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Ashe Build Guide by csocsu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author csocsu

Ashe Supp/Top - Yes it's actually good

csocsu Last updated on November 20, 2015
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TL;DR = All about the ultimate

Ashe has one of the best stuns and engages in the entire game. Literally better than Annie.

Her ultimate is global and can have up to a 3.5 stun duration.

Use ultimate.
Stun mid laner, top laner, adc, support, jungler, get free kill/s.
Have the potential to Snowball your lanes every 1 min or so with decent cdr even early in the game.

Use your ultimate to pick of poorly positioned enemies and important targets and proceed to win team fights and take objectives.

Great team fighter with perma slows (i.e. peeling for carries).

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Why she is actually a very strong support

The laning phase is overrated.

There's a reason why even in competitive play, at the highest levels as well, champions like Shen are played as support.

His laning isn't the greatest however he can offer the right team compositions tons of utility which easily overrides the risk of picking him (i.e. the bot lane laning phase being more difficult kinda).

Ashe support can be considered in this fashion. While Shen's and Ashe's laning phase isn't the worst by any means, especially if you build tanky and utility from the onset (none of the troll dmg building), the utility Ashe can provide out of the laning phase is 10/10.

Some of her strengths in simple terms:

1) Her ulti is god-like in the current meta for picking off champions, and has a long stun duration even worst case. You don't have to shoot it from the entire map away, although u can ofc. From a decent range it'll often land with a high degree of accuracy. 1 good hit on say the enemy adc and gg easy after 25 mins or at least free baron.

2) Her slows from her auto-attacks and her w can be OP for picking off and punishing poor positioning, but even in team fights a decent slow can do a suprising amount of work. For example, by easily keeping a fed assasin from being able to get close enough to finish your adc.

3) Her e allows you to obtain vision of a sizable chunk of the map, and when used effectively can keep track of important threats on the enemy team such as of course the enemy jungler. Higher elo junglers and players in general can benefit a ton just with the knowledge of the whereabouts of the enemy jungler.

It's not stupid to suggest that 1 use of her e spell can snowball the entire game in your favour. (for example by making ur jungler be aware that a gank top lane is viable since the enemy jungler is bot lane and it'll be 2 vs 1, where the top lane then snow balls against the oposing top laner with the advantage).

4) Unfamiliarity with her playstyle and strengths. Many times the opposing team won't see it coming and take too long to adjust.

They'll start to be more wary after you land multiple ultimates in a row, but by then it'll be too late.

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Item builds

In general,

I repeat TANK + CDR!!!!!

Some people might think some dmg might be good, but I assure you TANK + CDR!!!! And in this regard, Frozen Heart is pretty much the perfect item. You won't generate enough gold to make a damage or hybrid build work, just go tank and always be useful. Allows you to abuse your slows in team fights for longer too as you'll survive longer (and allows u to play more aggresive bodyblocking, taking aggro etc etc).

By getting tons of cdr and abusing her ultimate, you can snowball lanes and win team fights so much it's disgusting at times.

A simple arrow down mid lane can at least 1/2 the time give a free kill to your mid laner, which can sometimes easily mean won lane by itself. An arrow in the direction of a skirmish, can easily tilt the skirmish into your favour.

Most players won't have the reaction speed to avoid the arrow. 1-3.5 second stun is OP.

Additional note: In laning phase, it's a good idea to buy some cloth armors and such early on when you back.

A couple of cloth armors can make you suprisingly durable. The longer you survive the more damage you'll do and the more you'll be able to punish the enemy bot lane for overextending in trades.

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Ability Sequence

It depends but I value maxing her e the most out of her non-ultimate skills.

Why? Because her e can provide an enormous amount of utility when used effectively at a global map level, i.e. for your entire team.

And further, with cooldown reduction, you can spam her e by mid-game.

Her w is nice, but since you aren't building damage it's not necessarily the most efficient max. Her q is good too, but since you won't be auto-attacking minions much it won't necessarily be usable always.

Again though, I consider her e to be too much utility to pass over.

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Pre-6 Laning phase:

- Use your e whenever it's on cooldown and track the enemy jungler down.
- Use your w early on to harass, you'll have enough mana sustain to use it a lot without worry.
- Punish overextending supports with your q and slows in general but don't overdo it too. Remember that Ashe is one of those supports that scales out of the laning phase. No need to be desperate for kills especially against enemy supports that are strong lane bullies.

In general Ashe's laning phase isn't terrible given that she's ranged and will have decent poke early on (easy to poke and harass and stay safe), just that she'll lack the bursty damage and easy to land CC that some supports like Annie, Blitzcrank and Thresh will have that can win bot lane 2 vs 2 by themselves. (of course, Ashe outscales them out of the laning phase and when played well won't be punished in the laning phase)

Post-6 Laning phase:

- Look for opportunities to ultimate top lane or mid lane. Mid lane is the easiest as if you ulti from base when you back, the trajectory of the arrow will be more likely to hit the enemy mid laner.
- Ward, ward, use e. Use your slows and exhaust to shut down enemy players and prevent them from escaping.
- When your jungler ganks, often you'll just have to land your ultimate and the gank will be successful.
- Don't hesitate to use your ultimate. The cooldown is pretty short, especially with a decent amount of cdr. If you chose to hold it waiting for the "ideal" usage, you'll likely miss out on "free" opportunities prior.