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Soraka Build Guide by Alks

Support Best Buddy :D

Support Best Buddy :D

Updated on January 13, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alks Build Guide By Alks 6 1 6,145 Views 3 Comments
6 1 6,145 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Alks Soraka Build Guide By Alks Updated on January 13, 2022
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Runes: Runes!!!!! :D

Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
First Choice
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

Best Buddy :D

By Alks
Ch. 1 - Gatagofest
My goal is to have Lumi see this and roast it to oblivian xD

This might just be a very viable mid lane build too :o

Hey yall, I am currently a Bronze I player, I have been trying to find something that works for my playstyle which is a bit more aggresive and the goal is to scare the other support lol. Having all these pieces really make it ideal to do that for me. Since i like to move fast and get a large number of assists, this really keeps me moving. This is semi inspierd by Luminum, who came out with a great speed build for Soraka, however it really felt like it was laking and i was sure there was a better way. Since that build was based of dodging and dealing with champs like tham and blitz. This does the same thing but with a few added buffs. The main things for this build are dmg and speed :3

Keep in mind this is not a build you can just sit back and do nothing with, get in there and fight!!!

OK so.. Hear me out.
Fleet Fookwork: This feat is actually so insain on soraka. Because soraka has a hard time peeling for herself, this allows for her to retain hp even when her Q is down. Because hitting a champ can give a few hundred HP later, this is perfect for a more aggresive style. It really keeps early game(which i find to the hardest on raka) very easy. Since i am healing evrey 30 seconds, i can keep my ADC alive much longer than ever before, even in a though fight when ganked.

Precence of Mind: This kind of goes hand in hand with the top piece, and with soraka in general. Since She is already a self healing champ which she needs to hit with her Q, This would have to be the next best thing. Lots of people normally run Band for the 250 mana stack. However, since the more poke you do(and hit) with this makes you that much stronger. I would say this is the best rune on Soraka i have ever used. Using this has changed my pace in games, esspecialy early lanning phase.

Legend: Tenacity: This is honestly the only way to go as a sup for my style. Being aggresive can put me in some places with lots of slow and stuns. Thank god this is here because it gives quite the tenacity so i can just run away, and in combo with Footwork and her Q, i can counter the slow by speeding up, and by the time the speed buffs wear off, the slow is gone and i am zooming away!!~
But also the progression is with everything, so it is very good insentive to help catch objectives or roam mid to grab the tower or an assist!

Cut Down/Coup De Grace: These can be a big asset or a small one. Whatever way, you get more dmg, this can really help your ADC or early game when people are super low and your ADC can't reach them, with a E or even a Q, you can get a kill for yourself, and most of the time they will just be happy you got it since they couldn't. These should be swapped depending on weather or not the enemy team has a few tanky champs or squishy ones and one tanky champ.

-Cut Down is my normal because i am never going to have as much HP as most of the team, so this gives me a rounded extra dmg on everyone.

-Coup De Grace can be majorly helpful, if you are vs squishy sups and have the same hp lvl, because it is just based on if they are under 40%, which is in theme with soraka having doing more when others are low.

Ok so now the Sorcery branch.

Celerity: Now this is a key componant of the build. with this your Footwork will be even more fancy, faster than before! With this you can dodge so many things and now you have faster boots too. This is just perfect for Both the Main rune and her kit. Q makes you so fast!!! I even almost keep up with Quinn some times lol. If you think you are really spicy, you can get the Mobility Boots and Zoom across the world. Since you are already getting tenacity from the above rune, you can get the mobility boots will less risk!

Gathering Storm: Since we are a support and not building all that much dmg, however in this build we try to get as much as we can. This will cover some of those lost spots you will have and help you keep up as the game goes on. Keeping you able to fight and get lots of heals out to your team. Since all of our heals are based of AP, this will also keep your team alive, give you more from your Q and maybe get a kill here and there. This really covers her mid game AP weakness and since most games only run about 30-40 mins, you get about 48-80 extra AP, which can be real helpful when you find yourself with one other champ and have 3 come for you. The extra heal you get and speed you share with your partner is extraodinary!

Mini Runes!

Offensive: Attk Speed - 10%
The reason I use the attk speed is that it helps clear wards and more hits in. It helps keep my Presence of Mind going and finish my item quest faster also. You can change this to which ever you would like tho, lots of people normally use Adaptive Force or Ability haste. Personally i think inly the Adaptive Force is good for this build. Since your items will build you quite a bit of haste, and with this build getting a dragon is easer than you think. You can keep the bot pushed eithe runder tower or dead, and ward around their side of the jgl so you can make sure they dont steal! This works best for me, but if you dont' feel it, please change to what you think is best.

Flex: Adaptive Force - 9 AP
A little extra dmg never hurt no body. It is nice to have this little extra to start, esspecially in tandem with the Attk Speed. The only other options for this one is Defence, however The speed you have should keep you alive. Just make sure you are landing Q's otherwise this can basiclly be nothing if you hit nothing early early on. It does the most durring the early laning phase.

