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Rengar Build Guide by tavison

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tavison


tavison Last updated on February 12, 2014
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Heyo I'm tavison, a Plastic II top main and I'm here to show you the #bestrengarbuild in all of North America. This is the only viable build for the deadly assassin Rengar.

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Pros / Cons

+ Has swag
+ Stronk
- Squishy af
- Hard cc means death

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Skill Sequence

Your Savagery skill has a 1.0 AD ratio which makes it your primary focus. That silly Battle Roar of yours has an AP ratio but AP is for ******* (the vaginal kind), that's why you get Bola Strike second. Gotta get that manly af AD for big cats like Rango.

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Rengar needs damage and survivability. Instead of reducing damage taken, why not use your power to your advantage?

"But tavison, how am I going to do that?"

The Bloodthirster ALL OVER BAYBEE

Stack them all day and all night. Make sure to farm for more ad.

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Just last hit and use Bola Strike if the creep is too far. If the enemy laner tries to farm, show that entitled noob what it means to have an attack speed steroid with a 1.0 ad ratio and no mana costs.

If the jungler comes, hide in the brush and ult, then run to turret. If they decide to dive, stun them with Bola Strike and wombo combo dey *** while turret finishes them off.

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Team Work

Basically, your team is worthless. Or at least to me it is. While they're too busy dying and weakening the enemy team you should be farming all day and all night (bloodthirsters aren't cheap). Once your team is dead you just have to ult and charge at the ad carry or whoever it is that your worthless teammates fed. Proceed to get pentakill and carry your minions to victory.