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Braum Build Guide by DMG Chinchilla

Tank Braum Top Lane Supertank

Tank Braum Top Lane Supertank

Updated on May 12, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DMG Chinchilla Build Guide By DMG Chinchilla 27,046 Views 6 Comments
27,046 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DMG Chinchilla Braum Build Guide By DMG Chinchilla Updated on May 12, 2014
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WARNING: This is a work in progress and I am not a High Elo Player. Please do not move forward thinking anything different.

I am Matthew (Chinchilla) Sebring, I play top lane for Dynamic Dandies. I put this build together because I liked the look of the champ, wanted to play him in lane and most of all I wanted to prove to people that he can be played in the top lane. So going into this guide, if you have any thoughts on how to make the build better or you want to show your success (or failure) with the build, please post it in the comments below. I cant wait to see the feedback and hope you enjoy the guide.

Note: this is a work in progress, please be patient, I am adding things into the guide during my spare time.
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Pros / Cons

I will be adding on to this list more later, but for now:

    Braum is extremely tanky (maybe even more than Dr. Mundo), Very hard to kill.

    His Q has a large hit box, making it very easy to hit.

    Amazing in team fights due to the fact he was made as a support

    Really good disengage with his his entire kit

    Passive makes for strong and easy trading

    His mustache.. Well, it just wins games by itself

    He is a support, people get upset if you "break the meta"

    He is new, means bans and instalocks

    Not many damaging abilities, you are almost completely reliant on your passive

    Bad wave clear, he basically has no AOE at all (expect to be behind in cs)

    No poros on Summoners rift
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I found in playing Braum top lane, the main focus is going to be Health > Attack Speed > Attack Damage > Defensive stats. Because of this I have gone with:
    3 Attack Damage Quints - This is the most effective way to stack the AD you will need in early game to last hit and trade.

    6 Attack Speed Marks - These are the main part of the build, this is what will keep you on the top of the trades. Without these you will not be able to get all four stacks of your passive.

    3 Attack Damage Marks - These are just to help with last hitting and trading, if you feel the need to switch them out for some hybrid pen marks, feel free.

    9 Health Seals - Health is Braum's main stat, His Q scales off of his max health so any health you can get on him, take it!

    9 Magic Resist Glyphs - These are pretty standard now, but the main reason to run the MR Glyphs is because you will not be getting any from your masteries and Braum's W scales off of his bonus MR/Armor.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DMG Chinchilla
DMG Chinchilla Braum Guide
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Braum Top Lane Supertank

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