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Blitzcrank Build Guide by DisturbedGoW

Blitzcrank - Comprehensive support guide

Blitzcrank - Comprehensive support guide

Updated on March 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DisturbedGoW Build Guide By DisturbedGoW 10,716 Views 5 Comments
10,716 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DisturbedGoW Blitzcrank Build Guide By DisturbedGoW Updated on March 28, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



A little introduction to my, up till now, very effective Blitzcrank support build.

I have came up with this because I was tired of seeing people moaning about playing support, or trolling and choosing what ever they wanted, or just being childish, not warding, or not playing support the way they should...

I have to mention, this support is nothing for defensive players, or people scared to get low on health, it's a must do when your Passive Mana Barrier is ready to be used, to lure your opponents to an easy gank by your AD Carry early game, or your whole team late game. Your passive has a great value, that for some reason, most players seem to ignore, or even forget that it exists.

If played well, your team will thank you for feeding the Carry, which means a sure win, and you will have had alot of fun playing support, because you are a main role in every Gank, every Kill, every pull, every stun. Your team will love you when you cancel a Fiddlesticks ultimate with a great Rocket Grab or a Power Fist, or if you interrupt Nunu & Willump's ultimate cast the same way.
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Pros / Cons

For me personally it is hard to find any cons to this champ, if you can name them, and give me a right reason, I will be pleased to update my Guide.

Alright, here come the Pros:
    He has a pull
    He has a Stun
    He has a Speed/Attack buff
    The Ultimate is Passive/Active
    Tons of Damage
    He is a Robot!

The only Cons I can find are:
    Hard to master
    Very mana needy at begining
    Expensive build

Not really any Cons if you brake it down to mid/late game.
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I will not go into very high detail with runes, as every player likes hes own build when it comes to playing a champion. The build I use is the one displayed above, to maximaze damage output early, mid and late game, as you will, I repeat, not only be a support by time mid and late game comes. But more to this later!
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This section is once again very user dependant, I like to play my Blitzcrank agressive, as this will make sure the enemy AD carry will always be carefull to not be pulled and killed, and so, missing out on tons of minion farm.

I like to go for Cool-down reduction and Ability Power, making sure I can stun my opponents as many times as possible with Rocket Grab and Power Fist dealing the biggest amount of damage within shortest possible time. This will also affect your Overdrive to farm up your Manamune with Mana points, and to use your Static Field often to deal damage and silence your enemies.

The masteries I choose are as stated above, they give me exactly the Agressive and quick Cool-Down I need! I will explain more of this in the right section!
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Alright, many players will disagree with my item choice as a support, but it has worked well serveral times, and if you want to have players that enjoy playing support, your mentality what a support really is must change. A support, is in no way just a healer. A support is the one that can save a teams ***, and get the AD carry fed, it is something that you have to get right. If someone is forced to play support, because for some reason nobody likes it, they will do a ***** job, so make the position more interesting, add a Blitzcrank as your support, he will keep the damage away from the carry, stun the opponents, silence them, and be all over the map pulling, dealing damage, taking damage, and enjoying to play support. So far to this.

As starting items I always choose to buy 2x sight ward, Faerie Charm, a few Health Potion's and if needed a Mana Potion. This will give you a nice long sustain, and probably make sure you have your ultimate before anyone in your lane that will have to go back due to recived damage. And being the Blitzcrank, it is most surely your opponents that will have to go back. Make sure to put a sight ward by the river by minute 3-5, as your bot lane will be criying for a gank, because they are on low health, and need to back. As soon as your first sight ward runs out, place it closer to the Dragon spot, to keep visibility on an easy gank when the enemy jungler approaches it.

On your first time back, hypothetically considering you will have gotten a little gold from a few assists, you will buy philosopher's stone to have a nice extra gold income, and a pair of boots. If you have a little more money left, you can start building you Tear of the Goddess.

And now it is time to follow the build by seeing what the enemy team has acquired, I almost always take Ionian Boots of Lucidity because as mentioned many times before, I like too have a low Cool-Down. You should also have enough money to finish your Manamune.

From then on it depends how your team has developed, if you are ahead, you can go for more damage with Sheen, Trinity Force, Rabadon's Deathcap and so on. On the other hand, if you are struggling a little in team fights, you want too be able to take as much damage as you can, so they focus on you, making sure you can stun they're Carry, brake some ultimates with your abilitys, silence them, or pull a runner back right into the fight. So we will choose to go for Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart first. You will not once see me change my build, as I have become to find, this is the simply most effective build the way I play my Blitzcrank. You have great Damage on buildings due to your Overdrive and your Power Fist, which you have to add the extra damage from Trinity Force. And a great sustain due to the extra mana from Frozen Heart, Manamune and Rod of Ages. Thanks to your Passive Abilitty Mana Barrier, you will probably be able to take more damage than any other tanky champ in the whole game. And still have plenty of time to escape if needed with your Overdrive.
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Skill Sequence

I will here only quickly explain why I choose the sequence I chose to my skills :

Your passive Mana Barrier is simply great, as said at the beginning of the guide, many people just seem to not understand what it is, where it comes from, and when it kicks in, but it will surely save your *** a few times, or get you that sustain for a double kill when fighting 2 enemys! But make sure to have the vision for when it's ready, and when it is not!

