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Skarner Build Guide by Equinox Fox

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Equinox Fox

Burnin the forest down (5.6 Plat Skarner)

Equinox Fox Last updated on April 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Skarner with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Dr. Mundo He can kite you to a degree, however your MS should beat out his slows quite quickly. Tanky, not scary.
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Welcome to the machine world

Skarner is somewhat of an off pick, however a fairly strong one with the dominant counter junglers being no longer a problem for myself. Yes they are a threat early levels, but beyond that now, Skarner has a much higher potential to out duel.

With his rework he offers a stun, which helps negate damage in the jungle, as well as a ranged slow for a whopping 50%.

Skarner is good if the mechanics are there in soloQ
And dominant in ranked teams. His coordination and ability, with the proper teammates, to "Kidnap" anyone on their team and drag them to their demise is impressive.

As with most guides, allow me to state this deals with him in the JUNGLE.
A guide for his mid/top lane will come at one point once I figure out how to deal a proper amount of damage as well as practice with match ups.

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The ups and downs


High mobility
A refreshing MS boosting shield
A ranged multi slow
The ability to kidnap a carry
The ability to live after doing such action
A stun, albeit short can save you in a tough situation and duel
A VERY diverse play style and build style
Hard to counter at champ selection in the current meta
A skin after 3 years


No natural form of sustain (Just negation in shield)
Doesn't have the strongest mid game
Can be kited if understood how you play

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SoloQ awaits

Let's burn the trees!

Now of course, with the new fancy mechanical "lets set everything on fire" skin, seems appropriate to go against Smokey the Volibear and burn it up. So lets start with the important things, and get down to the gritty details afterwards!


The path is pretty simple.

Top side
Base - Skirmisher > Triple HP pot
Ward red - Smite Krug - Red - Birds

Bot side

That's pretty much it for pre 4. QWEW Will setup for some clears, shields and ganks.
Remember, pre 6 the rule of thumb is as states for ganking.

Does the teammate have a soft/hard CC?


However always be wary of peoples reactions. They are fidgety little things to note.
Their position in lane, the minions spawning, what wave is it?
Are they closer to the bush, or more wary. Losing a CS or two to stay slightly safer?

Is the opponent below 60%?

Blow a flash.

Your ranged slow can set up some nice ganks if time correctly, with a well placed Q double tap.
People fear the smallest of stuns and for good reason. .5 seconds can take a lot out of somebodies HP, or even give your teammate time to get that much closer for an ignite, a hit.
It gets even better when you get the passive to hit for a second long stun.

Is your teammate below 50%?

Take care in ganking!

ESPECIALLY if you don't have the opponent jungle warded, or if you don't know their location.
They may be on the same path idea you are, ganking that guy that is getting slowly harrased, pushing too far.
If you are gonna gank at this point in the fight in their lane, you best be careful of the opponent jungle stomping on your parade.

Do you have red buff?

Gank gank gank gank gank

That thing is timed. Make use of that true damage paired with that slow. Helps shove more AA's in faster, which means a faster proc'd stun and less area for the opponent laner to move.

Post 6 the rules are nearly the same, however the induction of a "Perhaps I should gank" when a teammate lacks Hard/soft CC turns into "Oh god yes, let's just drag them to my fiora that can smack them twice".


Okay so you have probably heard me state this a few times already.

Ganks. They. Are. Fun. Honestly, nothing is more fun then tagging a running Darius with an E, and chasing them down to oblivion.

Your mid game does this quite well with the addition of your ult, and you should at this point have at the very least a sheen.

An E slow, followed by a stun, sheen procs then an ult if they flash? Difficult to escape.


I would say you shine here, but that would be lying.

You don't shine, you destroy those who do.

You take the shiny carries and drag them to their doom, kicking and screaming into a full team, ready to burst them down to death.

Or to take that heroic moment save, and pull them away, a 1v1. Mano y...scorpio.

Point is, you don't have to shine. You aren't here to be a shining crystal, you are here to be a tough machine and destroy those who think they can dare shine in your presence.

If you are fed?

Keep anyone from shining unless they share your color. The only time you might shine a bit, build path might change to carry a bit harder.

Got your lanes fed?

Well ****, you should polish that opponent carry on your trophy shelf.

Who to target!!

Team fights have started now.
That 0/5 vayne? Not near as deadly as the Leo that can carry her there.
That Alistar that can do a charge knock up? Let him do it on you if you're tanky. He either has to waste it on the tank, and get you closer to the carry at that point, or ignore you and let you take the carry anyway!

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Final notes on your machine

As with most mechanical ideals, well oiled, well kept machinery is more efficient and pretty to look at.
Skarner is pretty close to the same.
Stick with the points, burn down your opponents jungle and lift your team up on mechanical scorpion sawblades or something.
You do ganks correctly, time your opponents jungle camps and stay on target. It's up to your team from that point forwards...however that's any champion in this game.

I Appreciat'cha reading the guide to the very end, and I hope to hear feedback on how to show the power of this mechanical bug to those who wish to use him.
Now go show Smokey the Volibear who he's messing with.

-Equinox Fox