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Top Believe in Rumble Who Believes in You (S10)

Top Believe in Rumble Who Believes in You (S10)

Updated on September 4, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author M.P.C Build Guide By M.P.C 507 33 1,497,090 Views 19 Comments
507 33 1,497,090 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author M.P.C Build Guide By M.P.C Updated on September 4, 2020
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Arcane Comet
Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus

Shield Bash
Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


I'll make this Short, Simple and Sweet.

Hello there, I've been a dedicated Rumble main for a long time now and I just want to share with you the Rumble build I've been using ever since Runes Reforged went online, it focuses primarily on mid/late game teamfight survival. So far I've been winning a lot of games thanks to this build.
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Main Keystone

Sorcery - Always go for this as your main Rune. It'll provide you some decent starting AP for your early harassments.

Arcane Comet
- The best poke keystone in my opinion, if you proc this using yourElectro-Harpoon the comet will always hit. . . most of the time.


Summon Aery
- For more consistent and reliable pokes. the downside is it will do less damage when you proc it,

Nimbus Cloak
- And another great rune gets changed unnecessarily (Thanks Rito). Anyway new Nimbus Cloak is a so-so rune, it can give you either chase potential or a quick escape thanks to its burst of movement speed, other than that there's nothing else really.

Absolute Focus

- For more early game damage.


- Even more early game damage.

Secondary Keystone

Resolve - Having this as your secondary Rune will help you stay in lane longer and make you less poppable during team fights.



Bone Plating

- Currently my favorite keystone, this will grant you a very safe early game and since Rumble needs a good early game to dominate top lane, this keystone is your bestfriend.

Second Wind

-You'll want to take this if the enemy top laner can kite you.


Shield Bash

- Rumble is one of the few non-tank champions who can easily abuse this key stone

Why Resolve and not Domination.

This is more of a personal opinion.

Rumble already deals a lot of damage with just his 4 core damage items so taking Domination seems unnecessary and the amount of bonus damage you get from the keystones is very small that you barely notice it.

Taking Resolve however will give you a bit more tankiness during mid and late game. And no matter how you look at it Rumble is a melee fighter and his AA deals alot of damage especially when he overheats. And there will be times that you'll be forced to fight using your AA as a last resort, so having that little tankiness will really help you survive if that time comes.
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Pretty standard Spells for Rumble.

Flash -He is very immobile so Flash is a must. NO EXCEPTIONS

Teleport -Great for split pushing, returning to lane faster and at certain times for escapes.

Ignite -If you're confident and super aggressive take this instead ofTeleport
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Now for items.

Very solid starting items.

Always rush Liandr'y first and finish Sorcs second, with just these two items you'll start becoming a pain.

After Morello's rework I finally have reason to build it on Rumble.

Choose one for your third item.
Personally I prefer Morellonomicon over Void Staff, because it works very very well with Liandry's and it gives you more HP

Build this as your fourth item.
It'll give you HP, CD and some mobility.

Your fifth item really depends on what you want first.
Want some tankiness and sustain? Go for Warmogs.
Want dish out some more pain? Go for Rabadons.

Alternative items.
Swap Rabadons for one of these if your team desperately needs a tank.

Why Warmog's though?

Rumble belongs to the small group of champions who doesn't require mana to use his abilties so that means he doesn't have to return to base just to refill his mana, the only times he has to return to base is either he has to buy items or he is low on health.

I know what you're thinking
"Why not build bothRylais andZhonyas for tankiness? And also they give you even more AP." Yes thats true, however you'll still lack some form of sustain and unlike the other manaless champs in the game who can build one or two lifesteal items for sustain, Rumble however doesn't have any options for lifesteal items.

So I believeWarmogs is the solution for this problem, since it can give Rumble the sustain he needs to stay in the field longer without having to go back to base if he's low on HP, and as an added bonus he gains more HP so he won't get killed immediately if he goes in near the front lines of team fights to useFlamespitter to provide some dps for your team.
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Skill Sequence

Flamespitspitter [Q]
Your main bullying and zoning tool. Basically if you play Rumble you'll always want this maxed out first.

Scrap Shield [W]
Your only defensive and escape tool. Max this out second if the enemy laner pokes you a lot or is super aggressive.

Electro Harpoon [E]
Your ranged poke tool. Max this out second if you know you can poke the living daylights out of your enemy laner.

The Equalizer [R]
Rumble's ultimate and one of the best team fighting abilties in the game. Max this out whenever possible.
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Early Game

During the early game you'll want to focus on two things "Getting as much CS as you can and Bully your enemy laner from getting any." So be Passive-Aggressive during this time, if there's an opportunity to poke them take it, if they try to last hit minions burn them with your Q and if they try to engage you use W and back away.

If you managed to bring their HP below 50% or low enough that you can kill them and they start to retreat to tower Don't get greedy and chase them, unless you've warded the river and you know where the enemy jungler is at.

Also there are times the enemy top laner won't retreat even when they're below 50% and usually it means two things, They don't want to be behind CS or The enemy jungler is coming and they're trying to make you over extend setting you up for a gank.

If the enemy top laner can out bully and or out poke you, just focus on getting CS and try to keep the enemy top laner from romaming into other lanes.
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Mid Game

If you're dominating top lane

By this time you should have finished three of your core damage items and you're half way finished with the fourth, also your secondary keystones should have given you a decent amount of HP, Armor and MR.Also the enemy top laner will probably get frustrated and will go either mid or bot lane.

If he does punish them by pushing top lane and try taking his tower.If you succeed taking down the first top tower, immediately go down the river to either Go to mid lane and help your mid laner or Go help your jungler get dragon (assuming the enemy team didn't get it yet) You should also place a ward inside the Rift Herald pit along the way.

If the enemy is dominating top lane

Continue farming for CS so you won't fall behind while at the same time keep yourself safe so you won't feed the top laner, the only thing you can do at this point is to hold the line, keep the enemy top laner occupied and hope the other lanes are doing better.

Also whatever you do don't return to base unless it's necessary especially if you don't have Teleport up, if you leave the enemy will attempt to take down your tower and if they succeed they'll immediately head straight to mid or bot lane.
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Late Game

If you reached this point in the game and everything went well, you've probably finished building five of your items and if your fifth item isWarmogs then your HP should be around 3.5k and you should have the sustain you need to stay in the field longer, also thanks to the keystones you'll also have some bonus HP and some Armor and MR.

Don't think just because you have roughly the same amount of HP of a tank doesn't mean you can tank a lot of damage. If you get bursted by the enemy mid laner you'll lose roughly just half of your health, but if the enemy team focuses on you, you can get killed easily.
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Team Fights

So when a team fight happens,
dropThe Equalizer first before charging straight into the enemy along side your tank, and because of this build you'll become super tanky so you don't have to worry about getting hit by a few skill shots and a few AA's from their ADC.
But also keep an eye on your HP, if you're at 50%-60% health back away for a bit and wait forWarmogs passive to kick in and heal you up and then go back into the fight.

Also if your team lacks a tank and desperately need one, you can swapRabadons for a second tank item turning Rumble into a makeshift tank, so if you decide to do this expect to get focused on a lot.
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Equalizer Tips and Tricks (Bonus)

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