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Graves Build Guide by BalgeunSS

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BalgeunSS

Burst + Constant = OP

BalgeunSS Last updated on October 27, 2011
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After i read the comments, i think theres a need to change a bit on the item build. cuz not everybody have a 5man premade that gank well to help u in early-mid game like i do. Trinity Force can be replace by youmuu since it gives some attack speed and damage also with armor pent, and it cost least. so it should be good enough for the needs and wants. Also if u play good enough that wont die much, STACK is ur best friend. its cheap and powerful. replace either tri force or last whisper for stack since graves can get assist on every single enemy, so just dont die and ur stack will be fine. ITS A GAMBLE, make sure u play him well first!!!!

Thx Kalkara and ZioSepre for the advice!!!

I still say no to IE + phantom, cuz this champion is new and i dont wanna ruin him that make him into another caitlyn/kog/vayne,etc..IE + phantom just too old school, its powerful but if building the same, y not just go ahead and play cait/kog instead of graves

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**** no to IE + Phantom

The reason y i didnt build Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer!!!

This is Graves, the only ad carry that has NUKE damage to one shot ppl. my build is to maximize his damage in big team fights along with the basic needs for the constant dps after the burst from skill.

If u love IE + Phantom combo(maybe also with Frozen Mallet), love that critical with attack speed + a slow??? whats the difference between Graves and all the other carries?? just go play caitlyn or kog maw, they go with the same build!!!

IE + Phantom is wasting the natural bursting potential that Graves has!!!

Auto attacking 1 by 1 is not as good as if u compare it with 1 skill burst while ur team is bursting too, forcing enemy to back off. Graves can do what other ad carry cant do, this is what Graves is here for!!!!

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Brought to u by BalgeunSS - Bal Geun Se Sang that lighten up ur future!!!

With this build and runes set up, u....
2. U r tanky enough to keep fighting while life stealing
3. U dont have to be afraid of those ap carry that usually can one shot KO the others
4. U can enjoy the kills when u have a good support with stun during laning phase, not like other builds that have hard time early and mid while can only focus farming instead of go directly to the kill. that this build lead u to have good early + mid + late game!!!
5. U can constant attacking during fights just like other ad carry
6. U can 1 v 1 any other ad carry except MY REAL GRAVES
7. U can burst down ppl only with 2 skills that other ad carry cant
8. U can nuke down ap carry b4 they nuke u down
9. U can take down tank easily also, while their ad carry cant
10. U can win bottom lane with a good support very easily. (My 30 games of Graves, did lost a few games but never lost during laning phase with a support TF, NEVER, really NEVER lose bot lane. "God is watching, so im not lying." NEVER lose bot lane) but noobs do sometimes lost our top and mid which lead us to DEFEATORY)
11. REAL GRAVES = OP, u will never lose to the other Graves, i never lost to my enemy Graves once

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21/0/9, a very standard ad carry's mastery that no need to explain more about it since 21 in offense maximize ur burst damage

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust + Flash, once again - standard ad carry's summoner spells

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Skill Sequence

Max first = no doubt, lower the cd and of coz max ur burst damage in fights. this is ashe's volley but it goes through = so op. if u know u r safe at any point during ur harrassing, use ur E to go right at them and FACE SHOT them, a lvl 2 buckshot can get their ad carry to half hp right at their face!!!

Get to lvl 1 is keep it that way til last since all u need for it, is to limit vision and a little slow for ganking or running away plus in team fights.

Max 2nd for escaping or chasing, u can pass through some small walls including dragon. but the most point for maxing it second cuz the attack speed bonus, +80% at max lvl. it also lower its cd by 1 second of ur each base attack, so with ur attack speed item, u can use it anytime in fights to reset ur position!!!

For ult, of coz lvl it whenever u can, lvl 6,11,16

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Mark = very standard, Greater Mark of Desolation

Seal = u can either go armor to maximize ur passive or go hp per lvl (i will explain y hp later at item build section since ppl think its weird) / Greater Seal of Vitality

Glyph = mag res for maximize ur passive since nothing else i can see is better than that for glyph

= go standard attack damage or armor pent, but i go with hp cuz it combine with my build Greater Quintessence of Desolation

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Items VS Items

Why Trinity Force + The Bloodthirster??
Not Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer??

