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Aphelios Build Guide by Bungo_T_Baggins

ADC Bungo's Aphelios Guide

ADC Bungo's Aphelios Guide

Updated on November 18, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bungo_T_Baggins Build Guide By Bungo_T_Baggins 13 1 9,686 Views 1 Comments
13 1 9,686 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bungo_T_Baggins Aphelios Build Guide By Bungo_T_Baggins Updated on November 18, 2021
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Runes: Preseason 12 Lane Focus

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
The Usual
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Ability Order AD-Lethality-AS


Attack Damage

Attack Speed


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Bungo's Aphelios Guide

By Bungo_T_Baggins
A Quick Disclaimer
This guide is geared toward a solo-q environment. Some aspects of Aphelios, particularly in his gun order, may not be represented in this guide. In more coordinated team environments this champion is played fairly differently than how he should be played in solo-q. What I've included here is aimed at giving you the best hard-carry potential I believe you can have as Aphelios in solo-q. I'm the first to admit that in game I am not very consistent and often int due to poor fundamentals and a general lack of patience; however, I believe these facts are irrelevant to my ability to inform you of how Aphelios works, what he synergizes with, and what his identity is in game. All that said, let's move on to what you need to know about Aphelios.
Guns and What They Do

Every gun starts with 50 "moonlight" or ammo. Every Auto Attack(AA) costs one moonlight, and every time you use Q it will cost 10 moonlight of the respective gun. You can still use Q if you have less than 10 moonlight available for that gun, this (and AA'ing with one moonlight left) will consume the gun and automatically swap to the next gun in rotation.

Green-Extends AA range to 650 (same as Caitlyn, Greater than all other ADC's without augments from abilities or RFC)

Green Q- Fires a long range missile (can be blocked by minions) that does dmg on impact and marks the target hit for a few seconds (Marked target can be AA'd once with offhand weapon at long range)

Red- AA's have some free lifesteal (Red AA's go through Yasuo windwall)

Red Q- Acts like a channel, speeds you up and deals consectutive strikes with Red and offhand gun (good to reposition with, also a good way to stack White chakrams)

Purple- Slower missile speed, fires purple blobs that slow enemies hit, marks enemies hit to prep for Purple Q

Purple Q- Roots marked targets for 1 second

Blue- Does minor damage to every target it passes through, explodes into an aoe blast after reaching it's destination dealing massive aoe dmg behind the target. (Blue AA's also deal increased dmg to primary target)

Blue Q- Aphelios fires in a cone in front of him dealing dmg and then shooting all enemies hit with his secondary gun (stacks White chakrams, heals off Red, applies Purple proc, applies Green Q effect)

White- Throws chakrams at target, attack speed is based off how quickly the chakrams return to Aphelios (melee range=very fast attacks) attacks deal bonus damage based off how many chakrams Aphelios has (stack with Blue Q, Red Q, White-Green combo, and White Ult)

White Q- Places a turret that attacks nearest target (prioritizes champions) with offhand gun. Usually used with Green offhand to apply Green Q effect and stack chakrams on aaing marked targets.
Gun Order
Game Start: Green- Red- Purple- Blue- White

Burn: Red- Green- Purple- Blue- Red AGAIN-THEN White to set up the optimal gun order

Optimal Gun Order: Red- White- Green- Purple- Blue
Gun Combos

Red- White: For melee range all-in: Red Q into White AA's. Can place a turret during all-in for a few AA's extra lifesteal.

White- Green: For placing turrets and AA'ing with Green for longer range (turrets proc Green Q effect)(AA'ing marked targets stacks chakrams)

Green- Purple: For long range picks with Green Q into Purple Q. Can use Purple Q to set up guaranteed Green Q and/or Ult

Purple- Blue: Good for self peel (Purple AA's and Q) and big teamfight dmg (Blue AA's and Ult). Can use Purple Q to set up guaranteed Blue Q and/or Ult

Blue- Red: Just a transition, best to burn Blue
NOTE: Can Blue Q to get a decent chunk of health off of a minion wave
Swap Combos

Red- Purple- Green: Last bar of Red, with Green offhand, and Purple coming up. Use Red Q to proc Green Q effect, then your primary weapon will automatically switch to Purple, AA the marked target while Green Q effect is active, then press Q to setup a swap into Green Q.

Green- Purple- Blue: Last bar of Green, with Purple offhand, and Blue coming up. Use Green Q, your primary weapon will automatically switch to Blue, AA the marked target and swap to Purple to Q root, immediately swap back to Blue to Ult-AA-Q.

Purple- Blue- Red- White: Last bar of Purple, with last bar of Blue offhand, and White coming up. AA and Q, your primary weapon will automatically switch to White, swap to Blue and Q (can Ult before the Q), your primary weapon will automatically switch to Red, use Red Q and swap to White to AA (you can Ult here for extra chakrams).

