Cleaver first. If you find a mage who is pestering you, drop one the boots and get Mercury Treads (if that isn't enough, get a Banshee's Veil)

-Variances To Item List-
Boots: What ever boots you need at the moment
Last few Items: Last Whisper and Black Clever are for high damage and armor counter. If you find yourself dieing a lot, then alternate one out for armor, or a Banshees' Veil if a caster is annoying you.
Last Whisper: This item can be swapped out for The Black Cleaver. If targets have armor under 120, then the Black Cleaver will be more effective for negating their armor effects. If target is a tank and has high armor, then use the Last Whisper.

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Playing Tips Against Dangerous Champions

Ashe: Another Ashe... Very, very, very dangerous. Just remember that the other Ashe has the same abilities that you do. You won't ever be able to out ability another Ashe, she can do everything that you can. If you go after another Ashe, remember that they have the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, wich has a stun affect. Remember that another Ashe may even have read this guide and is following this build. If another Ashe is following this build or something very similar, get some dodge. Dodge and armor are the only good protections against crit abuse, but armor is negated by Black Cleaver or by Last Whisper. While playin against Ashe, try to make her use up all of her mana. Play safe, don't do any thing stupid. If you see an Enchanted Crystal Arrow get fired at you or an ally, then there is probably a gank attempt being initiated.

Tryndamere: Early game, he is dangerous. Late game, he rapes. Tryndamere tends to get high damage-per-second so something like Thornmail Armor might be a good choice. Tryn's ult makes him unable to die for 5 seconds. If he ults, get away and wait for it to expire. If he is attacking you, run. Again, Tryn has a huge DPS so if he is chasing you, frost shot or volley him to slow him. If Tryn ults to get away, use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow and then frost shot to keep him from escaping alive. Tryn has an ability where he spins and moves at a target. Be careful because that ability allows him to jump through walls. He also has a slow. Enemies with their backs turned to Tryn are slowed a lot. If he uses it on you, run. Pop Ghost or Flash if you need to, but just be sure that you don't waste them.

Evelynn: Very dangerous, especially to someone like Ashe. She can go invisible FOREVER and move around freely. Don't feed her or she will become unbeatable. If Eve goes invisible, call "eve invisi" and retreat to the turret or an allie who can counter. Eve has a stun so watch out for ganks. Eve is mostly magic damage. If she is pestering you, consider a Force of Nature or Banshees Veil. Eve's abilities allow her to burst for a few seconds. This is enough time to kill an Ashe. If you keep dying because of an Eve, get an Oracles Elixer so that she can't sneak up on you.

Singed: Very frustrating to play against. Always keep your distance. One of his abilities is that he throws you behind him. Be careful because he can throw you into a turret or into an awaiting gank. This makes ganking and running very difficult. His poison does good damage so avoid the purple cloud. He is almost all magic damage so Force of Nature or Banshees Veil might also be a nice choice. Be careful when running from him. His ult is a full stat increase. This includes movement speed. Keep your distance or he might just throw you back into a waiting gank. Singed also gets a lot of health. Get as much gold as possible when laneing against him or you might end up dead.

Rammus/ Shen: Rammus and Shen are both b***hs. One of Rammus's abilities is a like Thorn Nail. When he activates it, don't bother attacking him because you will probably end up with almost no health. Like all tanks, he will have a huge amount of health and he will have crazy armor. Let your team's tank initiate and target him last. Watch out for both Shen and Rammus's taunts. They both last a long time and they both are really powerful.

Dr. Mundo: Ugh. Playing against a Mundo is the worst thing possible. In 3v3, he doesn't die unless the whole team targets him. When playing against a Mudo, It is OK TO HAVE IGNITE! Ignite decreases all HP regen by 50% this makes his ult much less potent. Also, watch out for his cleaver. Run perpendicular to a line drawn from you to Mundo. This will make you much harder to hit.

Teemo: A good Teemo can be amazingly potent and a bad Teemo's performance can be horrendously laughable. Teemo is usually built for attack speed combined with attack damage or ability power. If Teemo goes ability power, his mushrooms, his poison, and his blinding dart become very dangerous. Teemo's mushrooms deal 600 damage when they explode, they poison you for another 100ish damage, and they slow you for 3 seconds. This makes escaping very difficult. As a rule of thumb, avoid bushes. If you must go into bushes, enter from the side not the middle as most Teemos place the mushrooms in the middle. Also watch out for his blinding dart. It makes its target miss for 3 seconds. As Ashe, this is HUGE! That's over 3000 damage not dealt. Against a Teemo, it may be OK to have Clarity to remove his slow, blind, or poison. Also remember that if Teemo remains motionless for 2 seconds, he goes invisible until he takes action. If you lane against a Teemo, watch if he walks towards his turret and goes MIA. He might be waiting to surprise you!

Veigar: One of my favorite champions and one of the best AP champions. At full build, Veigar can have over 1,000 AP!!!!! If Veigar casts his Event Horison, don't walk through the perimeter because you will get stunned. Veigar's Dark Matter drops a magic ball out of the sky after 1.2 seconds. This is enough time to avoid it. I would recommend avoiding it, even if you have to let him auto attack you a few times.

