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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bpianist11

Caitlyn the Cerebral Assassin

Bpianist11 Last updated on February 3, 2011
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What I did

I was like you arent going to get enough kills from your SOTA if you dont have enough damage. So I was like then take it out and put it at the end. Then i was like i'm missing a key ingridient. I needed more armor pen. BC gives more damage and gives you enough attack speed to OVERKILL. With BC you'll look like OP because with armor pen and a lot of attack speed, your stacks are going to build very fast, and you'll hit crit almost every single time. You'll get more kills with infinity edge when put first. Build the BF first and then pickaxe so your damage will increase faster. Even though the SOTA is last(it can still be effective) When facing a good team, you'll want the SOTA to be last. Your game is going to last longer and getting SOTA early isnt good. The best times to get SOTA are after IE after Phantom or after BC but NOT before IE. Oh and always get armor for a DPS heavy or MR for an ability power team.(build banshees AS SOON AS THEY GET FED IF THEY DO)

A few more changes. It's better to put the phantom dancer last because........hold on i know what your thinking, your crits are still at 40. BUT you'll need BC early because the runes cant supply your armor pen. By the time you get BC you'll be ready to go against tanks to gank.

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1. (Do not stop reading until you finish).(there is a lot of info you may or may not know) oh and check for updates.
2. Try this build and master it b4 you be a CRITic(bad pun it sounded funny to me lol)
3. Be amazed and give suggestions in the comment section below and vote!!!
4. Hey if you die a lot its not my fault, you just need perfect practice. Perfect practice makes perfection.
^_^ Have Fun!!!!

One more thing. My budget here is 11k because i earn 11k in most of my games. Once i get phantom dancer, the game is already coming to an end. Oh and if you could live without the armor, then go ahead, you'll have more money damage to spend on your last whisper. But i recommend you get armor, because it is REALLY HELPFUL. ITs better to be safe than sorry.

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Gameplay and Attitude


Always harass the enemy with your peacemaker and traps. First i'll explain traps. As a queen, you can move anywhere and has a lot of power. You have to buy meki pendant early when you start. W/o t you cant harass as much. Since shes not much of caster, you don't need to get tear of the goddess. I used to start with dorans and i ALWAYS lost mana because there were opportunities that i would've taken to harass the enemy. Low mana will make you LOOK VERY WEAK. The enemy will push carefree without any problems.

Since i do play chess, i look at the traps as some pawns

Since my pawns are always guarded by other pieces(the queen is you)---
The enemies will have sort of a blocked path. Place them to limit where they move---
Esp in top or bot your traps lessen places they can go.

Be sure that when the enemy has less space to maneuver.---
If they do step in it, fire another peace maker----
ABUSE THIS SPELL. Your meki pendant withh inncrease your mana regen.----
Always confuse your enemy by replacing the traps in a different location---


----Use this to harass even early game. Remember it does more damage if it hits the champion directly. Almost every person i've faced,they always think they could evade my peacemaker but they cant. This skill isn't as powerful in the very start. By lvl 2 start using it more. Don't be obvious. What i mean by this is don't walk up to the enemy because all they are going to do is shift to the right. Don't abuse this skill that often unless you are SURE its going to hit. In combination with the traps, you'll make your enemy only take a certain route to get to you. Judge where you're enemy will go and peacemaker. It does HEAVY damage lvl 3.

The reason that i go q w q e, is because you want your peacemaker maxed as early as possible.

In early game, once again, you have to abuse your skills. The more you abuse, the more damage you'll do and meki pendant is there. Once you have exactly 1000 gold, go back to base and get your boots of mobility and get another health pot. If your turret isnt in danger then dont use tele. You'll have enough running speed to cover the entire field. You'll have an easier time running away from enemies. By 5 seconds, you'll have movement speed 5.

----By now get SOTA(sword of the occult). This item even works for assists. So even if your ally ks's, you'll still get a stack. If possible, I want you to take thornmail very early if there are 1 to none casters on the other team. With thornmail and your SOTA,you will not die quickly. You wont even die at all. With that armor on, you'll keep your stacks and keep on building them. After that, get your infinity edge or if you need more crits get phantom dancer. I recommend getting phantom dancer because if you don't have all the runes, you need the crit chance since this guide is all about crit. You'll be more stealthier, faster, and have a lot of attack speed WITH A LOT MORE CRIT.

-Caitlyn is so squishy that if you poke her, she'll crumble. YOU NEED ARMOR. You'll always get targeted. I don't care if you have health regen runes. That wont stop someone nuking you in less than 5 seconds. GET ARMOR. WIth DPS heavy team get THORNMAIL BEFORE YOUR SOTA. Once you get thornmail at lvl 5 to 8, the enemy wont kill you. You'll have to be a kind of anti dps. When i'm out in the open trying to get exp, i would be the first one to start the gank. If there is a champ who can always disapear, i would get my oracle asap. Its better to be safe than sorry.

