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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ashe Build Guide by GoIden

Ashe it UP

Ashe it UP

Updated on April 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoIden Build Guide By GoIden 4,374 Views 0 Comments
4,374 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GoIden Ashe Build Guide By GoIden Updated on April 25, 2021
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Pros & Cons

High Range ability W
good ultimate to engage or to save a parthner
Good CC in team fight
Good Vision with E along the map for few sec
High attack speed and Slow on the stacks Q

0 mobilies
squishy vs Assassin anyone can one shot her in a combo
Hard to start fight early game cause need Stack Q
1 Skill to deal damage or for poke which is W
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Summoner Spells

: is standard summoner spell to be picked by any adc.

: is very situational, for when you are against champions that can disrupt you, such as fear or E.

: is mandatory, considering you have no escapes built in your kit.

& : are the only two summoner spells you want to run on Ashe in the ADC position as they are flat out the strongest and most versatile spells for any marksman.
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Lethal Tempo will offer you a huge attack speed which is a main pick for most adc that’s based playing on attack speed and offensive plays with lot of pokes such Ashe, Kog'Maw, Varus… also you have other choice which is 2nd pick if your enemy bot lane will do too much pressure on you and they poke you a lot you can go for the Fleet Footwork its passive will help you to restores some HP and gives you more movement speed, this will help you to stay longer in your lane

TriumphIts passive is great because it will save your life in the end of a fight, if you kill your enemy it will restaur to you 12% of your missing health, at least the last hits from minions wont give a kill to your enemy and additional free 20 gold, also you can take Presence of Mind which it gives you mana refund regeneration after damaging a champion .

Legend: Alacrity by so far is the best pick for you as it garants to you a lot of attack speed which it will help you to buy more damage items or defensive items without to feel that you lake of the attack speed in your game, Its Passive gives to you 3% (+1.5% per Legend stack) bonus attack speed, up to 18% with 10 stacks, Legend: Alacrity Gain Legend stacks for every 20 points earned, up to 10.

Coup de Grace Passive Deal 8% increased damage to champions below 40% maximum health, By so far is the most pick for AD carry and most AD players which it increase your damage in a team fight or a gank you will secure the kill with this 8% its looks like its little but it does work perfectly late game.

Transcendence Passive: Gain 5% Cooldown reduction which is now ability haste at level 5 & 8, at lvl 11 it reduce the remaining CDR of your basic ability by 20%.

Manaflow Band its passive is really good for ashe while she get out fast while spending her mana in the 2 cases Poke/farm waves, this rune will help you a lot to stay in your lane longer and keep farming from your range in safety, if you don’t have problem with mana so you can take the Nimbus Cloak this is also a great rune to use on ashe it wil help you a lot for the 2 cases again To safe your life against an enemy or for your fighting combo to catch a running enemy with low HP if they flash, Nimbus Cloak will grants to ghosting and 5-35% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

passive : Frost Shot

Ranger's Focus : Q

Volley : W

Hawkshot : E

Enchanted Crystal Arrow : R

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Items to build in mid-game when gold is earned.useful to you in-game and helps adc.berserker's greaver helps for attack speed,guardian's angel provides the revival.(grants armor and damage but more importantly provides more life)infinity edge needed for damage and cri chance bonus addition,bloodthirster good for lifesteal,dominic's good for lethality.hurricane good for wave clear and crit well with infinity edge.remember to buy zeal and b.f. sword first

situational items.use scimitar when your opponent has a lot of cc(crowd control)available.
Maw of Malmortius for opponents with magic damage .
Mortal reminder if u prefer lethality more than crit or lifesteal.
Same for ghostblade.

Always your fourth item after Boots+ER+Hurricane.
Follow it by a Lord Dominiks/Mortal reminder depending on if you need the grevious wounds passive or not.

Phantom Dancer Can be bought instead of Hurricane if you value the 1v1 potential more and play on sidelane

Maw if they are heavy AP, Guardian if they are AD and you need the passive or Scimitar if you need the QSS active.

If you lake of mana on Ashe you want to get your Essence Reaver and Berserker's Greaves as fast as possible.
After that you can either build Hurricane , depending on if you're playing against heavy frontline or not (Hurricane vs. frontline heavy).
Follow that up with an Infinity Edge and a Last Whisper item.
Your last item will be another crit item (Hurricane/Phantom dancer).
If the enemy team has no tanks you can go for a BT/Mercurial Scimitar instead.

The mystic items are optional to be First item to build it or last item depending on what you need early if you get first blood or 1 kill you rush to mystic item or late game to destroy the enemy team or to protect your self.
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Support Synergy

- One of my favorites. A good alistar will provide you so much safety that you'll be untouched. The minor heals help alot in lane.

- Very versatile. His shrines are very good (especially early on for sustain) and allow you to have a good laning phase to carry late game.

- Very much like Alistar, it will help you with a great utility both in offense and defense.

- My favorite. No one can touch you, you'll get a AD boost shield and peeled for.

- The poke she brings and the shield can keep you safe.

- Poke+Safety for you? One of the best.

- Double binds and a shield.

- One of the best supports at the moment for both defensive and offensive options.
She can be VERY useful at level 6, when she gets ulti to compliment yours.

- Sustained heal along with a heavy CC at level 6 can guarantee you a kill.

- One of my favorites. At level 6 it's just absurd what you can do with her.

- Very passive, allows you to farm the entire game.

