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League of Legends Build Guide Author eXTure

Best Duo Ever

eXTure Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, so this is my first guide :) I hope you'll like it, and if you want to pwn everyone, beat turret till 5-6 mins in your lane and have a first blood then this guide is for you :) Well, me and my friend had a lot of games with such combination and 99% it works every time, 1% is when your other teammates fail :/ Of course i have to mention that both, you and your friend, must be experienced with these champions. I play Ashe and my friend play Caitlyn.
By the way, we got a lot of flames in champion selection like: Oh my god 2 ranged carries in one lane, you will feed, bulls*it and etc. But when they see our beginning everything changes :D


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I guess runes for Ashe are clear for every one. But let's talk about Caitlyn, you must be thinking, why the hell Cait would sacrifice seals and glyphs for Mp5 runes, well Cait chosen those runes because she could spam her Q skill a lot, and that lead to your enemies being harassed to the death :)

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These should be clear too. 21/0/9 is common for the ranged carries. In utility we take last one point in Utility Mastery because we think it's better then those 3 others and it's fun to have buffs for a little longer :) We don't take Good Hands because we prefer to stay alive :)

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For Ashe:
Those 2 Doran blades makes a difference, I've tried a lot of start items and 2 Doran Blades i think is the best. When you'll get IE you will start to feel a big difference in your damage, btw, you can sell 1 Doran blade while getting IE. 1 more word about banshees, the item in this place should be depending on enemy team, if they have more fed AD carries take Armor item instead. (like thornmail or etc...)
For Caitlyn:
Not much to say, just, she tried to take IE first over Blood Thirster, and she felt lack of money :D Just take blood thirster first, trust us :D And for her, same situation with banshees, take item depending on the enemy team.

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Skill Sequence

take W first (and max out it first to get lower CD) because it's damage early is great, but don't spam too much, you don't have Mp5 like Cait, and you need to save your mana for your ulti ( it costs half your full mana pool), use it a lot, but when you get to half mana just stop and let it regen a little so you could use again. Skill Seq priority R > W > Q > E.
Of course take your Q first and show your enemies how the hell should look like :) You got Mp5 runes so you feel a big difference in regenerating your mana :) Use it to push minions waves faster when enemy is dead, so you could push turret, btw, when you shoot try to target, that both, minions and champions, it helps pushing. Skil Seq priority R > Q > W > E

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ghost for both, still, Ashe and Caitlyn are ranged carries and they are squishy and these spells helps a lot to run away or catch your prey. I will tell more about Flash later.

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Ranked Play

We both are lvl 30 but, still we haven't tried this combination in Ranked games so feel free to try this out and write your feedback in comments :) Good luck

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Pros / Cons

Great damage whole game
Fast pushing and turret down in your lane fast
Angry and annoyed enemies
A lot of excitement playing this combination

Little bit squishy if your summoner spells are on CD :D

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Creeping / Jungling

When you have chance and no one else in your team needs take blue buff (of course you can easily live without it too) and then spam your W :)

When you can, take Red buff, you will profit from it most, Ashe got frost arrow so she don't need slow from red buff. Because you have Mp5 runes leave Blue buff for Ashe or others that need it. Also when you got low on health you can go and kill 2 golems to regen with your lifesteal.

Mid and late game, if you don't have jungler go to all neutral minion camps from time to time :)

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One of the most important things for the ranged carries is farming. Btw, you can do last hits easily early, Caitlyn use Q on minions and they they have only 1/4 health, then last hitting is a piece of cake. If you are good at last hitting you should have about 100 minions kills in about 15-20 mins of the game. We even have like a funny game, who will get last hit :D me(Ashe) or Caitlyn :D

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Team Work

This is where the secret lies, almost :D, when you fast push your lane and get the turret down go help other lanes, gank and you won't even notice how fast all 3 first turrets of the enemy get down, then you can start to go all 5, take dragon, push further and etc... i mean win the game :D

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Our tactics won't work if you will not ward. ALWAYS! Have a ward at the bushes to the water. Because otherwise, while you push so hard you will get ganked, and if you don't have ward you will die. Buy ward after first blue pill. If wards are too expensive for you, do like we do, 1 time buy Ashe, 1 time buy Caitlyn, buying like this you won't feel a difference in your pocket :)

While you don't have ward, Ashe should use Hawk Shot to check the river from time to time until you put ward, because pushing hard is risky, you may be ganked.

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Tactics !

Ok, so this is it. Here's what we do. From the very beginning go to the second bushes, but before going into second, Cait should use Q to do damage in case enemy is there.
If enemy is there:
They will probably start to run because early Q do a lot of damage, then ashe should shoot W and AA cause she will do crit ( of course focus 1 target :) ) and then just shoot and if they get too far, you both flash to enemy and TADAAM, someone of you made first blood :D If enemy is not running you can use flash to get out from their range and continue to kill, and then ghost to get near if they start to run.
If enemy is not in the bushes:
Wait at the very end of the bush as close to the enemy side as you can and when enemy come, wait till he face check bush and then use all what you got and shoot like crazy and TADAAAM you made first blood :) If you see coming enemy that have ranged skills like Mordekaiser or Amumu, get few steps away so he miss his skill shot and then they will probably face check and then TADAAAAM you made first blood :D
After minion wave comes, no matter you got first blood or not, just keep pushing hard and harass enemies as much as you can, prioritize champ killing instead of minion, but don't forget to last hit minions, you can do that also while zoned enemies out of experience range. If enemy is very careful and play like tower huger, don't be sad, you will get kill when you both have ulti :D Btw, Caitlyn should put traps near enemy turret and when enemy gets into the traps both shoot him like crazy, like that, we got kills A LOT OF times :D Sometimes enemies get into the traps on purpose so they would disappear but when you start to shoot them in the traps they stop doing that :D and then get in to the traps not on purpose and you kill them.
When you both reach lvl 6:
Then, even sacrificing some of your health harass as much as you can, and then if you can't reach, Ashe ulti, and then Cait ulti, TADAAAM enemy is dead.
Mid game: take care of your lane but also gank other lanes a lot.
Late game/ Team fights: even if you are fed, don't forget you are squishy, so let your tank initiate and don't go first into the fight.
Sometimes, when you see a good chance to kill you can initiate with Ashe ulti if tank is away.

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All the time while playing we speak through the program Skype. Without talking, I don't think if you will be successful.

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So that's all. I hope you liked my guide. If this guide will get at least a little bit popular i will upgrade it and put colors and etc :) Still, this is my first guide so don't judge me too much about the guide look, judge about what i said, i mean about tactics. I appreciate your opinions. Good luck trying this out and don't forget to rate and comment.


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