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Draven Build Guide by Dr4gonWolf7

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr4gonWolf7

Axe Boss - How to own with Draven

Dr4gonWolf7 Last updated on January 7, 2014
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Hello, I am VDragon7 on the NA server. Draven is my favorite champion, plus ADC's are freaking awesome. Welcome to the League of Pwnage by Draven.
This is my very first MOBAFire guide, please leave comments on what you think, what I need to improve, etc. Thanks! :D

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Pros / Cons

Spinning axe gives you 145% damage at level 1. Insane.
Move/Attack speed booster, with refreshing cooldown.
Pure Awesomeness
Throwing Axes.
Such Fun. So Damage.

Iffy mobility early
Relies on mana(Catch dem axes!)
Kinda squishy
Almost no defense
Lots of skillshots

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Call me crazy, but these runes work. Almost no defense runes? Feel free to change it if it makes you more comfortable in your playstyle. You see, I play Draven EXTEREMELY aggressively, especially early game, so the extra damage all around is extremely nice, because once you are ahead, there's almost no stopping you. However, that extra bit of armor early game(which is really all you need) helps actually quite a bit to get that early kill, to keep yourself alive just that little bit longer to pull off the kill. The lifesteal quint should be obvious, that extra bit in the beginning is nice. Now I have been experimenting with the AD quints, and personally I prefer flat AD, because of the early game advantage. AD marks and Attack speed seals I use just because... you know, it's DRAVEN.

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21/9/0. Pretty much the standard for ADC's. Nice bit of Health and Health regen, plus preventing damage from the opposing team in the defense section, and now for the offense. From columns 2 and 4, That should all be obvious. Now in the first column, you might be thinking why the spell advantages? Well, Spinning axe is a spell. Also Stand Aside, which is actually really useful for chasing, then the little bit of extra damage kicks in. I personally don't like Double-Edged Sword, because with the Rune setup I have, you don't want to be taking more damage. That's why you use the other column 1 masteries.

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Skill Sequence

First off, Spinning axe and your ult should be maxed first. Spinning axe because of the insane damage booster. After those, It doesn't really matter, because both Blood Rush and Stand Aside are good leveled up. They both work well. Stand aside give a short stun, and Blood rush gives you move and Attack speed. That is why I like to alternate them, starting with Stand Aside, because all of the abilities synergize well. Plus Stand Aside is a pass-through, so you can farm at the same time as killing people! :D

The skill order for lane killing I use is this: QWEQWWQE
Juggle them Axes. ALL the Blood Rushes!

If perchance you go out to kill somebody by surprise, Use this: QEWQWWE

Of course autoattacking while waiting for the cooldowns.

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Ignite/Barrier and Flash/Ghost. Depends on who you are playing. I would say against those with escape abilities, get ignite for the finisher, and against those without, barrier. Flash or Ghost is really a personal preference. I prefer Flash.

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I always go for Bloodthirster first, because you can live off the attack speed from Blood Rush for a while. Zerk greaves are nice, you could go ninja tabi if you wanted to, if perhaps you are behind. BOTRK is useful all around. Bit of AD, good amount of Attack speed, nice(and needed) lifesteal, plus the active pretty much guarantees a kill if you use it correctly. You can change the order in which you get Phantom Dancer and BOTRK if you feel like you are having troubles catching Spinning Axes. Infinity Edge for 55% crit chance total, then Runaan's. You might think that I am crazy for getting Runaan's on Draven. It's just a snowball item. It makes you unstoppable except to extremely hard CC. Low CC, hopefully you survive because you have already killed someone in 2 or 3 hits(?!?!?), and then you use Stand Aside, then your lifesteal pumps you back up in no time. If you feel you need to get one, I say sell your Zerk Greaves for a GA.

No Armor Pen you say? I say it's not needed. You shouldn't be attacking anyone who is building armor until everyone else is dead. Plus with the amount of damage plus Crits that you do, It still eats away your health. Also, Lifesteal. Problem Thornmail?

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Play aggressive early game. Farm a LOT. Play safe. Might seem self-contradictory but I mean this: Don't be stupid. Pay attention to the maps, use your warding trinket to help ward. Your support should be warding too, but hey, free trinket. Make sure you don't overextend. Just attack the enemy champion whenever except to last hit. They will get scared and run away if you constantly chip at your health. I say farm when they aren't there! Push turret once they run away! Pretty much, if you are smart, you will win your lane.

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YOU MUST GET FARM. If you don't get farm, you won't get the extra gold you need to propel you so far ahead of everyone else. But if you DO farm, even if you are 0/2/0, once you get a kill you can get back on track quite easily. As long as you farm and play aggressively safe, you'll be fine.

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In short, get farmed, get fed, and kill everyone!
Good luck, I hope my guide brings winnings to all!
Thank you for reading!