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Build Guide by Forever Sick

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Forever Sick

Beginner to Advanced Twisted Fate(AD,AS)

Forever Sick Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Oh hiii thuuurrr -
I am Foreversick. This being my first guide, I wanted to make it with a champion that I feel requires a different type of summoner- someone who is dedicated. Twisted Fate requires a patient summoner who seeks to play an intermediate to difficult champion.
I will not focus on Masteries ( as many people have different views, and this guide can be used for any level Twisted Fate ) but they will be provided.
Another thing I will not focus on is runes. For the most part, armor penetration and health will work well (again, this is assuming someone may be reading this guide as a level 1 summoner)
Some of the concepts in this guide will seem somewhat obvious, while other techniques will prove useful to veteran players.

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All of the items are not written in stone. If you want a little more damage vs the attack speed, go with The Bloodthirster
If you want more health, and a slow, go with Frozen Mallet
Try and switch it up, but the primary stats are attack damage, crit, lifesteal for my TF. Every match is different and the only way to KNOW what works is to try it.

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Skill Choice

I get Wild Card last because I am building an attack damage Twisted Fate. Take Pick a Card first, then Stacked Deck. Stacked deck works well with going attack speed items such Phantom Dancer

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Summoner Spells

The following Summoner Spells are the ones I find to work best with TF:
Flash Ignite Ghost
-Ghost cant be used for chasing, stun card, kill shot.
-Ignite for the heal debuff and extra damage
-Flash for both offensive and defensive play. (I will talk more about flash further into the guide)

These spells are also usable:
Teleport Clairvoyance Heal Exhaust Cleanse
-These spells are applicable to TF. I dont like cleanse because most of the time if you get caught up, you die either way.
Do not use:
Fortify Clarity Smite or Rally
-Leave these spells to others. I do not use exhaust because on melee champions it really will not slow most of them after level 6... Olaf Master Yi
It is still very useful, but I much prefer Flash and base a little of my early play around its use. Its also a great escape tool through and at max level.

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Level 1 to 5

I recommend getting the Vampiric Scepter over any other item. It's going to be very useful as the 12% lifesteal will overall be better then the health potion and a different item. Use your yellow card + flash combo to try and get a kill before level 6. Flash forward, stun, then ignite. Very easy ^_^

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Level 6 through 17

If you got the middle lane during your game, you should have concentrated on last hitting minions, maintaining lane presence, and letting your team know of the other mid that may be missing in action. (MIA). Keep using the yellow card + flash combo to land kills, make sure your team is helping you out by calling their MIA's in the bottom and top lanes. Pick up the lizard (red) buff as often as you can from your own jungle for the edge in 1v1 fights.

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Level 18

There are a few things you should focus on when you hit maximum level.
The most important thing is team fights. TF is so squishy he needs tanks or melee up front. In team fights roll out Pick A Card and chose yellow or red. Red is if they are grouped, and you can get a slow on two or more champions. Using Destiny to kill an inhibitor is a clutch move some times. I have had a game with negative kills that I have won by placing wards and knowing when the other team is out, killing turrets and inhibitors.

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How to use Destiny

Destiny is one of the best Ultimates in the game. ALWAYS remember to lock in your Pick A Card choice BEFORE you activate it, then teleport quickly before the card dissapears. You can use it defensively to:
1. Protect a Turret
2. Save a team mate
3. When you know of a gank that is about to happen to you, use destiny to port to safety.

Most of the time you want to use it offensively:
1. Early game ganking
2. Picking off a low health champion that is escaping a team fight.
3. Late game back door turret/inhibitor kills.

Steps for a good gank:
1. Lock in yellow card (stun)
2. Use destiny to port to the best possible gank area. In front of, behind, or in bushes are the best choices.
3. Pick your target carefully
a. Low health
b. Solo laning champion with low defense
c. Champion that is trying to get a buff ( lizard or golem )

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Twisted Fate works best with anyone that is also a good ganker.If there is a possibly for a snare or stun, it will be a successful kill. Look for these champions to create good synergy with Twisted Fate:
Xin Zhao Sion Cho'Gath Taric Udyr Lux Veigar Amumu

This is not all the champions but you get the idea.

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Knowing your keyboard: Consistency = Great Twisted Fate

Wild Cards - Q Key
Pick A Card - W Key
Stacked Deck - Passive
Destiny- R Key
Flash - D Key
Ignite - F Key

- Set yourself up the same way every match. Twisted Fate has enough going on without you tripping over your keys and keyboard. This set up is very easy, so select Flash first, then Ignite second to ensure you ALWAYS use them correctly. This advice works with any champion,but I feel its a neccesity to play TF. - My next point is very important, one of the most important in this guide. Do not stare at your spell bar to look at your card cycle. Press the W key, then watch your SCREEN! You must be active with TF.
- Use the acronym BRY. The cards will cycle as Blue, Red, Yellow. Dont like that? Try RYB. Whatever you wish it to be, but this is one way to learn Twisted Fate's Pick A Card ability well. Its a lot better then just guessing what card comes next.

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Additional Info

- Do not jungle with Twisted Fate unless its to get a specific buff or you are setting up a gank very soon after a few brief creep kills.
- Try to get mid lane after becoming comfortable with Twisted Fate. He is a great 1v1 champion.
- Communication is essential for success. Talk to your team mates about your use of your Ultimate. It could mean the difference between getting the kill and them getting away with 40 health.

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Thank you so much for reading my guide. Please feel free to leave me comments/suggestions. I am requiring a comment to vote, so even if you feel my guide sucks then I would like to hear constructive criticism. Overall I have had great luck with this build and strategy for Twisted Fate. I hope others use the guide and have the same luck.