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Malzahar Build Guide by Bramblepath

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bramblepath

Because it is Malzahar

Bramblepath Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build of Malzahar focuses on making Malzahar a nuke, while giving his Voidlings a buff to vary the type of damage he does. Also, this build increases the amount of mana to the point where it seems like an unending pool of resources. Running out of mana is practically not a factor at the end of this build. Not only this, but the amount of damage delt is well over what is needed, both by Malzahar himself, and by the voidlings. With Malzahar's farming capabilities, and killing power, the cost of the items should be conquered easily.

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Why Manamune?

Manamune increases your mana, and your AD. The AD ratio from Malzahar to his Voidlings, is 1:1. This mean is that in increase in AD makes malzahar, and the Voidling more effective on farming, pushing, and killing. Let's say that you have 200 AD, this means that your Voidling also had 200 AD. So basically, every hit from you is 200 dmg, and every hit from the voidling is 200.The voidling also has more attack speed than you, so you do quite a bit of AD.

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Wait... AD, and AP? Why not one or the other?

Well, basically, the variation allows you to be 'basically' uncounterable when it comes to MR and Armor The quotes around basically is saying that tanks are tanks, and people that are different and stack all defense are kind of safe, but that doesn't mean that they can beat you in a 1v1, because they won't do the damage you do.

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Why Merc. Treads and not Sourcerer's Shoes or something else?

Well, frozen heart gives you plenty of armor. So some MR will help against that pesky AP Carry in mid, even if it is only 25. Also, tenactity makes it so you can be somewhat resistant against CC, which tends to be Malzahar's bane of his own exsistance.

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All of this looks expensive... how can I finish this build?

This is a simple question to answer, farm. Malzahar's farming capabilities are out-of-this-world amazing. If you play smart, then you can get over 120 creeps in under 20 minutes. Also, when every you can, buy something that builds into the item you are getting. Also, jungle when you can, get money, and level fast. Soar ahead, and crush your enemies.

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This voidling is usless....

The voidling can be the difference in feeding, or getting fed. It kills minions with ease, and can shred an enemy. But, it can also reveal your position when waiting for a gank. But this can easily be avoided by watching how many more casts it will take to summon it, try to gank when it is ready, also build it up to the Ready stage while farming, then when the timing is right, attack and the voidling will summon and assist you. Also remember that ignite contributes to the 4 casts needed to summon it, and ignite can be casted while ulting.

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The master move, Nether Grasp

This is one of my personal favorite moves in the game. It keeps the target from doing anything to you, let alone running away. The best times to use it are when you have Null Zone, ignite, and Malefic Visions up. All of the DOT damage is, in most cases, a kill. Cast Null Zone under your target, and use Malefic Visions, then your ult, and ignite while ulting. this, as Phreak would say, is "Tons of damage.".

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In this build, you said mana what extremely important.

That's right, it is. your mana increases you AP, because of Archangel's Staff. It also increases you AD, because of Manamune. It also is your resource, and the more of it you have, the longer you can stay in a lane without having to go back do to mana.

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Finish it!

All in all, this build makes a well-rounded Malzahar that has great damage, both ad, and ap. You will also have great versatility, in the fact that the enemy will need to stack both armor and MR to counter you. Not only all of this, but you have an almost perpetual mana pool. You have great damage, and fairly good resistance to damage for a caster.