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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Shhhunter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shhhunter

Bite , Glare and Pose

Shhhunter Last updated on August 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Heyya guys ! Soo this is my second build which i be bringing you the champ of all beauty and deadly , Cassiopeia ! Intro on Cass ! She's really fast , able to wear down her opponents down real quick , and also her ulti is truly amazing ! Turning people into stones ! Hmm , now who doesn't like a store full of stoned people ? I do ! Hehee.. And also coz the fact she reminds me alot like that Greek iconic character , Medusa. Yes her. She's somewhat similar. Soo this guide is bout to bring you to the depths of the slitherin snake Cassiopeia. Plus another one of my full longs talks again ... And again..

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Pros / Cons

[+] She's quite damaging and can wear down targets quickly. Even tanks
[+] Has an Insane ulti which can turn the tide of battle if used correctly.
[+] Her passive makes up for her skills which she can spam to her delight
[+] She has that early PRIMAL FEAR that whenever players sees her on the battlefield , they get scared of a snake :P

[-] Shes squishy at start
[-] people tend to aim her down coz she's a threat
[-] miss use her third skill and you're done for

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Summoner Spells

Reason why Flash ? Hey your a mage with NO skills to escape , other than using your to run away buuut i don't encourage that. And also this is like the best summoner spells for mages like . This usually saved my life like , THOUSAND OF TIMES ! So i don't know the reason why you're not gonna choose this. And also Flash can let you position for your so that it hits all the enemy team and also while facing you.

Reason why Ignite ? Simple. TO GET THAT LAST BIT OF HEALTH FROM THOSE PESKY CHAMPS !! :P.. Sorry i get carried sometimes... Anyway. It's the best when you really wana ensure a kill. Plus to stop them from healing. This goes really well with your . A poison while getting burn ? Why not !

Ahh another one of my favourite spells. This is actually optional if you wana take Ignite & Exhaust or even Flash & Exhaust. If you pick this , now you have Two Slows in your arsenal. One is your Miasma the other is this one. Plus this makes hitting your Noxious Blast and Twin Fang alot easier ! Even for your Petrifying Gaze if i can say. Best way to combo with this is to use it when they're bout to run away , use your Exhaust than your Miasma to add that slow and poison him and release your Twin Fang right after that. If the enemy is far , use your Noxious Blast to close up the gap between you and your prey.

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Skill Sequence

Okay soo the first skill you're gonna pick is her Noxious Blast , like DUHHH.. Choosing other than her first skill in level one is just ,... Well uhm.. Dumb. Anyway for those of you who's really not familiar with her , let me shed some light into her awful skin.. Her passive , which reduces the cost of your skills by 10% each time you use any of your skills , is like SERIOUSLY overwhelming ! So in a way you don't have to focus your runes on mana , but we'll get to that part later.

which is a poison and a small AOE around it , is a Cursor point like skill. Meaning if you press on her first skill , wherever your pointy little finger is pointing , THAT will be the area where the poison appears. Though be reminded that it has a SHORT delay right after it has clicked.

#Tip , if it manage to hit a champion , you gain extra movement speed. It's noticeable since you have this "gas" all around you. Short cooldown and spammable skill , still wanna argue to why this is the first skill you pick ? Moving on.

which is a large AOE poison , when once spewed upon , will slowly grows in size according to the ring and will also slow down any targets that is in it.

#Tip : This skill gives a small area of vision. Yes you can check bushes with it.

which she throws out her fangs , is a Point and click Nuke. Which works EXTREMELY BEST with POISONED targets.

#Tip , if her fangs manage to hit any targets which is poisoned , it will immediately refresh the cooldown of the skill.

#Tip2 , It doesn't really matter wheter the target is poisoned by Cass's skills or by her allies which can be or or and etc.

BUT the downside of this skill is that if you MISS one moment and that the target is no longer poisoned but your fangs still hit them , the cool down will not be refreshed.

is an AOE cone skill which turns her targets to stone to those who are FACING her , but to those who has their backs turned against her , will only be slowed. So this is probrably like the most powerful ulti yet , coz you can definitely turn the whole team fight into your hands. Position right , and Glare at them. Also one of the best ways to follow up with your skills and ensure a kill. Once you're level 2 you should take a point in Twin Fang and max it first. Max Noxious Blast second. While taking your Miasma at level 4 and max it last.