Defensive: Armor/Resist - 6 Armor/ 8 Magic Resist
Which ever you feel is right, lol. Armor is probably your best bet since you will get hit with lots of autos the start of the game, and we are looking for servivability. So unless you know they will be hitting with a lot of spells, go Armor.
Now that that is out of the way, you can give it a try and flex items as you wish! But I am going to go over why I like each item.

Support item: To get the most simple one out of the way, the first thing you get. I typically go with Spellthief's Edge, since i am going to be doing a lot of poking, and with this build the time i get the quest completed is around 6:50, whcih is quite fast. I always make it my goal to beat the other supports quest, and you can see how much money they have just by hovering over their item in the tab thingy :)
Since you are the main vision person of the team, you need this build quickly, the second upgrade doesn't matter too much, but it is nice to have. And the nice thing here is that with these runes you can get out of a pickle fast, say you run to ward behind dragon in the eniamies jgl, but you might be seen, if dragon is up you can hit it and run, or if you see them and they dont see you just yet you can hit them and zoom out of there.

Legendary!: Shurelya's Battlesong A beautiful item for this build, With this every heal i give to a teammate gives them 20% move speed. So its great for escaping and since we are building dmg your heals are already going to be good. This is also great for when you need to catch a lonestar champ or diving with someone so they get a kill. It's perfect for wanting your team to be fed.

Mobility item: I am speed! The reason i go with Boots of Swiftness is to stack with the rune we have, giving little ability for the enemy's slows to keep us tied down, and since a lot of the times this helps with cc champs like lux and morgana, you can not die as much. However you can defintly build Mobility boots as you have tenacity already being built, so if you want more speed you can go with these but remember a hit does stop the extra speed, but roaming would be so fun with those.

Secondary/Tirciary support items: One of these items is going to be Ardent Censer, It is always good on Soraka, heal buff, AP, mana regen, and a buff for your team. So with this and Shurelya's, your heals now make your teammates faster and increase the attack speed! Your heals are like a mini buff! Another one of these items i like to build is Chemtech Putrifier, esspecially if you are vs anyone that self heals or uses omnivamp or life steal (which is any top and jgl) and also most supports(cut that shield in half bby or stop their healing!)

Damage items: The item that i use here is just a dmg item, specificly if my team is doing well, Dark Seal is the way to go, since our goal is to feed our teammates, that means lots of assists for us, and once you upgrade this to Mejai's Soulstealer, you get a massive increase in AP!! Huge heals and amazing help to the team, with your increased dmg done from the runes you can be deadly and solo kill! your speed is great for evaiding and kiting, and now you have dmg~~~

Flex items: Alrighty, now wer are here. These items are kind of all over the place just because they are flex... So if you aren't able to stack Dark Seal or if there are no champs to use the Chemtech on, you can swap to maybe some of these options.
Cosmic Drive- This gives you all you need to complete this build, this with Ardant's is the perfect circle for Soraka, they cover eachother's weaknesses to fully fleshout the ideal speedy Soraka. Since it has so many pros, some of the cons is that it is 3k gold, which can be a lot. so far i have gotten this a few times with this build just because i have has such good plays and got all the gold. But Cosmic is to this build as Wormogs is to a traditional Soraka build. So if they can do it, we can do it.
Mikael's Blessing- This is perfect for any team that has major CC, sometimes you just know you will be stunned for 8 years, and this is clutch. So maybe if there is a Zoe or a really good Morg/Lux, you can build this to be ultra sup god to your team~
Redemption- This can be a real good item if you need more heals and maybe get focused and die before a team fight, you can atleast use this to sup your team and keep them alive. I don't normally build this. (I would really only run redemption if there was an Ornn to have it built up into a great item!)
Banshee's Veil- A good Defencive/Offensive item which can help if there is a strong Le Blanc or someone who has been one shotting.
Vigilant Wardstone- This is really good for increaseing the vison on the team since you get 2 extra ward slots. one pink and one normal one. I love to use this for when there is a Teemo! But if your team realy isn't getting those wards down this might be a great choice

OK so i think that covers it! I love this build and I hope you take your time to try it out, I am currently climbing through Bronze with this. This maybe a great low rank build, but maybe not so much higher rank. Im only 40 LP away from Silver so we shall see as i go up! But from what i've seen is that this build just lets you have a stronger pressence early game. So go try it and tell me what you think :D
Early Game
When you start the lanning phase, the best thing to do is get in the middle bush spot or 3rd if you are pushing hard like before they get to lane if you are both leshing the jgl. Getting that extra coin and doing a Q and auto lets you keep them pushed and if they hit you, you are already healing up!

The speed given early game is kind of crazy, so kiting is a great time. Even if they get a lvl 2/3 gank, you can keep your adc speed up and out run that jgler. Though i would make sure to ward that river bush around 2:30 because several times with this build i just get early game ganks because they need help.
Mid/Late game
At this point your Fleet Footwork should be giving you a pretty good amount of hp. As long as you can proc it with a champ/tower/inhib/dragon/bluebuff/redbuff/baron. This also helps if you are getting hit by either drag or baron, since you can heal on on them. Late game you should be doing some fairly nice heals, just remember that ult removes heal debuff and you should be good to go! Make sure to stick with the carry whoever that may be.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Alks
Alks Soraka Guide
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Best Buddy :D

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