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LeBlanc Build Guide by G3P_

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author G3P_

Burst and Carry

G3P_ Last updated on May 22, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to LeBlanc with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate Insanely easy. Wait for him to use his w to farm and W + R + E + Q him. If he is good he will keep his distance, but your W + R combo will be too much gap close for him. Either zone him or kill him. He doesn't win until late late game.
Karthus Karthus wants to farm and you want to kill. Focus on dodging his Q and possibly building an early hourglass for his ult. Karthus is a monster late game so keeping him down in the lane is important. Go aggressive and trade whenever he walks up to AA or Q a minion. Your return pad is god against karthus because you can get away from his passive so quickly after killing him.
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Hello! My name is G3P and I am a Diamond elo player. My most played champ for season 5 has been leblanc and I have learned many things from playing her. I hope to share every bit of what I have learned with you and assist you in gaining elo regardless of rank. If there is anything that is unclear or if there was a matchup that I didn't go over and you would like clarification on please message me and I will update the guide. I also have another account named Lithin. Both of my accounts are on NA. If you ever want advice feel free to add me.

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Scaling CDR and scaling Health has become a favorite of mine. Leblanc is an assassin with a lot of potential to make plays and snowball games. Have low CDs on her abilities can make her late game seem more powerful and assist in preventing her from "falling off". If you would like more early game pressure you can go the armor yellows and mr blues, but getting picks and keeping up a high mobility is very important on leblanc.

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Typical masteries are being used. Butcher for farming. In the ferocity tree vampirism and bounty hunter are a lot better than their counter parts. Fifteen ability power at level 18 doesn't really do anything because games are usually decided before then. The sustain in lane is also nice. Bounty Hunter because Leblanc is an assassin....Self explanatory. Assassin is ok and it will increase your damage by a noticeable amount. Biscuits are an option though for more sustain in lane. Dangerous game is a must though. Leblanc gets in situations where it's either going to be her or her opponent who dies. Getting the health back after a kill can save you in those 1v1s where ignite would kill you otherwise. Too useful of a mastery to pass up imo. Thunderlords is insane on leblanc so please run it. Intelligence is kind of a useless one at the moment because building an additional cdr item would screw up leblanc's build path and make her do a lot less damage.

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This item is very important. It allows you to spam your W not only in lane for the wave clear and poke, but also to get around the map. The reason leblanc is such a strong solo queue champ is her mobility and using mana regen items allows her to have extreme map pressure.

Sorc Boots are a somewhat more obvious build path. Building early increases your damage in trades and your ability to roam. Can build first, but I would still recommend building another doran's ring with it because leblanc does have low base health and just building damage will hurt her survivability.
+ ARE THE BREAD AND BUTTER OF LEBLANC. These items allow leblanc to become a destructive force. Giving her the ability to one shot carries and snowball leads. I would suggest building rabadon's over luden's because luden's really is better on poking champs, but luden's can still be good by being built later in the game.

This item is god against AD mids like yasuo, zed, and talon. If this item is use correctly can negate their all in and I would advise building it first against all AD assassins(not AD carries like ezreal). Hourglass should always be a build item on leblanc. It allows her to make aggressive plays and live through it. Getting caught by cc or just trying to dodge a global ult this item helps the squishy nature of leblanc. Also later in the game her W cooldown is so short that by the time her hourglass turns off she can W out of most situations(unless caught by cc of course).

THIS ITEM IS GOD. I'm serious. This item is so strong against comps that have any mr. Once aegis and mr items start to be built then this item should come into play. Although it is situational when to build this item. Most of the time I find myself building it third or fourth. Depending on how much mr is on the other team(which is something you should be checking through out the game). If my lane opponent build any kind of mr as their first item or a jungler rushed an early aegis then I would build Void Staff second. Keeping your assassinate potential up is a must to create pressure on the map.

The only time I build this item is when it's late game. The other team has A LOT of mr and I can't deal with it with just void staff and sorc boots. Getting the extra magic pen will allow you to become a pressure on the carries of the game once again. Which is what late game is all about when playing leblanc. Killing all of the carries.

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Skill Sequence and Order

I do describe this under the notes page on the skill order, but just to be clear. Taking your E third and your Q first is usually a bad idea. The reason being that early game leblanc has high mana costs and trading with 3 abilities early game can make her go oom very quickly. Instead of putting that extra point in E I suggest putting it in W. The reason being that leblanc is a roaming champion. She is strong when she is roaming and in order to do that she has to clear the lane quickly so she cant return before the enemy laner has a chance to clear the wave and make you lose cs. Clearing the wave quickly can also create pressure on the other laner to farm under tower or to prevent an all in from the enemy laner because of you have the advantage in the minion wave. The rest of the game I suggest maxing W for wave clear and roam and then Q for the burst.

Skill Sequence:
Early game pre 4 your combo will be Q + W. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO AUTO BEFORE YOU W BACK IF YOUR OPPONENT DOESN'T HAVE HARD CC. Early game autos are strong and do a lot of damage. They can win trades because people underestimate them on AP champs. This combo is very strong early game and can win trades against most mid laners without shields. Once you put a point in your e it's all about hitting the chain. Whether that's in a trade or if you have a jungler coming into gank it's about landing your chain. If your opponent is out in the open E first and then go in for the Q + W combo. Walking up after your chain lands is also a must. This is because if your enemy flashes then the chain will still be on them. Making it impossible for the enemy to escape. Later in the game though you probably won't get the chance to get close enough to land your chain first. This is when your W comes into play. Late game your W becomes a gap closer. The combo to dive in from a flank and attempt to kill a carry will be W + R + Q + E. The reason the chain is after the Q is because you most likely won't have the time to let the second part of the E to go off. So activating the sigil with your E at the end will kill most carries late game or create enough pressure to zone the enemy off of objectives. The key is being fast though. Practicing this combo over and over can win you games off of one play.