So first off. Poison your targets first , wear down their health to a certain degree where you are SURE you can get the kill. If not , try not to kill you self aite. Because Cassiopeia is NOT really a bursty champ. Her only burst nuke is her fangs. And that really packs a punch. But miss even one poison target and you lose your combo. Once you maxed out your Twin Fang and have some decent Ap , you can be sure that you can start taking down your enemies quickly. Don't be hasty in doing so , Cass is really squishy at first. But she can be quite tanky if you build her some . I'll get into that later.

So first of all to start off your deadly combo. Start by spamming your Noxious Blast and lower their health slowly , don't forget to use your Twin Fang as well when they're poisoned. Use Miasma to cut off their escape routes. So when they make a ran for it , they have to either pass through your purple cloud of poison , or try and slipped past you. Though , they can never out run a snake. If you properly land your Noxious Blast to where they are running , you can kite them all you like til they're dead.

And also you shouldn't be afraid spamming all your skills. Remember your passive ? Which is . It actually REDUCES your mana cost ! WHAT A GREAT PASSIVE ! So spam away ! Plus you should get until stack 5 , which gives you 50% reduction. So you could use your Petrifying Gaze without worrying the mana cost. Really helpful when you're low on mana and want to use your ulti for the sake of saving your team mates. So in a way , Cassiopeia doesn't really relies on her mana that much coz of her passive.

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Okay so you start off with either and 3 or you can start of with . Either way which ever you're more comfortable with. You primary objective here is to farm While spamming your to the enemy champ. Though once you had enough practice , you can predict where your targets will go so you can land your poison successfully. So you should be getting your or some few more for that added Ap and mana regen.

By now , you should either aim for your or . Though i much prefer you to go for [iconRylai's crystal scepter size=30]. Coz you get bonus health and also bonus ap. While having an added slow to all your skills excluding your ulti. So in a way you don't have to rely on your Miasma to slow your targets down. Rabadon's Deathcap is for that early dominance over your enemy team. Though getting more than one Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Rabadon's Deathcap can change how you work on the battle field.

More Rylai's crstal scepter means you have more bonus health , Ap and also alot more added slows to you skills. More means more Ap dmg and your Twin Fang nukes like a Bee sting ! Which ever the situation you're in , always think before you buy your items. Wheter it can alter the gameplay on the battlefield or not. And also if you find your enemys are getting alot tankier , get some Magic penatration ! They won't know what hit em.

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Now for Runes , you may choose this build or you may choose your own sets. But mainly get some Ap runes and some mana regen to quickly recover your mana. It works really well with Cass passive . Not much i can say in this part though. If you're a good mage player than you most probrably know what to have for runes.

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Team Work

This i have to stress ALOT. Well let's play an example shall we ? Okay , you see the whole enemy team on mid , you signal you team mates to come and gank while you ready with your ulti Petrifying Gaze to stone all of them. But wait ! Right after you turned all of the enemy team to stone , your whole team mates back out ! :O... That shouldn't be the case. Once you ulti , make sure all your team mates are ready to jump in. If not , you turned them to stone are just a waste of your ulti. Cooperation is the key here. So i can't say much bout it though.

Also you shouldn't be afraid of using your Petrifying Gaze for your own use example , trying to escape from the enemy team. What ever it takes , use it. You should even use it to help save you team mates. Cmon , don't be selfish. If Shen ulti would have been used for you , you should do the same by turning the enemy team to mindless stones.

Though even when you're low on health , you can still be a threat to the enemy team. How ? Simple. If you have your ulti up , be patient and get ready to stone them. Once all the enemy team is FACING YOU release your Petrifying Gaze and turn them all to stone !! But make you have ping your team mates to come and tell them that you're using your ulti. Once all have been turned to stone , release your Miasma on them and Noxious Blast than your Twin Fang. You should be aiming down their carries. If there's two champs on low health , Ignite the closest or bout to die to ensure the kill. Than aim for the other one who's probrably running away or trying to kill you.

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Okay ! We come to the end of this guide and build ! I hoped that this guide and build may have gotten you to become a better snake ! So go out there and turn them to stone as Cassiopeia !


+ More detailed information !
+ New skill order !
+ Made into alot more attractive now !
+ Please leave a comment okay !