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Shyvana General Guide by Blitzcrankowns

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blitzcrankowns

Blitzcrankowns guide to tanky shyvana.

Blitzcrankowns Last updated on March 25, 2012
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Hello! This is my first "serious" MOBAFIRE guide. I main the champion shyvana when i play league. There fore i want to show you the ways of the "perfect" score game. When i play shyvana i usualy player as a tank. Just stick to my build weather there is all ad or all ap because the items have passive affects along with the normal affects.

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I open up with a dorans shield. It helps me with that regen and extra health.
After that i get a null magic mantle to start my merc treads. *keep in mind you want the early magic resist. After that go farm some more and get your boots. After that start running around and getting kills. If you play aggressive like i do you should have 2 or 3 kills by now (possibly first blood) or a couple assists depending on the lane comp. After you get a few more kills/ assists recall and pick up a negatron cloak. This will totaly counter the ap champions on their team because you get magic rest from 3 things now: Merc treads, Negatron cloak, and your ultimate's passive. After that make sure you buy a force of nature for the passive on it that restores a % of your health each second. After you get your force of nature you should start team fighting now. Pick up some assists and kill and recall for a giants belt and a ruby crystal for your warmogs. Once you get your warmogs you arent going to die with the help of your trusty "f" (heal). After that its smooth sailing to build a sunfire cape. Again giants belt first for all the health you will get. After the fire cape pick up a chain vest to start building a thornmail for those nasty ad carrys like yi and vayne whom Rel-lie on there auto attacks to get the kills. Remember that is why i dident get armor because the more damage they do the better. Because of the passive to thornmail your health will benifit you because they will just wreck themselves.

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Skill Sequence

Well after the long paragraph up at the top you might be tired but take a look down my friend!
The skill sequence you need its pretty basic. In level 1 make sure you take burnout and just play aggressive. Let them push up then chase them around the lane with your burnout on. *make sure you keep auto attacking them or else it only last for 3 seconds. After that get your flame breath and just stand in the bush and skill shoot them down to half and then just dive them or whatever you want keeping in mind that they arent like sion or twisted fate (if hes ad) and stun you under the tower and auto attack you to death. In team fights after you get your ult just burnout and auto attack to there front and ult them down towards your team not away unless you want to land on top of them just for the kill.

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The runes are pretty basic, if you read the items section you will under stand what im talking about here. YOU DONT WANT ARMOUR. Late game i usually have 4k health and they suicide by auto attacking me. Not much to say.

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Pretty basic just follow the guide at the top its pretty self explanatory.

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Summoner Spells

Well, you probobaly seen the summoner spells and where like "omg whata noob heal omg leaving this guide!" but no. Heal is great for healing (derp). Late game it heals 600 hp and thats 600 hp farther away from death (death is a rare occurance). Use your teleport to tele top team fights when needed.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Tanky, Unkillable, Lots of damage when combined

Cons: None realy.

oh yeah another pro: ITS A DRAGON.

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So basicaly that is how i play shyvana. If you want you can addme on LoL and we will play lots and i will let u play shy and i will give you tips. So have fun and dont ware her out!


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