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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Chaos4Livez

AD Carry Bullethell Fortune- An in-depth look at the teamfighting ADC

AD Carry Bullethell Fortune- An in-depth look at the teamfighting ADC

Updated on August 21, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaos4Livez Build Guide By Chaos4Livez 9,755 Views 1 Comments
9,755 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaos4Livez Miss Fortune Build Guide By Chaos4Livez Updated on August 21, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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My name is Chaos4Livez, I am a silver ADC main who is mechanically not very strong, but I have a large amount of game knowledge which i thought i could use to make a guide, so why not start with one of my favorite ADCs Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune is an extremely strong early game lane bully. With the help of Impure Shots and Double Up she can wreak havoc on the bot lane and lead to the enemy being zoned and shut down. She is however very open to ganks and does require good river vision to counter that.

Late Game you should be standing in the back lines using your Bullet Time and getting lots of damage with Impure Shots
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This passive I feel suffers from the same issue Ashe's does, it's not very useful in many instances, it's main use it to help get to lane and roam faster, which Miss Fortune is not the best at roaming, it is nice to have 70 bonus movespeed however

This ability is what makes Miss Fortune such a lane bully, it has a relatively low scaling mana cost, but it does really strong damage, especially if you hit them with the second shot. It's cooldown is very short and I even sometimes use it as csing tool.

This is Miss Fortune's Steroid and the attack speed buff is decent it's the passive ability which is very strong. It pretty much allows you to do more damage to champions who have already been hit and stacks from 5-8 times, the active also causes your autos and Double Up to apply grievous wounds, which can ruin someone's day if the heal while its up.

This ability doesn't have a lot going for it, its a below average wave clear that does below average damage, what's really important however is the slow. If you use this before Bullet Time it can be very devastating as they will be locked into it longer causing more damage from Impure Shots passive.

I've been talking about this ultimate for a while and I feel it works really well with Miss Fortune's kit. It has a passive effect which increases the amount of time Impure Shots stacks, which means every time this ability is leveled it directly increases your damage input and it also means that Bullet Time will do more magic damage
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Pros and Cons

+ Amazing harass with Double Up
+ Strong early game damage
+ Impure Shots adds huge damage to Bullet Time
+ Decent AoE slow with Make it Rain
+ Impure Shots is strong in a meta where ADCs are taking Heal

- Strut is a lackluster passive
- Easily Outscaled
- Bullet Time isn't nearly as good without other AoE CC
- Too many AP scalings
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Summoner Spell Options

Flash is the strongest option as it is an instantaneous blink and is the most reliable escape for an escapeless ADC like Miss Fortune

Heal is the second summoner spell as it gives you a burst of health and movement speed and is good for surviving ganks

Barrier should be taken over Heal if you have a support taking heal already, a bottom lane with grievous wounds such as, Tristana or Miss Fortune or if there is a Fizz or Katarina as they will most likely roam bottom

This is a good option vs high cc teams and bottom lanes such as Vayne Leona Amumu Morgana

I feel this should almost never be taken over Flash as the only reason why i feel it is better than it is in extended chases and even than you have Strut for those situations

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Alternative Items

The build shown above is rather standard for Miss Fortune, there are however many different items you can get in different situations

This is a good option vs teams with big crowd control such as Amumu Nami Thresh Leona Gnar and many other options or you can also get this if you feel the enemy is largely magic damage focused.

I feel this isn't as good of an option on Miss Fortune as it hinders her damage, and really gives about the same amount of movespeed as strut would.

This is similar to the the Youmuu's Ghostblade because it gives her more movespeed and helps her chase but in reality it still puts a great burden on her high damage from Impure Shots.

This is a decent item if you feel you need more survivability vs. Last Whisper. It also scale wells with her Impure Shots. It however was much more useful on Miss Fortune before the slight changes to her abilities.

This has the same issue as Black Cleaver, it was much more useful before the changes to Miss Fortune's abilities, it also has the same issue as Youmuu's Ghostblade as it puts a large hinder on her damage, but it does give her abilities with AP scalings much more damage.

This is an alternate option vs. Statikk Shiv it gives greater crit chance and more attack speed, but it doesn't give the 100 bonus damage shiv does. This can be a better option if you plan on being a harder carry and more auto based instead of rely on teammates in fights to lock them into Bullet Time
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Support Synergy

Supports who synergize well with Miss Fortune usually are kill lane focused supports who have large AoE CC such as Nami Leona Thresh Annie Morgana Sona and Braum

Other strong options can be Taric for good easy kills and damage increases
Blitzcrank for bringing the Elo to you
Lulu can also cc them to a short extent, more importantly the Glitterlance harass
Lastly, Zyra for really strong poke and Grasping Roots
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Team Synergy

Miss Fortune synergizes extremely well with high damage AoE focused compositions
some of the champions you can pick her to synergise include (most commonly played roles in high level play) -Tiers include A+ = If you have them Miss Fortune is an amazing choice A = Miss Fortune is very good with one of them B = Not the best synergy, but still works well C = Not that good but there is still synergy

Kennen A+
Cho'Gath B
Lissandra B
Gnar A
Galio A+
Gangplank A
Gragas C
Malphite A+
Swain B

Jungle (this is the big one)
Evelynn A
Jarvan IV A+
Fiddlesticks C
Hecarim A
Amumu A+
Nunu & Willump A
Sejuani A+
Wukong A
Zac A

Orianna A+
Lux B
Cassiopeia A
Fizz (SHARK!!!) C
Yasuo B
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TL;DR Miss Fortune is an extremely fun Lane Bully/Utility pick and has the ability to change the tide of a game as long as there is some synergy in the team.

This is my first guide and a lot of work and proofreading went into writing it. It had equated to about 3 hours of writing, i would love to hear feedback in the comments I Garentee it. c:
League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaos4Livez
Chaos4Livez Miss Fortune Guide
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Bullethell Fortune- An in-depth look at the teamfighting ADC

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