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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ashe Build Guide by Yasmaste

ADC Ashe-the simple adc Season 11

ADC Ashe-the simple adc Season 11

Updated on March 12, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasmaste Build Guide By Yasmaste 4,188 Views 0 Comments
4,188 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasmaste Ashe Build Guide By Yasmaste Updated on March 12, 2021
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Runes: basic

Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Champion Build Guide

Ashe-the simple adc Season 11

By Yasmaste
Hello! Welcome to my Ashe guide!My name is Yasmaste
Pros and cons

+ One of the highest DPS out of any ADC
+ Passive slow can setup kills easily
+ By the time you get runaan's which will get buffed next patch, you become a monster kiting machine
+ Hard to master, satisfying playstyle
+ High DPS Mid-Game
+ Can help you learn when to go aggressive for a play as an ADC with Lethal Tempo

Ashe is one of those champions where you think you can't be killed by her but she perma slows you and picks up a cheeky kill. You have to learn how to balance out her low initial damage with that quick Lethal Tempo powerspike and run down your enemies with it. Your Enchanted Crystal Arrow should be used when in imminent danger or in situations where you can setup kills for your team preferably. As Ashe is a utility based ADC, you should be grouped with your team whenever possible.


- Has weak poke without Arcane Comet
- Takes a few items to come on-line and Runaan's Hurricane is incredibly expensive
- Doesn't have higher DPS output than other mid-game focused ADC's such as Lucian.
- With the rise of ADC's such as Jhin and Vayne, it can be hard to get out of laning phase feeling like you're building an advantage over these champions.
- Positioning can be tricky to master because of not having a dash
- Ashe doesn't have any hard CC until she hits 6 and gets her Enchanted Crystal Arrow.
- Very weak alone at start.

When thinking about Ashe you have to keep in mind that she's never going to be as good as carry ADC's like Jhin because they are meant to be carries and not utility based ADC's. Jhin has a root but Ashe has a giant crystal arrow that she can impose and hard CC an enemy teammates for 5 seconds so for that, she loses out on a lot of potential DPS in her kit that champions like Jhin have. Her early game is fairly strong but not nearly as strong as meta ADC's like Jhin and Kai'Sa so keep in mind that you have to wait until your mid-game powerspike to match them and unless you've built up a lead, be VERY careful about enemy assassins and the enemy ADC.
Laning phase
Ashe is a champion that is very versatile in nature. There are many ways to go about playing Ashe but I personally prefer starting Doran's Blade in a majority of matchups. During the start, you're going to want to go ahead and 5 point / leash your jungler. In high elo, it's preferable that you just go to lane and the jungler does a leashless clear but it's fine if not. If he doesn't want a leash then you have a few options...
1. Go walk up to the minion wave before it crashes and make them all attack you. Then hide in the bush and watch them kill the first minion on your side. This secures level 2 because they lose a minions worth of xp but be careful if they cheese you because most high elo bot lanes will know about this strategy
2. Cheese them in a bush
3. Try to secure vision and steal pressure by pressuring their bot lane during leash. Only done if you can overwhelmingly beat the enemy AKA if you're against something like a Senna ,Sona. This usually doesn't work though.
When it comes to team-fighting as an ADC, there is one golden rule which is the most basic team-fighting rule of all, and yet makes you an infinitely better team-fighter if you start following it; attack whoever's closest to you. If you stand at the back, behind your frontline, and just auto-attack whichever enemy is absolutely closest to you, you have the best possible positioning, as you'll only be in focus range of whoever's diving you, or whoever you're attacking. It's recommended in general to take down the enemy carries before the tanks, but as the ADC if you try to attack a carry then you're in range of every single member of the enemy team, and if they all focus you then you'll go down in under a second. By keeping your distance and attacking just whatever's closest, you'll be hardest to kill, and can therefore output maximum DPS by just staying alive and being able to auto-attack all fight long. The only time you should attack the enemy team's carries is when there's no other enemies standing between you and them or if they're horribly positioned themselves and you can focus them down along with your team.

The best players of all know not only when to follow that one basic rule, but also when to take even further measures to stay safe. Before you ever even get into a team-fight, you should have already analyzed what all the threats to you on the enemy team are, and play more safely or aggressively accordingly. For example, if a Shyvana is the one trying to dive you, you'd want to follow the rule of attacking whatever's closest, and just kite her while your team also hopefully tries to peel her.

