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League of Legends Build Guide Author PotatoWedges

Beep Beep! Comin through! OMG ITS JARVAN SPLIT UP!

PotatoWedges Last updated on March 29, 2011
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Okay so plenty of people have been saying, people who use Jarvan sucks with him..and i also agreed with them..SO I decided to try him out..looked at the builds here..and look at his skills to see what I could improve on, or make even better! My first game I got 16/3/11. Jarvan wasn't that bad at all..The guys on my team said I was the best Jarvan they seen..but honestly wth? I cant believe this because he doesn't seem that hard, he can easily farm gold and lane for a pretty long time with his skill harassing.

So I post this build for comments and suggestions on improvement..cause honestly..there has gotta be something better, no?

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Pros / Cons


Insanely good when used right
Nice Attack speed and reasonable cool down ability to keep enemy at bay.
Good Gold Farmer
Good Harasser
Easy Understanding


Squishy (depends on build)
Win lose vs good mages
sometimes bad use of ulti!

So now that you know you can't handle mages with Leblanc..(I was playing against her and died in 3 seconds -_-' but could kill her in the same time, she really loved to hide in bushes) SO use bushes to gank properly because if you skill properly the enemy wont have time to react.

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My whole build is based on armor pen. and attack speed, so of course it would be smart to use armor pen. and attack speed runes. Seriously, all squishy people die so easily, they might even be screaming hacks! And almost every champ that's not a tank is somewhat squishy to such penetration, its funny ganking lanes one after another, not even healing and escaping away with Jarvan's combos

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gives nice attack speed with Demacian Standard at the beginning of the game..use this with and you might get a first blood!

Key Items

gives 45% armor pen. on top for the 39 you get from all the runes.
the brutalizer 1st because it cost less and also reduces the cooldown time, which can help when trying to get someone with armor reduction while still in your ulti.


I sell and get this items when the game last too long, for some more dmg toward all my skills and some nice life steal. If you don't want you can get but when you have them trapped in your Cataclysm, the attack speed really helps when your skills are in CD.

If you don't want to sell the brutalizer then you go for the Ghostblade

When a game last too long, I suggest selling the
to get an extra one of these..thought that's only happened to me a few times when I had to carry the team..

Can be used for extra speed if you feel you don't need that much attack speed. But I would still recommend getting the 1st.

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Skill Sequence


When ganking someone, I've said it plenty of times already..but ill say it again.

-> -> attack attack -> -> -> -> attack attack DEAD!

Seriously that's all it takes because of all the armor pen, and the armor pen the Dragon Strike gives you. Its seriously laughable when playing him.

Ulti knowledge

Okay so Jarvan's ulti can either get you killed or get you multiple lives..the works.

so Its good to kno that u can dash out of your own ulti with your Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike combo..

Its also best not to use your utli on enemies who have flash, or a skill that can teleport them out of your ulti..

ALSO, the arena can be toggled! so if you accidently used it and got your ally stuck while they're trying to run away toggle it again!

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Summoner Spells

I use exhaust I really don't find anything else useful, it really helps when your chasing someone and u miss your Demacian Standard Dragon Strike combo just pop the exhaust and Cataclysm. There's no way the person who's trip inside your Cataclysm should be able to get away..unless they are teleport skill classes, or have flash.

There's not really much to say about this skill..its for someone who's getting away..just don't be dumb and tower dive to get the kill or use it when their health is low

If you want, I SUPPOSE you could go for this help you escape from someone after using Cataclysm on another enemy..or to catch up to someone who escape your Demacian Standard Dragon Strike Combo, while your ulti is on cooldown

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Team Work

There's seriously nothing more to say besides E! Q! you have to make sure you calculate the persons they see me coming from the bushes then they will run..SO THAT MEANS! PLACE THE INFRONT OF THEM! (in the direction they are moving)..seriously if you miss the skill just wait until the cooldown is over and they come back, which they will, they always do.

Also, since your somewhat squishy, I would recommend not being in front during team battles.
During team battles its best to wait and use your utli when the enemy team is running away. Use ghost if you decided to use that, and ulti on someone, hoping you get all of them..then that just leaves your team to AOE ulting or whatever they got to kill them off.

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I used to get Dragon Strike 1st with a different item 1st, but getting
and Demacian Standard for 20% attack speed is so much better! Plus people for some reason run away from Demacian Standard at low evens even when you don't have Dragon Strike so its a good harass can use it to check bushes too. So, all there really is to always combo the two skills Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike even when farming.

Also when you don't think you can get away from a gank, use Golden Aegis Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike to get away.

AND USE IT FOR FARMING! OMG those two skills are just such a good combo!

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When farming..make sure all the minions have stopped moving 1st, then aim for the back three, and then Dragon Strike also make sure they are lined up properly for full effect! I would be pretty upset to get - revives because you guys can farm properly ;) lol jking..but you really should be getting 120+ gold every time minions come down the lane if your doing it right.


This is an example of a proper way to farm those minions!

Seriously! its easy as




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Okay so that's it I believe, I seriously hopes this helps you guys as much as it's helped if..I'm an assassin type so that's why this build has no hp items for him to be a "tank" I'd rather improve on a players skills based on their skill details..Armor Pen. for Dragon Strike? Kay ill get more armor pen to increase dmg. Attack speed for Demacian Standard PLUS more when active? Kay, ill get more attack speed to increase my dmg over time when they have reduced armor pen. from Dragon Standard

Anyway thanks for reading, please comment what you like what you hate.

Remember E, Q :)

- PotatoWedges