Red- White- Green: Last bar of Red, with White offhand, and Green coming up. Use Red Q, your primary weapon will automatically switch to Green. Swap to White to Q, then swap back to Green to AA

White- Purple- Green: Last bar of White, with Green offhand, and Purple coming up. Use White Q to set down a turret, your primary weapon will automatically switch to Purple, AA the marked target and use Q, then swap to Green to Q rooted target.
Ultimate Abilities

All ults deal physical damage on impact prior to their effects

Red: Heals you for each enemy hit

White: Gives you chakram stacks for each enemy hit

Green: Procs Green Q effect on each enemy hit (you can AA enemies hit once with offhand gun at long range)

Purple: Procs Purple slow effect with option to Purple Q to root each enemy hit

Blue: Explodes in an AOE damage blast for each enemy hit (enemies can be hit by each other's explosion, big deathball damage)
Early Game
CS with Red and look to poke with Green LVL 1. Unless you're completely outmatched lvl1, NEVER stop auto attacking. Since you have no Q until LVL 2, it's vital that you keep autoing as that's your only pressure for LVL 2. Of course sometimes you can stop autoing if you're 2 or 3 minions ahead of the enemy and they have no AOE abilities to speed up their waveclear.

Look for that fabled LVL 2 powerspike and immediately hit ctrl-q to level your AD, then go in with Red Q and exit trade with Green AA's and Green Q.

Once Red is gone you can look for kills with Green Q into Purple Q to set up or follow up on your support or JG ganks.

With the changes to Lethal Tempo, it's become much harder to gain priority at LVL 1 into most matchups. Contest the push the best that you can, but do not feel too bad if you have to back off to avoid being LVL all-in'd. You can still put out decent poke damage in even lane states. Just be careful and don't take too much damage by trading into a pulling wave.
ONE TIME Lane Combo
Unless you've been spamming a lot of Q's, you should get this combo at LVL 5 or right at LVL 6. This is a very strong combo for all-in DPS, but because it takes so much time to set up and execute properly, it isn't suitable for most late game fights where other gun combinations provide more consistent value.

Start with 10 or less ammo on Blue, with White as secondary weapon. Blue Q as many targets (minions count) as possible.

Gun will swap to Red automatically, us Red Q right away, switch to White and get close to AA with 500 trillion chakrams and big big damage.

NOTE: If you are LVL 6 with this combo, you can use White Ult before AA'ing to get even more chakrams and damage.
Mid Game
Look to farm as much and as safely as you can. Like most ADCs you are usually weak in the mid game. It's very important that you get as much gold as you can, and staying alive is paramount to that mission's success. As Aphelios you are fairly immobile most of the time and have mediocre self-peel with no escapes (outside of galeforce). So, you must constantly mind the balance of contributing to team objectives and contributing to getting yourself to 3-4 items.

It's acceptable to help out your team with objectives or sieges, but know that you are not yet the 1v9 God of this game. You have to position carefully and deal what damage you can while protecting your own life. Experience is the best teacher in this area.

Depending on team compositions you can be instrumental in finding mid game picks with your Purple Ult or Green-Q Purple-Q combo.

AGAIN it is very important that you consciously THINK about where you should go, how hard you should commit, and whether or not you are the win condition. Sure, you will eventually be a win condition, but it may be more beneficial to assist your 10/0 Jax in winning that fight over second dragon than going to top lane to grab a few waves and a tower.
Late Game
So you've got anywhere between 75 and 100 percent crit chance. You've entered a new realm. While you still have to be very careful with your fight positioning, you now deal huge and consistent damage. You want to fight front to back as much as possible. Sometimes it really sucks, but you HAVE to wait for a meat shield to run in front of you when contesting the fog of war. You often must stick with those team members that you best synergize with, and constantly track enemy movements. A focus on establishing vision around the objectives you wish to take BEFORE you try to take them is critical. These are just ADC fundamentals, but they are so very important when playing Aphelios, as one misstep could result in a .5 second death and a 50 second respawn timer.

Depending on team compositions, different gun combos are better here. At this point Red-White is usually pretty useless other than for ripping through objectives, as many champions can stick to and kill you before your Q channel finishes.

In most cases you'll want to fight around Green-White or Blue-Purple at this stage. Green-White can be massively useful if you can place a turret or 2 before a fight breaks out, and kite the enemies into the turrets to deal massive damage. Blue-Purple provides you with absolutely massive AOE damage and a bit of self-peel/disruption in team fights with Purple Q and AA slows.

NOTE: Your neutral objective clear speed is extremely fast with a Red-White into Green-White swap combo.
A Quick Thank You
Many thanks for taking the time to read this guide! I've put a fair amount of time into the making of this guide, so I do hope you learned something about Aphelios. Full disclosure, I do have an abysmal win rate on Aphelios; however, I assure you that this is due to my own emotional fragility and not due to a lack of understanding about the champion. I hope that you will apply anything you learned here to your own gameplay and greatly outshine me. If you happened to like this guide, I would greatly appreciate your upvote, as it lets me know that I've helped you in some way (and that means quite a lot to me). Thanks again. Good luck and enjoy playing Aphelios! :)

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