But sometimes you need to turn the safety notch up another level and straight up walk away from someone that could be a threat to you. For example, if you're playing vs Zed, you cannot be one of the ones trying to focus him down while he still has enough spells and HP to be a threat. Even if he's the only person in range of you, and you have 3-4 team-mates around you, you still can't be auto-attacking him until the threat he presents has been neutralized ( Death Mark goes on CD, or he gets so low that he'd die before he could burst you). All the skill and mechanics in the world won't stop him bursting you down in half a second if he gets near enough. And you not only need to stay out of his Death Mark range, you also have to account for the extra distance he can cover with Living Shadow, Youmuu's Ghostblade and Flash, and how quickly they can help him close the gap.
No, when you're playing against Zed and you see him running in your direction, you stay as far the f**k away from him as you can get. Don't help your team kill him, that's not your job. The assassin's job is to kill you, your job is to not die to him, and your team's job is to protect you from assassins by killing them. If the assassin commits their cooldowns onto someone else when they realize they can't get to you, that's when it's safe for you to walk back into the fight. Or if the assassin gets CC'd and blown up uselessly before they get to do anything, then it's also safe!

Champions that present such a large threat to you aren't just limited to assassins ( Talon, Zed, LeBlanc) that can burst you down within a second. Other champions, mostly if fed, can just out-duel you so brutally, that even if you have 2-3 team-mates helping you in an effective 1v3/1v4, you're still going to die if they can get in range of you. Champions that can commonly do this when fed are bruisers like Irelia, Jax, Renekton, etc. Champions tanky enough to qualify as tanks while still dealing huge damage to a squishy target like you, especially when fed.

Against champions like these, it's really necessary for you to watch out and keep your distance. You can poke with Volley and the occasional auto-attack while they're CC'd, but you can't fully commit to DPS'ing them down until again, they either fall so low at your team's hands that they're no longer a threat, or realizing that they can't get to you, they commit their most important cooldowns (mobility and/or CC) onto someone else. In Irelia's case, it's safe to commit onto her when she's used either Bladesurge, as she won't be able to gap close to you or burst you with it (though Flash may still pose a threat), or Flawless Duet, as it'll prevent her using her deadly stun on you. And if she's used both then until they come off of cooldown she presents almost no threat at all, so long as you maintain good positioning and kite if she tries to walk towards you.
When following the rule of "attack whoever's closest", often you'll have to choose between two champions that are at a more or less equal distance from you, and it'll be optimal for you to attack one or the other, but it's hard to be completely certain about who the right target is. That being said, here are some things for you to consider which will hopefully lead to you making the right choice:

1) Which is the bigger threat?
You'll want to take out whoever's the biggest threat not just to yourself, but to your team as a whole, and disregard the weaker enemy. Sometimes it's not very clear cut, others you have to choose between a fed Riven and a 1/1/5 jungle Sion, in which case it's a very obvious choice which you should focus.

2) Who would die faster?
When the targets are equally threatening, you'll want to focus whichever one is squishiest/lower HP, as the sooner they're out of the fight, the sooner your team gains a numbers advantage. Sometimes even if they're the lower threat, it's still worth focusing them down first if they're going to die significantly faster, but only sometimes, and it depends on how big a threat the other possible target is.

3) Who's least likely to get away from you?
The less mobile one is the least likely to walk away and succeed in getting away. You'll want to focus the least mobile one as they're the ones most likely to die if they get low. A tank with gap closers like Zac (and let's just say his passive isn't up so you don't need to worry about that) may get low, then just leave the fight with Elastic Slingshot before you can finish him off. If your other option is an equally tanky Sion for example, he's less likely to be able to get away alive when he gets low, so it'd be smarter to focus him in a situation where it's just as easy to auto-attack both.

Generally, from top to bottom those would be the most important factors to take into account respectively, but sometimes one factor, if it's big enough, can over-ride a generally more important factor. For example, choosing to DPS down a negative KDA, full AD Lee Sin, over a fed Irelia, because you can kill the Lee in about 2 seconds while the Irelia is a lot tankier, so takes a fair while longer to kill.
Thank you for reading my guide!. Thank you and I hope I helped you win your next League of Legends game on your climb. Ashe has always been a champion I play from time to time and I hope I can inspire more people to play her!

WEELL, this is the end! If you enjoyed this guide leave a +1 and drop a comment!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yasmaste
Yasmaste Ashe Guide
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Ashe-the simple adc Season 11

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