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Rumble Build Guide by Sambino



Updated on October 26, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sambino Build Guide By Sambino 24 1 46,714 Views 1 Comments
24 1 46,714 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sambino Rumble Build Guide By Sambino Updated on October 26, 2022
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First Strike
Perfect Timing
Future's Market
Approach Velocity

Cheap Shot
Relentless Hunter

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Rumble in the jungle
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By Sambino
Everything to know about Rumble JG



Starting off, ALWAYS BUY red smite plus refillable potion. Red smite is BY FAR the best smite as its like a free ignite plus damage reduction and allows you to 1v1 even when a level behind.

Level 1 your champion is insanely weak. Your Q cooldown is really long and doesnt do that much damage. Try not to invade early before camps spawn unless you have a really good engage team. If you get invaded on the first buff in a 3v3 situation with enemy bot lane and enemy jg, you most likely have to give it because your champ is pretty useless. Wolves can be done level 1 pretty well however it is really slow because you don't have a leash. Only do wolves if you get invaded after your first buff.


Level 1

When clearing as rumble level 1, you need a good leash so you most likely want to start with your bot lane. Take Q level 1 and smite the first buff at 450 since your Q cooldown is so long and can only use it once during the leash.

Level 2

Next level up your W when you are level 2. This part is kind of hard to explain. You will start the next camp with 0 heat and you want to use one ability at a time so you can gain heat. First start the camp with an auto attack plus your W. Wait about 2 - 2.5 seconds then use your Q on the camp. You should now have 40 heat. Then after your Q ends, wait about 1 second and use your W again. You should be at 60 heat. Then wait till your W is off cooldown then use your W again to bring you back to 60 heat. Then wait about 2 - 2.5 seconds again after using W to use your Q. This will bring you to 80 heat. Then when your W is off cooldown, use it to overheat and attack the buff with your extra damage to finish the camp.

Repeat these steps for any camp until you are level 3.

Level 3 and onward

When you get to level 3, clearing camps becomes alot easier. You can easily stack your overheat passive with all your abilities since your E and W are low cooldown. Once you are level 3, try to only use your Q when you are above 50 heat (yellow) as it will deal alot more damage. Don't use all your abilites at the same time as then you can't stack heat efficiently. Try to wait 1 second between each ability to stack your heat quickly to overheat. Also try to always overheat with your Q on.


Blue Side

Like I said previously, you want to try to start with your bot lane for the best leash so that would be Red buff. In a perfect world with no invades, you want to path toward top lane and take your Red buff then raptors, wolves and into blue buff. These 4 camps will put you at level 3. After you are level 3 check to see if enemy top lane or mid lane is pushing or is really low. If they are either of those then run to those lanes to help your teamate. AFTER LEAVING THE JG ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE AROUND 50-80 HEAT. You can do this by just presswing W or E to keep your heat in that range. You want to be ready to overheat and fight at any notice. Rumble is insanely strong in 1v1's when you overheat with your Q on and hitting an enemy with your passive auto damage. If both mid and top lane states are just even you can do your gromp for a 5 camp clear. By this time skuttle should be spawning after you clear gromp. Try to ward in the river pixel bush if you have ward to see if you spot the enemy jg trying to come for the scuttle crab. Depending on the enemy top and mid lane state you can fight the enemy jg with your overheat and most of the time win.

When ganking, try to hit your E on an enemy champion to lower their MR. But if there are minions in the way just overheat with your Q. If you are chasing an enemy use your E to activate your approach velocity. Then when your in melee range, overheat with your Q and use your E in your overheat if its available.

If you sucessfully get a kill by ganking top or mid or killing enemy jg at scuttle crab and have around 900+ gold, try to back and buy sorcerer boots with futures market rune. In a perfect world try to back with around 1200 gold so you can buy sorcerer boots plus dark seal. If you are able to get these on your first back you are insanely strong.