----If you took the thormail, you'll guard even the most armor penetration. SHE"S REALLY SQUISHY SO I RECOMMEND TAKING IT. Take the SOTA then thornmail then IE. If you have your runes you'll be at 40%. After that you'll go for infinity edge if you have the runes. Then go for phantom dancer. Or if you dont have the runes get Phantom dancer first. If you are following this, then be sure to have at least 1700 for chain vest. Not only is thornmail cheap, it'll be VERY useful when you are facing DPS fighters as yourself and everyone else except the casters. In my opinion, casters to me are really easy to kill when you are playing cait. Not only do they have shorter range than you do, you'll have a good enough distance so you wont be caught in ryzes stun lock combo.
----If there 2 casters or one really annoying one(like my kassadin ^_^), get force of nature as the first item your should build. Dont take Sota before or after this item. With force of nature, you'll not die from eve if you accidently get nuked upon. Even though there is another caster on the enemy team, i still wont get this because it costs too much gold. I would rather go for banshee's veil.
----IF YOU FIGHT TEEMO THAN FORCE OF NATURE IS PERFECT. YOu'll gain the hp that you lost because of poison and shrooms and you'll be able to block most of the damage taken. If you are fighting anyone that disappears, they'll likely to damage you with magic, so get force of nature and an oracle. Also force A list of the champs listed here.
-Evelynn -Teemo - Twitch - Shaco -Akali(YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE SHROUD WITH ORACLE TO SEE HER)-Kassadin(dont really have to get oracle, just get FON or banshee's veil)


By now you probably didn't die because of the armor. Your stacks are probably at 20 and you probably already won. IF the enemy has really strong defense, then your peaceday resistance Last whisper/Black Cleaver/Madred's is there(depending on your gold at that point. You'll cut through the tanks because mid game tanks are hard to kill if you dont have the right items. THIS IS THE BEST SPOT FOR LAST WHISPER/BLACK CLEAVER/MADRED'S BECAUSE YOU"LL DEAL MORE DAMAGE WHEN THEY HAVE THEIR MAX HEALTH.


"NEVER be afraid. NEVER play stupid. NEVER GIVE UP. AND YOU'LL NEVER DIE."-BPianist11
Time and time again i've been in insanely situations where the enemy team was up by 11 kills. My team was about to quit because it was 4 on 5. I would always be the one that will vote no in the surrender bar. Dont call me a ****** because quitters have no chance. PPL that try have better chances. In actuallity we won but i cant show you the scores because by now new scores replaced it. YOU'LL NEVER DIE is somewhat an overstatement, because of course you'll die in that game. It's very true if you follow my build. With the right items, you'll never be "flat-footed"-Caitlyn.

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Person Number 1(me lol): I hate attack speed on Cait and i want to be more of a burst but i still want critical damage.

Me: Well, sir not only do you need critical damage you will need critical chance as well as some sort of armor Pen. If you want a BURST SHOT CRITICAL I LISTED THE ITEMS RIGHT HERE.
i can't believe i thought of this in 30 min haha
1. Doran's Blade(or if you have mana issues like me meki's pendant explained allda way down
2. Boots of Mobility(you'll want to cover the whole field and help globaly since none of her abilities are global)*you also need to know that these boots will cover up for teleport so put ghost and cleanse for clean getaways. You could put exhaust instead of ghost because you'll already be moving really fast.
3. Next is sword of the occult. You'll need this so you can build up damage for your nuke. IT is very cheap so i suggest using it. With the stacks you'll become UNSTOPABLE.
4. Get your infinity edge. This and sword of the occult will be your assassination items. With both of these, you'll destroy the enemy within seconds.
5. Build up last whisper or black cleaver or my favorite blood thirster.

- last whisper and black cleaver for destroying tanks.
- OMG bloodthirster AWESOME ITEM. Even with minion kills you get stacks. You could build up to 100 AD WITH A LOT OF LIFE STEAL so that means no need for health pot buy some wards ^_^. (really recommended)
6. Its late in the game and you need extrafire power. To complete it either use phantom dancer or Madred's BloodRazor. If you feel like you want even more crit chance go for phantom with more AS then BloodRazor. Either way you can destroy tanks EASILY if your runes and stacks are up. To prepare for a tank kill, get your headshot ready or near ready....tele to their location and shoot them 4 times flash hit them two times then ulti. That enough should finish them i think. If they try to run you have your fast boots so killing them will be easy.

