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Vayne Build Guide by Xptboy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xptboy

Atmog's Vayne - The new FOTM

Xptboy Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction - Why build Vayne somewhat tanky?

(Please read the entire guide before voting, there is good reason why this build is actually very viable in ranked play.)

Hey guys, this will be my fourth guide on Vayne, and unlike my other guides this will stray from the norm and focus on a somewhat different build that some may scoff at. I actually came across this build as I was watching Wickd's stream and he mentioned how stupid a vayne rushing Warmog's is. I agreed with him wholeheartedly, and was surprised to see quite a number of high ELO players using a Warmog's on Vayne as I had always thought that every AD carry should be built as a glass cannon and focus mainly on positioning in teamfights. That was, until I myself, who hovers around the 1500 ELO region currently came across a Vayne who had built warmog's and atmas along with attack speed items and he completely obliterated our team.

After this, I had decided for myself that I would experiment a bit with Vayne and see whether or not I could find a unique item build for Vayne that would work well in ranked and completely own with her. I found myself astounded that an atmog's Vayne could actually deal so much damage whilst still being quite tanky herself. As the game prolonged, it really became a case of, if you focus Vayne, then the team will kill you off because she can't be killed easily and if you don't focus Vayne, then she will destroy your entire team in no time.

Please guys, if you doubt this build, just try her out in game first and see how she is still as dominant early game and simply unstoppable lategame :)

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Pros and Cons

- strong early game for an AD carry
- great chasing ability
- huge burst damage and decent sustained damage
- simply unstoppable lategame as you will put the enemy team in a lose-lose situation, should they focus you first and die to your team? or focus you last and die to you?
- tanky yet still capable of doing an amazing amount of damage.
- good at ganking all around the map
- has a built in mini flash

- very squishy early-mid game
- low attack speed until you build some AS items
- this build is OP so really not much else...

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Runes and Masteries


Greater mark of desolation x9
The standard AD carry runes are a requirement on Vayne and most other AD carries just to get through that armor that you will be playing against as the game goes on.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed x9
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed x9
Vayne's main weakness as an AD carry is that she lacks attack speed to be able to do her burst damage. So I give my Vayne yellow and blue attack speed runes to negate her biggest weakness. This will also help you take advantage of the fact that with this build you are maxing silver bolts first.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage x3
These quints will help you to have some extra AD, and since you are going to build a BF sword, I don't see the need for armor pen runes. However, if you happen to prefer Armor pen quints or attack speed quints then you can go for them, I just think the extra AD comes in handy.

I go 22/0/8 on Vayne because I find that going for a full burst AD build is viable. I don't have any magic damage so I don't see the need to get a point in piercing through their MR, and this still allows me to get good my experience masteries from the utility page. The lower cooldowns are what could make or break a fight as you tumble away or condemn someone into a wall. Also, on any carry I believe it's important to reduce your time spent dead as it's just so important for you to be alive to prevent your towers going down or to turn the tide of a battle.

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Summoner Ablities

With Vayne I find it easier to simply smartcast all my abilities, I find it especially important on tumble as I simply have to point to the direction I tumble in rather than actually move in that direction and then press q

Night Hunter
This is a great passive on Vayne that gives her the ability to chase like a boss. Nobody will get away from you as you gain an extra 40 movement speed while moving towards an enemy champion.

This is both a great offensive and escape ability. It is practically a miniflash, allowing you to catch up to and finish off low health targets. It is also great at escaping certain skillshots such as Amumu's bandage toss and the ashe arrow. Early game this is also a decent harassing skill in lane.

Silver Bolts
I level this first mainly because this specific atmog's build requires it as this will be your main damage source that allows you to build tanky yet still do more damage anyone else on your team. The great thing about this ability is that on every third attack you will deal true damage equivalent to 8% of the enemies hp (when maxed out). This ability can also proc with Tumble to do even more additional damage.

This is another amazing ability, however I level this last because it's main purpose is for the utility it brings you and it does not do as much damage. It's a great skill because it pushes the enemy away, so this is of course good if you are running away or trying to save an ally. However another great use of this skill is to shove them into a wall, in which case the enemy champion will be stunned for 1.5 seconds and take bonus damage almost guaranteeing you the kill!

Final Hour
Vayne's ultimate is amazing as it is basically a steroid that gives you additional AD, and movement speed. In addition, it will make Vayne stealthed should you decide to tumble which is also great if you want to fool the enemy. It has a short cooldown, so basically use this whenever a fight starts out.

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Summoner spells

Vayne really needs an escape spell, this will do it for her and I find it more useful than ghost as she pretty much already has a ghost with her passive, ultimate and tumble. Flash also works very well in conjunction with Condemn.

I also find this as a necessity on Vayne much more than ignite, because it will reduce the armor, movement speed, attack damage of the enemy. Just a very useful spell overall that synergizes perfectly with Vayne making sure she can kill anyone she wants.

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Vayne's basic ganking combo

Vayne has a simple to master combo that wrecks havoc on anybody 1v1 if she is well enough farmed or fed, which should be easy to do.

Basically you want to start of by immediately activing Final Hour to scare the enemy off, however since you are faster, you will activate Tumble and hopefully by now you should be parallel to them and be able to push them into a wall. If you can't push them into a wall, then flash into them and push them into a wall with Condemn. Now exhaust them and just keep autoattacking and tumbling on them. If they have no escape abilities and nobody to help them out then you should be able to kill them easily.


