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Azir Build Guide by Racune329

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Racune329

Azir: "Your Emporer Has Returned!"

Racune329 Last updated on October 8, 2015
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Threats to Azir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo Yasuo will always be a pain due to his crit along with your frailness of being squishy, but in laning phase, he shouldn't be able to land his ult on you due to your range behind your soldiers. I'd like to think the distane between you and the solider along with the distance he is away from you is enough time to dodge his knock up. Like the other AD mid laners, he can only be a threat if he gets in between you and your soldiers, and for this reason, make sure to never use your E or Q much while in lane to be able to escape if need be; especially when your R is down!

Summoner Spells

I like to switch up my summoner spells on him time to time depending on my play style that day; although I always keep Flash due to his only escape being a rather tricky combo to land fast enough.

- Barrier is my go to ability because it allows me to block things pre Zhonya's as well as early game pre 6 as well as before you can build up enough CD to be mobile and move around like a pro.

- Use Ignite when you plan on being more aggressive and dueling early. It allows you to throw it on and get a kill in the hopes of getting out with slivers of health left. In that regard hopefully they didn't bring it too!

- Teleport for late game isn't a bad item.

- Heal isn't recommended, but it isn't too bad. Especially if someone tries using Ignite on you. I don't buy any spellvamp items on Azir either, thus further making a case as to why this may be useful for sustain; especially earlier game!

- Exhaust to me is more of a noob trap Item on Azir. If you were to buy a Rylai's, it's effects allow you to slow a champion for 1.5 seconds every time they're attacked with a spell. If you build Nashor's Tooth for attack speed, and then Rylai's, you should be all set because you'll be slowing your opponent while attacking them at such a good speed, you should be able to keep them permanently slowed while you kill them. And if you cast your soldier a little in back of them, not only are they going to need to run threw more of the area where your soldiers can hit, but by the time they're just about to get out, your CD on your Q should be reset, so you could W a soldier in back of them, or Q one that is already out in back of them further.

- Clarity seems like it would be good due to his mana usage, but you have items that can help you with this. Try an Athene's Unholy Grail and to not play as aggressive by spamming W and sending out a tone of soldiers. Or feel free to press W and make them Arise to poke and for CS, but don't spam Q a lot! Personally I feel this is a waste of a summoner spell that like Exhaust, shouldn't be picked because you're going to be building items to give you such effects anyway.