Damage so far(SOTO*maxed IE DORANS BT*maxed)
110(SOTO)+ 75(IE)+ 8(DORANS)+ 100(BT)=293
WITH BOTH CRITS AND HEADSHOT=1100++++(Can hit a lot more than this) DMG! KILLS ME IN TWO SHOTS SCARY DAMAGE. If you look above my health is only 1800.........I'm dead if she gets stacks haha.

i forgot to add her base damage...........LOL wait these are the real results. suprising?

Her base damage is 101 at 18
W/Crits=985(Way more than b4 :))(you'll be using this often)
W/Headshot/WO CRIT)=591
W/both=1,477.5.....O_O(or more i'm not very sure how they calculate this)

your ulti= 700+394(2)=A WHOPPING 1,488 DMG.....well not really a lot when you are facing tanks. For squishies like the champs i play(Cait, Ashe, Kassadin) its really scary. it's almost a one hit kill..............REALLY SCARY.

But wait there is STILL MORE.....................I forgot to add the masteries ^_^.(i'm being lazy right now so i'll do that later)

To kill your tanks you might want to reconsider. Buy the Madred's bloodrazor. If there are a lot of tanks on the opposing team you can still follow the nuke setup. Only if you had Last whisper with the all of the item build can you truly grasp the most powerful caitlyn alive.

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My spells

In addition to my boots of mobility i want to be everywhere and anywhere. Teleport and Flash is perfect for going around nuking(well with physical damage) and killing everyone in her path. Flash is for quick getaways. And in they are running away and you don't have ulti, flash, net and shoot them. Buy sight wards........really cheap and put them in enemy territory.....see your pray running away, tele and kill them......need a quick escape.....tele is there.

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Deadliness(mastery)=2% crit
Greater mark of Malice= total 8.37
Greater seal of Malice= tot. 3.78
Quintessence of Malice= tot. 5.58
LOL you start out with a huge 19.73& crit chance. You can kill your enemies and minions faster with crit its like you already have infinity edge(20% crit). You do not need to get the glyph of malice because it gives very low crit chance. Get alacrity instead. Very very useful for early ganks and early harassment. This skill is maxed out with headshot. Do you still need to think you need to go back to full AD? For example you start out with doran's blade and a health pot. You'll farm easier and kill faster if you have ALL the runes explained above. Its very costly so build up your cash if you want to max out Cait's effectiveness.

A lot of people think that i'm really dumb for having crit runes for caitlyn but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR THIS BUILD IN MY PERSONAL OPINION.

To add more crit just add another cloak of agility if you are running out of time. With about 20 %(just like infinity edge) you'll have an edge on your enemy because you have more chance to hit double the damage. In the beginning you'll have more of a chance to hit as you did before.....THESE RUNES ARE REALLY REALLY HELPFUL WHEN YOU GET INFINITY EDGE. By the time you get your infinity edge, you'll have 40% crit chance which is more than enough to land a lot of criticals on your enemy. With sword of the occult in bay, you have even more AD and crit damage when you hit the enemy.

A lot of ppl say and even myself that AS is really important on Caitlyn and it is. Thats why i have the glyphs of alacrity to help me early. An extra 10% Attack speed is vital to your DPS.

Armor penetration runes: with this guide armor penetration will not be needed. If you put all your marks and quints to armor pen, you'll get nothing early game. Thats because flat armor reduction DOES NOT reduce your opponents armor below zero making it REALLY STUPID. Here are the facts It'll be a worse choice than picking critical chance runes because you'll actually do more damage than none.

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you want to put the tele mastery on. Sadly i didn't want to go full utility but you have to put the teleport one and you have to put the buffs on because you want your golems to last as long as possible. I put most of them in attack because they are highly needed for your crits and base damage.

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Pros and Cons


-Lots of range
-Strong from start to finish
-Her speed is higher compared to lvl2's like the greaves
-The traps and net can be used to escape very easily


-if you are CC'd you are dead.
-VERY SQUISHY(stay behind in team fights)(or get an armor item)/magic resist(banshee's)
-idk what other cons but since this is a good Cait there shouldn't be :)

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What a sniper is and what a sniper isn't

If you want to max out this build you have to take mid......unless there is ashe or some other hard carry to do the job. If you kill your opponent in mid......(and you have your boots and swordofheoccult) go to your partner's lane and get them to give you more stacks. The more stacks you have the more of an assassin you become.

The grass(brush) is where you the sniper will campout your mission(kill your objective clean and quickly). Hide in the brush of your partners lane and camp it out...when the enemy is very low health snipe them......YOU ARE THE SNIPER. YOU SHOULDN'T BE SEEN AND VERY AGILE. One shot is all that takes to take someone down. With Cait running all over the place and hiding the enemy team will have to buy wards. When you see them buy should buy wards before they can.

