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Fiora General Guide by RonanOfSpades

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RonanOfSpades

Balanced Fiora

RonanOfSpades Last updated on February 9, 2014
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I recommend taking the time to create an item set, that includes your core build, and extra items, to allow you easier time building your character. I also recommend taking the time and going through your masteries and rune pages to help give you the edge in combat. These may not seem like much, but over time, they add up, giving you the advantage.

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Basically as Fiora, you're gonna want massive speed and attack damage. Though she isn't the hardest character to build, if you don't build her right, she can be quite the feeder if you know what I mean. Basically, while she is a top character, with this build, any lane can be one you can take, as long as you plan out what you need at what times. This guide will help you build Fiora in a way that will allow you to deal damage while taking some as well.

Basically when you start, some suggest you use boots of speed and a few health potions. Though, without Runes or Masteries, this is essential. BUT I'm also gonna show you the right combination of Runes and Masteries to give you a tiny headstart in the game. What you really need to start out with, is something that's gonna give some punch. Which is "Doran's Blade" and one health potion. If you know how to keep your distance during the beginning, and using the minions to your advantage, you should need no more than one potion starting out. Until you head back. This wasy, you should have a decent amount of Attack Damage to do a nice bit of hurting if need be. The hardest part during the beginning, is getting enough gold in time, to start your build correctly.

Doran's Blade is all you should need for at least the first six levels. This should do fine if you have the right Rune's and Masteries, as her attack damage will grow drastically over every level. By level 7 or 8 you should have at least 101 Attack with just Doran's Blade at your disposal. This weapon will also give you health back every hit, and as you hit enemies with Fiora's weapon, she generates a nice bit of health regen enough for her to endure a bit.

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Starting the Build

Next up, you'll need some starting movement speed and attack speed, plus a little extra added protection so you don't get chewed up by tanks or other fghters. A good way to start this, is by grabbing yourself a pair of Boots of Speed, and work towards getting "Wriggles Lantern" This will give you two sight wards, and armor and attack speed. The "Boots of Speed" will give you some extra movement speed to start out with. Her "Burst of Speed" skill will help with catching up to your enemy. Now her attack damage is still climing slowly, so Doran's Blade will still give you a slight advantage for quite a few levels. Now that she has more attack speed once you obtain "Boots of Mobility" and "Wriggles Lantern" You can work on building up her attack and health.

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Defense, Defense, Defense

If you know fighters, you'll know that defense is crutial, because it's almost impossible to dive head on, and not get hit at least once, but you don;t want any of those hits to take a whole lot of health, so you need some defense and reisiliance, so you can outlast a few hits from the bad guys hm? "Frozen Mallet" and "Maw of Malmoris" Should do the trick, it might take you a while to get those items, but the pieces leading to it, will still give you some extra oomf, so buy it piece by piece. Then, this'll be your core build. This build should be your goal to catching enemies, as long as you got those boots, it'll be quite hard for the enemy to get away from you. "Too Slow!"

All those items including "Boots of Mobility" "Wriggles Lantern", "Frozen Mallet", and "Maw of Malmoris" Should be your essentials.

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Extra Offense

As you know, Fiora relies heavily on attack power, without it, she cannot do damage. While the Maw and the Mallet give you a little bit of extra attack, including her climing attack, what you'll now need, is a few extra items to bring up your might. There are many options to take to benefit yourself, such as the "Infinity Edge", "Blood Thirster", "Atma's Impaler", "Blood Thirster", "Ravenous Hydra", "Black Cleaver", "Last Whisper". But what you'll want is something to give you that extra boost of attack enough to knock them off their socks. I'd go with the Ravenous Hydra, considering it give you twelve percent life steal, and seventy-five extra attack damage. It also gives you an extra skill that deals a minor amount of damage to surrounding enemies including minions AND give you an attack radius, allowing you to hit multiple enemies at once, which also includes champions. This should bring your attack to at least 315.

Next, if you have the time, go for the "Black Cleaver", this will still give you attack power AND even give you some more health. If you have all these, you Fiora should start looking pretty beefy. She'll be able to hold herself well in battle, and dish out a mean amount of damage. If you can accomplish this, you should do pretty darn well in PvP, even ranked if you compose your sets right. This may seem like a lot to handle for one game, but considering Fiora is quite the damage dealer, it is well advised take the time, and give her some resistance to back up her bite.

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Using Your Skills

Fiora's skills are quite complex in ways. Two of her skills are non physical, more enhancing. and the other two are physical, but need to be used in the right combination. Fiora's "Dash" skill, allows her to dash towards an enemy, making her hard to target when trying to combat against her, and even allows you to dash a second time at no mana cost. Each successive lunge towards an enemy champion will increase her health regeneration, which is useful for replenishing when you don't want to port back to base just yet, though, it has a fairly long cooldown time, so be careful when you have to wait for it. After this skill is on cooldown, it can make Fiora vulnerable. Her second skill "Riposte" is a skill which allows her to repel an enemies attack back to the enemy. Though this skill only works with Basic Physical attacks and Magic attack, this skill, when timed right, could actually save you in close situations. "Burst of Speed" Is what really gives Fiora the edge, increasing her attack speed and movement speed when engaged in combat. Making it harder for the target to get away. Combining the Dash, Riposte, and Burst of Speed in the right combinations, will allow you to dominate an enemy within a few seconds. Need that last couple of hits to knock out the enemy, "Blade Waltz" is a skill, which causes Fiora to dash around the battle field striking random enemy chapions up to five times. Though each successive hit to the same champion becomes weaker, it makes you untargetable for the duration. So use that to your advantage in close situations.

Basically, Combining these skills together fast enough, will allow you to do massive amounts of damage in a fairly short amount of time. Use them at the rigth time, and you'll gain yourself multiple kills, and maybe even carry your team to Victory.

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Fiora is an attack melee carry, meaning, she relies on close combat to deal high ammounts of damage to push her team to victory. With the right build, she could be the champion that either leads her team to victory, or pushes her to team to take the win. With the right mindset and practice, any game could be won with Fiora. It takes time to build her, but, it's worth it to see her deadly sting.


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