1.Because The Bloodthirster gives u the most damage at max stack to fit ur burst role,

2. Quickdraw gives u 80% attack speed already, with Trinity Force is enough for the attack speed

3.AD carry is known for the turtle movement speed, with Trinity Force is enough

4.if u dont have red buff, but since u have Trinity Force, u can slow them

5.when fighting, Quickdraw gives u Sheen affect for the bonus damage, u either Buckshot or Collateral Damage next - thats another Sheen. Smoke Screen is another Sheen and u either chase or reset ur positioh with Quickdraw during fights, thats like a constant Sheen since Quickdraw's low cd.

6. About Greater Seal of Vitality + + Trinity Force they give u a total about 500hp, with 1 or 2 Doran's Blade in mid game, no one wanna attack u unless ur positioning is ****. u know y?? because we r human!!! u wont bother to risk ur life to hit someone when u see their hp bar is really long with tiny tiny bars. this is y Twitch, Twisted Fate, Karthus,some Shaco have a passive called global taunt. they r sometimes a threat but the whole team ******** them is because we r human. we love killing the low healthers, it makes u feel tougher when u bang them.

If u go for Phantom Dancer, yes that u attack very fast, but u wasted that 30% cri chance cuz 30% is too low and it wont give u help for ur burst damage however, Trinity Force gives the attack speed u need and a little damage + Sheen affect.

If u go for Phantom Dancer, that 30% cri is not enough to maximize the constant damage, so u must get Infinity Edge for the cri chance, because Infinity Edge cost a lot more than The Bloodthirster and with no life steal, its hard to sustain in fights and even maybe laning.

Also Infinity Edge + Phantom Dancer is somehow like hit urself at ur own fat *** means u cant maximize the burst damage that Graves Naturally has

, building IE with Phantom, y dont u just go play other carry, u r wasting a Graves

Next is The Black Cleaver, the bf sword damage with attack speed give u the burst u need and the att speed u need as a carry also lowering ur cd for Quickdraw to use it more in fights for the constant Sheen affect while bursting.

Finally Guardian Angel, the hp Greater Seal of Vitality + + Trinity Force give u along with a Guardian human being on this earth will dare to jump into the danger zone to try to get ur autograph out from ur gun and no ap carry can nuke u down with the magic resist of Guardian Angel and ur passive and ur and ur high hp.

P.S. i just tried stack cuz my death usually is only 1 or 2, i replaced Last Whisper with Sword of the Occult during mid game when i see myself very safe in fights. But this is a gamble, i played enough games as Graves - got used to him so i start using stack. i still recommend not getting it, if ur not confident with him!!! But if u r, stacked Graves can one shot burst down their carry during mid game.

Tips: With my build and u did great so far, ward their jungle and go for a 1 vs 1 carry fight when he/she going for farms. ( i got a TF for the stuns every single game with my mate) cuz u shut down their bottom lane so hard with ur support, their carry must go to farm quietly at bottom lane when their team is busy with the back and forth movement of my team. just go and one shot that farming baby!!! they gonna surrender soon!!!

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Start with Doran's Blade if u have a support with heal or u know u dont need boots vs ur lane opponent. or go with Boots of Speed with 3 pots on the other hand. DUH...

>>>started with Boots of Speed , u can go Doran's Blade + Vampiric Scepter when u first back since u may pushed ur lane so hard cuz u kept ur passive up to 10 stack the whole time. if u didnt kept ur passive up the whole time, just play like other carries and get a B.F.Sword when u back.

>>>started with Doran's Blade?? get Boots of Speed + Vampiric Scepter for the lane sustain until ur bf sword.

Next, finish ur Berserker's Greaves + The Bloodthirster; if u can, get Sheen as ur first item for trinity force.

Finish ur Trinity Force and get another B.F.Sword or Last Whisper if u see ur haters r so tanky.

If the game is still not over, a Guardian Angel + The Black Cleaver

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Team Work

Solo top or mid? COOL!!!
But when ur bot with someone, plz get a stun...NO Soraka plz - dont stay behind me, Graves needs someone to play aggressive

Not Pure Support = whoever wont take ur farm and also with a CC would be great

Support = Taric , Alistar sounds ok, one stun from Taric with ur dash in Buckshot at their face is 50% health there.

The best for me is Twisted Fate, a 3 second cd stun from tf with Wild Cards = constant harass. YES, that tf's stun is only 3 second cd!!! just one Lucky Pick on tf can do a lot of damage during laning phase. also tf's ult can help u gank and can see all the wards on the map with oracle!!!

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Of coz i cant be like those pros that have 100% win rate, but ya. this is my REAL GRAVES

Thx for reading, hope it helps and i hope u guys help me with new build suggestion!!!