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Caitlyn Build Guide by KruShank

AD Carry Caitlyn - The Carry of Tomorrow xD

By KruShank | Updated on January 20, 2014

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For anyone struggling to get out of elo hell well here you go. Caitlyn is one of the best marks man when it comes to late game due to the fact that she has all that range to just auto the enemy team to death. He laning phase is such a pain for the enemy team since aitlyn can just harass at a safe distance. Picking up Caitlyn is a choice but rewarding if played to her full potential. Let's get started.
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Pros / Cons

Has the highest range in game allowing her to trade with her opponents for almost no cost
Great at zoning during laning phase - who wouldnt be scared when there is a 650 ranged sexy lady sniping you everytime you try to farm and plus dem traps, hope you arent hungry cause stepping on those traps snares you in place and you will be eating tons of damage along with a cupcake
Great Late game since she can just sit in the back and just continuosly hit the enemy team
Has an escape that can go through walls

Can be easily focused down if she gets caught out of position
Has a weak transition to mid game since she doesnt really have that much damage during mid game
Anyone who can burst her or poke her down like Graves or Jinx will be able to just zone her since she would be low and scared to even farm
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Laning Phase

During laning phase, try to auto your opponents in between farm so that they have no response to trade
Zone them with your traps once you place a skill point in them, since they will be constantly stepping on them in order to avoid future walk-throughs, so take advantage of that and throw a q and auto since they cant reply since they are locked in place.
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Caitlyn is Bad against:
Jinx - Since she can switch to her fishbones (rocket launcher)she gains 175 range giving her a total range of 700 allowing her to poke you down. Also if Jinx gets a kill her passive "get excited" allows her to speed up and catch up to you and finish you off
Sivir - She's a soft counter (in my opinion but for anyone who doesnt know how to play against a sivir its gonna be pretty hard) but dont underestimate the damge she can do with her q if it only hits you cause it does alot. Reason why she is a soft counter is that although siver has damage and a spell shield to block Cait's incoming spells, her range is much less than Cait, so she can just poke you down and sivir wont really have an answer

Caitlyn is good against:
Vayne- Having a small attack range of 525 disable her from trading with cait during laning phase, plus vayne doesnt have any skill that have long range poke. She only has her tumble to dodge and e to knock back cait. Cait takes advantage of Vaynes small auto range trying to make her useless and fall behind.
Lucian - His Q range is less than caits auto range so take advantage of that and just auto him to death, only response he has is his E to dodge skills and W for some Poke. Trading with Lucian would be Easy
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Support For Cait

Caitlyn can work with any support cuase she is a passive/aggressive adc. If She wants to farm she can just sit and farm away and if she wants to be aggressive she would just auto and Q you to death and finish you off with her "Ace-in-the-Hole". Here are Some support that work well with Cait
Thresh - Landing a Hook allows for free harass for Cait and Thresh. Both can poke especiall when Thresh has some AD, his E charged up hurts
Karma - Creates the most frustating lane for the enemy since Karmas early damage with her Q and mantra would just make your health the enemies health bar cry. Karma and Cait is good for seiging turrets or just bullying your enemies out of lane to lose exp and gold
Annie - has the second highest auto range (tied with ashe) in game, so both can just poke for days and not giive a ****. PLus Annie has a stun and can burst people by herself even as support. So bot is gonna be fun time for the enemy team.

Theres also 1 more champ I would like to mention, and it is Nami

Nami works well with Caitly since she has a heal a steriod that lets Cait do extra damage for 3 autos and a so called stun and her ult that can slow. All Nami needs to do is just poke with her autos and use her E on Cait when ever she can for maximum trading or harass
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Team Work

During the team fights Cait should always be in the back with her insane range in order to just auto the team to death. Tell your tanks and support to peel for you the best that they can in order for your team to come out on top. Late game is where Cait can shine if played well and position right. Her range allows her to just sit in the back and just auto all day and plus she has her ult to finish off any runners with low hp.
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Take flash and barrier since it is a staple to all adc's, but depending on the situation uch as hard cc, take cleanse in order to reduce the mount of cc but i suggest barrier since you can build into a quick silver sash and acts like a cleanse. On top of that it can also be upgrade into mecurial scimitar and acts as your cleanse plus gives you more damage to your kit.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KruShank
KruShank Caitlyn Guide

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Caitlyn - The Carry of Tomorrow xD
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