- Like a big dog. He'll save you from your mistakes.

- Perfect for harassing. Plants and frosty arrows are painful to watch.

Ok Synergy - We'll be ok after a while

- At level 6 you can lock the carry that will get pulled.

- Its fear is important, but the silence and a surprise ulti at level 6 can guarantee a kill.

- Secured lockdown at level 6. If Leona gets her ulti to stun the AD Carry, it's a kill.

- Once the bloodboil flows through mid/late game you'll be thankful.

- He can burst the enemy support by himself at level 6.

- Once the cage is activated, there's no escape with the amount of cc.

- As long as he has his E he's useful, but he's rather squishy...and so is Ashe, so he'll be a great asset only towards the teamfighting. If you are laning vs a hard CC support like Leona, try to stay in the back.

Tier 1
Thresh, Leona, Blitz, Lulu, Morgana, Braum, Janna

These champions all synergize well with Ashe due to their either tankiness or ability to set her up to keep autoattacking in fights. You can also notice that all of these champions also have really high pressure in lane.

Tier 2

Tahm Kench, Sona, Zyra, zilean, Bard

These champions all work well with Ashe as well, but due to their ability to set her up to carry better than the other champions mentioned in tier 1

Hard Matchups Support to ban

Threash, Blitz , Leona, Janna, Alistar

These champions are really hard to play against as Ashe, 4 of them because of their immense ability to engage on her whenever they want, and Janna for her ability to completely negate her poke in laningphase (one of Ashes' strongest parts of the game). Blitzcrank, Thresh, Alistar and Leona are all very durable throughout the game and have multiple ways of engaging on Ashe, which makes their range of threat extremely high. Whenever you face one of these supports as Ashe you always have to consider your positioning a bit extra (especially in lane) to not get all-inned over and over. Respect their engage tools, know the cooldowns of their spells and farm as safe as possible together with your support.
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Ashe isn't the normal AD Carry you see in SoloQ. She's more of a supportive carry, considering her kit and low damage during early game.
Don't be worried if you aren't getting many kills, focus on farming and avoid dying and you are set to carry late game.

Early Game

Ashe struggles during early game

Hide your weaknesses.

I, for one, prefer to early harass with my Ranger's Focus and Volley in order to:

Push the lane.
Harass the enemy carry/support.
Make the enemy carry lose CS under the tower.
Call their jungler in order to let top and mid have more freedom.

Of course, this doesn't always happen and sometimes you'll even be zoned from farming; but don't worry as I've been saying, you are a supportive carry.
Focus on not dying (meaning, giving kills to the enemy ad carry) and farm.
Even if the enemy carry has more 30 cs than you do, you'll be more useful due to your kit and utility.


Once you reach lvl 2 harass like this: Auto attack followed up by your Volley. If your support is tuned in, this can make you have an easier time laning.
mid game

Looking to group up for objectives

During this phase you'll need to start being more cautious.

Things to avoid:

Moving between camps without proper vision.
Getting greedy and following a enemy to their jungle with no vision.
Positioning in the front line.

What to do:

Safely farm between camps.
Stay on the back of your team.
Initiate on a off-position carry with your arrow.

The time has come. You were dancing around between drake and the enemy team decided to contest it. It's your time to shine.
Aim to hit your Enchanted Crystal Arrow to one of their carries. You don't need to say a word in team chat, that itself is a big "I got one of their carries, follow up team" and your initiator will immediately begin the team fight.
During the team fight be sure to be properly positioned and constantly use your Volley.

Auto attacking:

Always auto attack what's closest to you. You are a Attack Damage Carry, meaning you have to put as much damage as you can into something. You also can't die early on, because that means your team will miss some of the most damage output.
Make sure your use your Ranger's Focus. Helps in kitting by applying your passive faster.

late game

Step up as a playmaker

Arrow to win.

Now you are off with your team, fighting for inner towers/barons. Any mistake will cause a loss, and you are the best champion, in the entire game, that can punish as hard as a guaranteed loss to whomever gets caught.
Ask for your support to extensively ward the enemy jungle (if you are the one targeting the enemy's inhib) or your own jungle (if you are being pushed back) - do help if you have a spare 75 gold and free slot: but at this point you shouldn't be helping in warding.
Your objective is simple: Correct positioning and using your arrow to whoever is out of position (yes, that means even if it's a tanky jungler - during late game respawn timers are high and going in a 4v5 is almost celebrating the win).

What if they're a organised team?
Rarely it happens, but sometimes in SoloQ a team can be pretty solid in terms of positioning and protecting their carries.
In that case:

Look to Enchanted Crystal Arrow whoever can hit you.
Do as most damage as you can to people closest to you.
Volley in order to deny some movement speed to everyone who gets caught in it.

advice for first time

Advice for First Time Ashe's

Simply train two basic things:

Avoid dying for that extra cs.
Put your pride aside - sometimes you lose the lane.

Understand that you are a supportive carry till late game because, until then, and unless you are fed, your damage output is very low. You'll be setting up kills with your slows to your fellow team mates.
Focus on safely farming and bringing your playmaking value to teamfights.

My example
Put me in any other AD Carry champion and watch me immediately become useless because my playstyle isn't fit to be a true carry. I'm more of a plan making person (hence the support main and some jungle presences) and will always try win a game by outsmarting the enemy team. This is the only AD Carry that I can play on a mediocre level.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoIden
GoIden Ashe Guide
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Ashe it UP

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