Annie: Watch out for her stun. When she has a white mist around her feet, her next spell will stun. Annie's stun can also AOE stun when she casts Tibbers. This can shut down a team fight so watch out. Other than the stun, Annie relies on bursting and then staying safe while her spells recharge. After she uses her stun, attack her and then back out.

Fiddlesticks: He has a super powerful fear, heal, and ult. Don't let him lifetap you and watch out for his ult. Crowstorm is very powerful so if he uses it, try to flash out of the way.

Please, suggest a champion for me to add. If you are having trouble playing against a certain champion. Let me know and I'll add tips and tricks against them to the build.

--To Be Continued--

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Skill Sequence

Volley Volley Volley
Volley first, then frost shot, then Volley, then hawkshot. Always get Volley if it is available unless Enchanted Crystal Arrow is available. ECA>V>FS>HS, but just remember to get one early level in hawkshot because of the scouting feature.

Volley: SOOOO USEFUL! I rely on is so much. Great for minion farming and for annoying the lane opponent.

Frost Shot: Great power. Slow enemy! Allow me and team to ravage fleeing enemies. Thanks to developers for adding this skill

Hawkshot: The MOST UNDER RATED SKILL!!!!!! Hawkshot can scout bushes!!!! ITS FREE (no mana)!!!! Use it to check for ganks or to see if some one is dragoning. This skill has saved my life from many ganks. Just remember that an enemy can see the hawk. If they see it fly out of the bushes, they may run in for a kill.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow: The longer it flies, the longer it stuns. IT has FULL MAP RANGE. This is also great for KSing :) or for preventing an enemy from fleeing.

Using the Skillz: Use Volley to farm, last hit several minions, or harass an opponent. Always have enough manna for ECA because it can easily save you or your team mates lives. Use Hawk Shot to scout bushes and avoid auto attacking minions with Frost Shot on because it drains mana very quickly

IMPORTANT: Always tell your team that Enchanted Crystal Arrow is up! It has saved me and my team mates countless times.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Missing with ECA. Missing always sucks. If you miss the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, no biggie UNLESS you or your team mate dies. Just remember, if you try to gank and the enemy sees the arrow fly past because the shot was a miss, they will run. Missing will ruin gank attempts.

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Last hit minions. That is almost all that needs to be said. Use your volley to kill minions and keep enemy champions at bay. If you ever lane in a 2v1 situation and you are the 1, hug turret and try to get them to attack you in turret range. REMEMBER: ASHE NEEDS GOLD AND XP TO WIN!!!!!

When you buy items early game, make sure to get a health pot. The health pot will help you survive and stay in lane longer.

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Countering This Ashe

"Countering your own build?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!? Why would he tell people how to counter this epic build?!?!?" is what you might be saying. Just FYI, if you know how to counter this build, then you know its weaknesses. If you know the weaknesses, then you are less likely to have them exploited by the enemy. That means better survivability and more potency in game.

Crowd Control: The best way to stop this Ashe is CC effects. Stun, Taunt, Blind, .etc. CC effects shut off Ashe long enough to turn the tide of the battle or to allow enemies to focus her and deal fatal damage. If this Ashe gets CCed, then she is out for a few seconds. That a few thousand damage not dealt. If you (as Ashe) get CCed, retreat to a safe distance until it wears off. Make sure that you aren't taking huge damage because Ashe is super squishy

Dodge: If you dodge every other attack, then you take half the overall damage. That trashes this build. If you play a character that dodges a lot like Jax, just be sure to have help from team mates. Dodging allows the enemy to survive longer and to deal you more damage. To prevent this, use your ECA because of the stun effect. Stunned opponents can't dodge!

Invulnerability: Invulnerable enemies don't die. Some examples are Kayle's ult and Tryn's ult. They both make an enemy invulnerable for a short time. This makes attacking the enemy useless. Don't waste your ult on an enemy who is invulnerable unless you know that they will be able to escape if you don't ult. Just switch targets until it wears off and then resume your pounding.

Shields: Characters also get shields. Some examples are Sion and Shen. The shields allow characters to escape or to attack you. Shields wear off over time! Just switch targets until the shield is gone or if they are the only target, slow them and keep pounding away until the shield has run out.

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Practice makes perfect. If you see a new strategy in this guide, don't go out in a match-made game to test it. Test it on bots and friends in custom games. Also, if you ever want in game tips or you want to practice, add me on League and I can help you out. My League name is: thecosmo. Just add me and tell me that you want to practice Ashe and I'll be glad to help.

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Just remember that Ashe dies a lot and that you need gold. Adapt the build or builds you use to the current situation. There is no build that works for everything.

If you havent figured out what squishy means, then you probably shouldn't be playing Ashe. Just FYI, squishy means that she has low health, armor, and dies easily if targeted by more than 1 person.
ECA=Enchanted Crystal Arrow
HS=Hawk Shot
FS=Frost Shot

I'm gonna say it again, this build is also a little long but it has a lot of good info. Lots of great stuff :D. I am trying to make it one of the most comprehensive Ashe guides out there. If you want something to be here that isn't here yet, please comment and tell me!

Hope the build helped, plz rate well and have fun! please comment and rate!