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Blitzcrank General Guide by PurpleHat123123123

Blitz KRANK can be Op? SOLO TOP

Blitz KRANK can be Op? SOLO TOP

Updated on December 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PurpleHat123123123 Build Guide By PurpleHat123123123 2,964 Views 0 Comments
2,964 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PurpleHat123123123 Blitzcrank Build Guide By PurpleHat123123123 Updated on December 10, 2012
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With the newest items and this season 3 patch i feel that blitz can do more dmg at the top lane then just be a support! He can hold it pretty well with his base stats and he can also dish out a lot of dmg to enemies and towers. He can survive ganks pretty easily as well with his utility of cc.
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Pros / Cons

Pros: Cons:
Your Blitz Weak early game to most tops
Great passive to engage fights with! No good way to substain
Very good utility Squish until mana items are built
High damage due to abilities and mana
Good ult
Very strong 1 v 1
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I picked these runes because they are the basic solo top runes as of right now. You can change the Quins to armor pen if you want i have tested it and you can do more dmg early on, but i always like the fact that you can push pretty hard as well with flat dmg. My friend does movement Quin on his Blitz solo top and that works pretty well as well because Blitz is already pretty fast.
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I picked these items because i think Blitz is amazing with Manamune and i know a lot of you others do as well. The season 3 patch made the item outrageously better in my eyes. Bonus dmg for letting extra mana burn with a mana tank type champ. Blitz passive gives him the extra edge fighting against most solo tops as well, so grabbing those high amount of mana items as well helps with that. Now i know your thinking i am a fool for not grabbing tri force, but i feel like the extra armor and cd is worth it on blitz. You can dish out your e every 3 seconds for massive dmg with its boost. The passive from IceBorn Gauntlet is also a godlike passive. Lets you slow and the ability to not let anyone else escape. The end item Bloodthirstier is for more really late games. Later you'll notice those champs on other teams just have to much self sustain to 1 v 1 anymore, so you will have to fight back.
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Farming is pretty basic here. Last hit if you don't want to force a push and be careful of your ult passive. It can hit any neutral or enemy creep/Champ that is near if your ult passive is up. Your ult is a great way to clear a wave then Back for shop. Your W is a good way to make sure you farm well because of it stat increase and low mana cost gives you a good way to farm if your not the best at it.
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Team Work

With your team since you are a solo top not support Blitz is to still secure kills for your team. You can just take them now without getting yelled at by your ADC. Blitz is a very unique champ with his utility and ult. His ult is great not to use in 1 v 1 fights unless you know you can beat them with ease. The extra dmg you do while your ult is not on cd helps a lot, but i recommend using it in a team fight as it might hit a tank. Your moves still help you grab their carries and now you can kill them your self since you have, so much dmg. Opps grabbed the tank well your stats should be high enough were you pretty much a are a off tank. With high armor and mr your mana does all the work for you. Your dmg output will come sheerly off the mana items you bought and trust me it does a lot of dmg. In team fights it still is a good idea to go for squishes/Carries trying to make the fight uneven for the opposing team.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PurpleHat123123123
PurpleHat123123123 Blitzcrank Guide
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Blitz KRANK can be Op? SOLO TOP

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