Next after you recall, look bot lane and see if they are pushing or low. If they are, spam your W and run there as fast as possible. And try to gank with with your E to close down enemies or just use your movement speed to catch them and overheat with your Q.

After this you can just do camps and help your laners when necessary.


Like I said previously you want to start with your bot lane so that would be your Blue buff. This side is a little easier for Rumble since you can clear 3 camps and be level 3 where as on blue side you need 4 camps. In a perfect world with no invades, after you clear blue gromp and wolves, you can look to see if enemy mid lane is pushed up to our mid tower. If they are, after wolves you can run to mid from bot side river and gank them from behind. This gank works about 80% of the time and can usually get a kill if the enemy mid laner is not insanely mobile.

If enemy mid is not pushing you can look top to see if they are low and pushing as well. If they are low and pushing, you want to run straight there because again about 80% of the time you can get a kill here if the enemy laner is not insanely mobile.

If both lane states are fine you can continue to clear raptors into red buff and look for a scuttle crab fight. If you sucessfully get a kill anywhere you want to back with about 1200+ gold to secure boots and dark seal with futures market.

Next the game plays out the same as blue side. You want to look bot and see if they are low or just pushing and try to make a gank happen. It's much easier to gank with teir 2 boots and relentless hunter.


When looking to invade, ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON IF ENEMIES ARE MISSING FROM LANES. You only ever want to invade after you either know where the enemy jg is or just killed them. If you know where the enemy is about to facecheck their jg, you can sit inside a bush in their jg while maintaining about 80 ready to completly nuke them with your overheat passive plus Q and E and first strike (if the champ doesn't counter you, see above counters). Even if they flash you can follow up since you have approach velocity if you hit your E earlier.

And if enemy jg is ganking bot or top, when possible try invade their jg on the opposite side and steal their camps. If anyone tries to come, remember you are insanely strong if you are able to overheat and fight them.


Rumble's ultimate ability is very tricky to use. However once you master it, it makes securing low health bar kills VERY easy. When you are post level 6, you unlock your best tool which is your ultimate. You can cast your ultimate from VERY FAR range. If you see someone very low, use your ultimate to be able to kill them with your first strike active.

Also whats best about this is it makes counter ganking EXTREMELY EASY. If enemy jg is ganking you can use your ult from max range and be able to turn the fight even before you arrive.

Your ultimate can even be used to secure kills when the enmy tries to flash away from you. Only ever open with your ultimate when you are counter ganking, securing low health targets, or trying to iniate a teamfight. If your overheat burst with Q and first strike is not enought to completly nuke someone and they flash away, you can use your ultimate to kill them from very far range. So saving your ult can be key for securing kills.


Rumble is a great teamfighting champion. He excels best in smaller team skirmishes where he can just overpower 1 or 2 people. However, don't let that fool you. His ultimate, if used correctly, can be one of the greatest tools for iniating and turning teamfights.


In a 2v2 scenario with your mid or top laner, in most situations you can easily win these if you get the jump on the opponents. For example if you ganked them from behind and then enemy jg shows up after the enemy is already low. But however if both enemy laner and enemy jg is full health and same for you, you just want to focus the person that doesnt have cooldowns, is lower in levels, or is squishier. If you are able to execute your overheat well with your Q and first strike, you should be able to burst one person completly and win the fight.


When a full health 3v3 fight with enemy jg and bot lane breaks out, always try to burst the squishest or easiest person to kill with your overheat combo (most of the time adc). This will ensure you win the fight. You can also do this with your ultimate which is also game changing.


When teamfighting, always try to intiate the fight early with your ultimate. This is a great engage tool and can burst MULTIPLE people with your first strike plus Night Harvester. Once they are bursted, hopefully someone else is able to follow up on that damage and you are able to flash on a high priority target and burst them with your overheat plus Q. Any time you are too deep into a teamfight use your Zhonya's hourglass to buy 2.5 seconds. And if you are really good, you can time your zhonya with your Q so you can be dealing damage while in stasis.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sambino
Sambino Rumble Guide
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