There are really only two more combos to leblanc. The first one being the "One shot". This combo only works if you have vision control or at lower elo. The thing about this combo is that they have to be close for it to work. This combo is Q + R + W. Some people might question why I don't throw out the chain and that is because it will give them more time to react. If I know they have flash or if I know I can't one shot them with just Q + R + W then I will throw out the chain FIRST encase they do react and flash away then my chain will still be on them.


Basic Combo: (Early Game)
Pre Level 6, Post Level 3:
+ +
Late Game, Assassinating far away carries: Q And R can be interchanged
+ + +
One Shot Bush Check: (No Flash and are squishy)
+ +
One Shot Bush Check: (Have Flash or tanky)
+ + +

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Very Important to have. For safety after you blow your W and R; Also to make aggressive plays. When people play against leblanc they usually don't expect her to do that much damage. Once they understand this then they play back away from Leblanc's range. Lets say I just out trade a Xerath and he is playing back from me (pre 6). Flashing foward and then Q + W or just W AA ignite would kill him. The flash catches people off guard and is very important on assassins.
The go to spell for assassins. Gets kills and snowballs leads by itself. Very important to secure kills and to gain advantages. Burst champion needs a spell that does damage.

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How to Play in Ranked

Have to edit the part about her being strong in solo queue now. She went from being one of the strongest to one of the weakest. Her W is extremely slow now and her E is very hard to land. I'm pretty sure someone who just started the game can get off cc fast enough to stop every W now. She isn't nearly as viable as other champions; which is why I suggest picking someone else until she is buffed. Also in a meta full of tanks she does some of the lowest sustained damage in the game. Riot nerfed assassins in a tank meta which amazes me. Sorry about this rant, but I'm pretty disappointed. Leblanc is terrible in team fights if she is behind or going even in lane. She is an assassin and does not have as good aoe or range as other mid laners. Knowing this you have to understand that grouping is almost always a bad idea with leblanc. Unless of course you are sieging or countersieging. Even with objectives you should be establishing ward control before you want to go for said objective and then try to get picks. Leblanc is the master at taking people down 100 to 0. Use that to your advantage to secure important objectives. Also just keep in mind that wards win games. If you know everything that the enemy is doing then how can you ever be in a bad position? Which brings me to another point. LOOK AT YOUR MAP. All the time. You should be glancing down at your map every few seconds to know where their jungler is or who is pushed up. This is because leblanc is very good at roaming. If your Ashe, Vel'Koz lane is getting shoved in bot by Graves, Sona then you know you it should be an easy roam down bot lane. Although, don't go the usual route. Use your W to dash over walls and be unpredictable. This increases the chance that you won't be seen by a ward. You could even come up in lane because leblanc has insane gap closer. More than anything, play aggressive. Leblanc is strong because of the leads she can get and her mobility. Being stronger just makes your utilities even better.

Another important aspect is where to place wards. Try to figure out where their jungler is starting. To do this see who comes to lane first top or bot. Whoever comes late is most likely where their jungler is starting. Although, you should also take into account what champions are top and bottom. A champ like Maokai will most likely start raptors or a bot lane with janna,thresh (pretty much any supp) will most likely duo gromp or krugs. You can tell if they killed it by their health. Determining where their jungler will be once he hits lvl 3 will determine where you place your ward. Try to place your ward where it will see both paths from the river, and from the enemy's camp. The corridors that lead to dragon and baron are the best places to see. Champions that can dash over walls will still be spotted out.

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Team Work and Blue Buff

Leblanc is very easy to gank for. Because of her gap close and chain she can lock down almost any target who is far away from her. Although you should communicate to your jungler when certain abilities are on cooldown. Like an important stun or a flash. Anything that could make a gank not successful should be communicated before the gank. Also all other laners should be accounted for. If the other team has good vision control and their top riven is missing then it is not a good idea for your jungler to go in because riven is probably sitting on the other side of the river and your jungler is probably sitting on a ward. BUY WARDS AND CLEAR WARDS. Especially before objectives come up. Having ward control is having the power to take objectives and to create picks for your team.

One thing about blue bluff is that it is extremely important on leblanc. Another thing about blue buff is that leblanc is very good at killing it. Once you hit 11 you can solo blue buff without your jungler. It might be tedious, but having blue buff(even if you have to back after taking it) allows you to roam and to spam poke against the enemy mid laner. Mostly roaming. This is because it's great if you win lane and everything, but if you roam bottom and that ashe, vel'koz lane gets a kill then it is going to make it a lot easy to win the game by snowballing not just yourself, but your team.

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The csing for this champion is fairly basic. For caster minions you will have to AA them before they come under tower or AA then Q them after they get hit by a tower shot. Melee minions will still die from one auto after taking two tower shots early game. Later in the game you will have to use more abilities to farm. Getting all of the minions low and then using your W to one shot them is also a common technique. Although, if all of the minions are at full health and your team needs you W+R is a quick way to clear the wave and move to help your team.

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Play aggressive. Really. Leblanc isn't one of those late game champions who will become God when they hit 4 items(KASSADIN). She is all about winning lane and snowballing leads. If you have any questions about my guide or would like me to add more please feel free to message me. Thank you.