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Rengar Build Guide by brunonator5000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author brunonator5000

Bruno's guide to Rengar-where'd my hp go??

brunonator5000 Last updated on July 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first ever guide and it is of one of my favourite champions rengar, rengar is a good split pusher and assasin able to manouver his way through teams to tear apart that fed adc. this guide features him as high damage and low cooldown freak with the potential to mow down turrets in a matter of seconds or as i said earlier be a present assasin in a team fight.

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laning phase

during early game the staple start for rengar is boots and 4 pots, however the other standard options are of course the elixer and 3 pots, also the cloth armor and 5 pots. a rejuvination bead is not a bad possible start, however it naturally forces you to either build a mogs or sell it, making it a partially lost cause.
early game e is very important and i reccomend you max e,q,w and r whenever its up, as a way to avoid poke from ranged enemy champions you can hide in brush and last hit the minions with your passive, also when you jump out to last hit a minion, you can e for good harass. its crucial that you double e whenever fury is max stacks, this gives great harass and can give you the chance for a quick free combo. whenever you back it is important you know you have sufficient gold fundings to get the required items, if not and you are low hp take the w when fury is most for the obvious sustain. with rengar it is also very easy to overextend in lane so when enemy's come in for ganks you basically have 3 options.
1) is to ulti away safely to leave the enemys confused
2) ulti onto the enemy laning champion for a quick kill to assure you are ahead in gold
3) to dance around the minions with your passive and attempt to wear the enemys down untill going for the kill is sufficient.

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mid-late game stages

in this stage depending on how your build is going, you can either take into account split pushing, to seperate the enemy team or join in team fights, the key item in here is the randuins omen. what it allows you to do in team fight is a cc slow and attack speed reduction aswell. most team in the new meta will have someone building this crucial item so if its you, then dont split push as it takes away the main point of the item. late game your infinity edge is very important because what it allows it the potential for gengar to get q off the a blood fury q off and if both or one of those manages to be critical, you can say goodbye to the person on the recieving end.
so dependant on rengars building stages he can either be a supreme farmer/split pusher to catch up if he has fallen behind or he can carry teams by eliminating the fed enemys.

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so that was my simple guide to playing rengar, obviously he can be played in a variety of different ways but through trial this build has been the most successful for me so why not share it. comment what you think as its my first guide feedback will be much appreciated.