Rocket Grab is a great ability to make sure the enemy can't escape, with a little practice, is it a skill you won't miss once. Giving this one point at the start will be perfectly fine untill you have maxed out the other abilities.

Overdrive Simply Amazing. Once you have reached a certain Cool-Down Reduction you will be under this effect non stop, as your Cool-Down will be as quick or a tick quicker then the ability it's self! So this means, you are quicker than any enemy, you can destroy towers within 10 seconds, and you will pop up everywhere so quick, you will have the enemy team in fear that you could jump out of any bush (or pull them into one :D!) at any time! And it is great to keep pumping the passive of Tear of the Goddess or Manamune.

Power Fist Not alot to say about this, the name say's it all, you will be destroying building within seconds, enemy champions will be stunned by it, and with Sheen or Trinity Force recive a ton of damage! As with your Overdrive, you will be able to cast it almost non stop!

Your ultimate Static Field is one of the coolest ultimates around, when fighting an single opponent, it will stricke him every so often with a nice extra damage depending on your level and Ability Power, so make sure to not spank it out right when the fight begins, save for the last little bit if he tries to run, or just to blow him away when you know he will die, with a Cool-Down of almost only 20 secs by the end, it won't bother you alot. Also your ultimate is great for farming, once your AD carry is fed, and he is all over ganking lanes, you will stay bot lane by your self, and just spank every minion wave away with a single ult, destroy a tower, and wait for a different lane to build up a minion wave, and if not, you will get two towers within 1 minute, if the enemy team is not aware of what you are doing.

Ok, lets now come to the important part of the skill sequence, you might be wondering : "So, how does a self claimed pro like you get all these kills for the carry?" Very simple, if I can, I will always first chase him up with my Overdrive, then use my Power Fist to stun him, so that my AD Carry, which will still be shocked by the aggresive play you have, has time to come and hit him, then, to make sure he does not escape, even if he tries to Flash, I will use my Rocket Grab, and once you have perfectioned this skill, you will predict exactly where someone flashes, as it is usually just a straight line towards the tower, so he will have waste a Flash, and will have died, because as soon as you have grabed him back to you, you will simply use Power Fist, as it will be ready to use again, and he is a surely dead man.

The Rocket Grab can be used very effectively in many situations, if an enemy is silly enough to let him self be grabed under the tower, in the early levels, he is surely a goner, as you have the stun time from Rocket Grab plus the stun time from Power Fist, if he tries to run, he will have probably used have he's Flash, just spank your Overdrive and chase him, if he is scared, he will even use Exhaust to stop you from killing him, but by then, your Rocket Grab will be back up, and your Power Fist. Dead man.

You will have to get used to the range of it, and where to use it best, as you can for example, pull a Nunu & Willump and brake he's ultimate, or grab the healer out of the group and quickly bash him down. All this means you have to be clever positioned, or very aggresive and run right trough to them. Which usually works pretty well, due to your Mana Barrier, in most cases, you will survive, and still have stunned 2 guys, popped your ult, grabbed a runner back to the kill, and so on...

This is just a matter of practicing it, but is just a great champ to play, that brings a hell lot of fun into any game!

And yhea, sorry, I lied when I said I'd shortly describe the why :D
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Summoner Spells

I will, as a support Blitzcrank always choose Clairvoyance and Exhaust.

- This is too make sure that I can always have an eye if the enemy blue is up, to steal it, and so to pump up my mana gaining items by spamming my abilitys non stop.

- This is to make sure my AD carry won't be killed when we get ganked, to stop an enemy from running away so my AD can grab him off, or generally to give me that little advantage if you have a fed enemy, or you fight 1v2.

- Some players prefer this as an escape option. Now, if you have done everithing right, you won't need to escape, they will be escaping from you. So, back we go to the Exhaust and Clairvoyance.

Any other alternative seems silly to me as a support player, but be free to choose what ever you prefer, sometimes a Heal might be needy.
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Farming will be the easiest you have ever experienced once you wipe the enemy waves with one simple Static Field.

Ofcourse at first all the farm goes to your Carry, so behave, and make sure to be aggressive enough to keep the enemy Carry away from farm, or get him ganked non stop, that should be your farming goal - Assists, Assists, Assists and more Assists!

Not alot more to say about farming when we talk about a support champ!
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We have reached the end of the guide!

I hope you had fun reading it, I will better it out with time, as it is my first guide, and I just wanted to give the audience something nice too read quickly to see if I would motivate some players to try out the support position!

I hope you enjoyed it, and that you liked it!
Any ideas to better it up, opinions, or any sort of comment is welcome!

Enjoy triying it, you will love Blitzcrank Support!

And if you still don't see why Blitzcrank is the perfect support, see it this way guys, if you kill the enemy quick enough, and make sure your AD barely gets damaged, why would you need a Healer support? :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DisturbedGoW
DisturbedGoW Blitzcrank Guide
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Blitzcrank - Comprehensive support guide

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