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Item build

Core Items
Doran's Blade
Berserker's Greaves
The Black Cleaver
Warmog's Armor
Atma's Impaler

Once you have bought these core items you should build Vayne according to who you are facing and how you are doing.

Explanation of core items
I usually prefer to start off with a Doran's Blade as this simply gives me an extra 100 hp and attack damage as well as a bit of life steal. On my first trip back I either buy another Doran's Blade and Boots of Speed or if I have enough money then I buy my B.F. Sword as this will give me lots of extra damage.

Berserker's Greaves are my standard boots on Vayne as she really needs that extra attack speed to get her silver bolts to be very effective. I prefer to build The Black Cleaver on Vayne because this gives her everything that she will need later on in the game in combination with her atmog's. This gives her additional attack speed, additional armor penetration and a great deal of attack damage as well, so I find this the perfect item that synergizes well with this specific Atmog's build.

This is when I start building my Warmog's Armor, it's a great item that basically turns her from very squishy to rather tanky so you are now capable of taking a few hits. Once I build this I immediately build my Atma's Impaler, this item is great, especially in conjunction with Warmog's because first of all, it gives you extra armor, but in addition to that, it adds to your crit chance and makes you crit hit harder. Finally the best thing about the Atmog's build is that with an Atma's Impaler, your physical attacks deal an additional 2% of your maximum health. Combine this with Silver Bolts and Tumble and you are now tanky, ranged and deal an insane amount of damage!

By now it should be quite lategame and you need to choose between one or two final items to finish off your build. Here is a list of viable items

viable items
Phantom Dancer
Usually, if the game prolongs this long, I will at least get me a Zeal, as this gives me extra attack speed and movement speed and is quite good for its price. Usually I do not find the additional movement speed and attack speed worth getting a phantom dancer for, however sometimes in the case of a very long game, then I will upgrade my zeal into a phantom dancer.

Last Whisper
Great item if the enemy team is now stacking armor to counter you. This will ensure that you remain the tank shredder that you are.

Guardian Angel
Only get this if you need to be even more tanky because for some reason they can shred you to pieces and a second life is always nice.

I find this to be a very underrated item, especially against a team that is very caster heavy. Considering you do not have much MR, this is great is you are quickly getting bursted down by the enemy casters as it not only gives you extra AD but it also ensures that you can't get burst down by the enemy team of casters.

Wit's End
I usually get this instead of a hexdrinker if the enemy has only one or two fed AP carries, as they usually will be unable to burst me down in a single burst anyway, so this gives some nice extra damage, speed and MR.

Madred's Bloodrazor
A great end game item on Vayne that will give her additional armor and additional attack speed as well as additional Attack damage. Another item that I consider just gives her everything she needs. This is really expensive though and I only ever get if it's a legendary long game.

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General Gameplay tips

Early Game
Your early game will be played in a very similar way to any other AD carry as you're basically just going to focus on farming the minions whilst sometimes harassing the enemy champion away from the creeps and trying to win your exchanges. But in general, you mainly want to stay behind your creeps and last hit the enemy minions from a distance whilst letting your support try to zone the enemy. Usually, it is best that you are paired with a support that way you can just farm yourself up so you are capable of buying those nice items that are so important to building this Atmog's Vayne.

If the enemy ever overextends, then simply harass him, once you have any advantage in lane as Vayne, it's quite easy to keep it. If you are farming and the other champion is not, then you win the lane. If he is farming, then you can harass him whilst still farming yourself and then kill him, and then once again you win the lane. Vayne is simply one of the best AD carries to play as early game.

Mid Game
I classify mid game as when you get your The Black Cleaver and have started to build your Warmog's Armor with a Ruby Crystal or Regrowth Pendant. At this point you deal an amazing amount of damage and it would be a good idea to gank somebody so you can get fed. Use that combo I showed earlier to pull off a gank. During this phase of the game you want to exchange between farming your lane, and pulling off ganks in conjunction with your team.

Late Game
Late Game is probably where this Atmog's Vayne build is most different from most other Vayne builds that build her as a glass cannon. I find that this build works better because you are able to deal sustained damage and you can pretty much just stand in the same spot the whole time in the middle of a teamfight and right click on whoever it is you want to kill. It's just so easy to play as Vayne in this way because you don't even need to have that good of a sense of positioning, all you need to do is focus whoever you want and kill them, there's simply nothing the enemy will be able to do about you as if they focus you, they will take far too long kill you so your team will deal a lot of damage and you will most likely still come out alive and if they don't focus you then you still deal an absolutely phenomenal amount of damage.

Teamfights lategame are just so easy as you simply have to use your ultimate and then autoattack whoever it is you feel like killing!

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Countering Atmog's Vayne

The best thing to do is to make sure she doesn't get fed early game, because she is a hero who simply snowballs so amazingly well. But even if she doesn't get fed, if she is well farmed then she will still be devastating late game with her Atmog's.

There is one item that could really slow her down and that is the Frozen Heart. The tank should always get this when playing against a Vayne so as to slow down Vayne's attack speed so that her silver bolts won't be as devastating. Also, it's just a great item in general.

In teamfights, do not run past the entire enemy team just to kill her as that will result in your death, only focus her if she gets out of position and everyone can pounce on her quickly.