What a sniper is:
-stays low and frosty
-RECON above all else(thats why you have wards and fast movement)
-Gets to the point of assassination as quickly as possible without being spotted
-Always gets a hit(AKA Your Ulti)
-Hits very hard(Sniper Rifles are the strongest around and shouldn't be so weak)(like AS isn't that realistic on a sniper but its a video game who cares ^_^)
-hits one or very few shots

What a sniper isn't:
everything opposite to the above.

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Peace Maker: This is your main harassment item in the early game. It deals very high damage and just demolishes. When the enemy's health is low and they are behind the tower, take the back route and suprise them with a skill shot instantly killing them. Then talk trash. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Make sure that it isn't too obvious when you shoot it and while you are movin around.

Cupcake trap(Yordle Snap Trap):This is your main rape whistle. Once active, activate the exhaust on him and shoot him until your team comes or finish him off with ulti. OR hit them with peacemaker for the one two punch. TIPS:place them under enemy minions, bushes, ganking spots, by enemy towers, by yours, ANYTHING but plain sight. ALso its a good idea to place a trap in front of your feet to have them scatter thus giving you a chance to hit your peacemaker. DON'T abuse this early on VERY BAD. you will lose mana and make your tower vunerable. Also, put these around corners because a lot of ppl lke to cut them to try and kill you so putting these babies will help you a lot.(magic damage plus 0.6 per AP)

90 CAL NET:Is great in combination of your cupcake trap because it adds more damage, slows them down enough to kill them. Tank or no tank, when death cap is on(with your armor pen), no hope for the enemy ^_^. Viva la Net. Get away from your enemies or get to them by flinging yourself over stuff and to your opponent. Same goes for the net, if they are still close when they just got hit by the net, peacemaker them. It will deal a good amount of total damage to shoo them away.(Magic damage plus 0.8 per AP)

ULTI: Ace in da Hole: This baby can go a long distance(not really i really wanted it global but it is long anyway) End team fights, ks(don't do this if they aren't going to really escape you will waste your ulti), and scare ppl away from the turrets. Somehow i like how the icon is on there head( since they know or don't know how powerful my cait is, they'll learn their lesson).

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Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Combined with your headshot, your crits plus AD will make that probably hit more than your ulti itself.
Tip #2: It is recommended to have a champion in your lane with CC's esp slows like kogmaw. You'll hit your peacemaker easier, get to them faster via net, and set up your next attack with your traps explained next.
Tip #3: Don't use your traps early if you are going to spam your peacemaker. SAVE YOUR MANA. Countless times i had mana problems with Cait and i always had trouble trying to guard a turret without mana. In early game i think your crit does more damage than your peacemaker because of the patch(not sure).
Tip #4: Even though this is obvious, if your enemy champion is always moving around blocking your peacemakers, either stop throwing them(don't be obvious) or if judged your enemies movement, activate your peace maker in the spot you think they are going to go once they start moving there.
Tip #5: Always harass (SAFELY) with your auto attack. Keep your distance and do it when the time is right because champs like ryze and sion have stuns that WILL cause automatic death. Sometimes you'll get lucky but you'll still have no mechanism to boost your health and mana.
Tip #6:When taking top or bot, shoot the minions whilst in the grass until you have 6(3 shots) then pop your head out and start heading back, shoot a minion and then shoot your headshot at the enemy. Massive damage will be dealt. THIS will be your main harassment tool aside from peacemaker. Do this often and your opponent will be afraid to attack your minions. Also when your headshot is up and running don't stop moving because you'll auto attack a minion wasting your headshot keep it as a fear tactic. If the enemies see you have headshot they'll move back, and once they do farm a minion and go back in the brush. Wash rinse repeat.
Tip #7: Getting tired of not killing your enemies with your ulti? The solution(if you are using teleport) tell a teamate to set up a ward right near their base, if by chance you see them, tele to your ward and finish them off or get your teammates do if the enemy is trying to use recall. The enemy won't see the animation and will get caught off guard.
Solution 2: if by chance that you get to peak at the enemies health DO IT. It will grant access to the basic information you need when your ulti is ready. If they have more than what your ulti can do stop and think..... will your teamates or you have tele on to stop them when you do hit. OR you can save your ulti for better purposes. Teleport is a great spell on Cait especially when your midding because with a ward you can catch the enemy by their turret and then ulti them there. Also when the enemy health is low stop and think if someone is going to gank you and if there is don't attempt to kill that person because in return you'll kill yourself.
Tip #8: always play smart, tell your teammates to call all mias so you can plant the traps in the direction they should be coming from. If you have a lot of mana problems and abuse your peacemaker grab a mana pot or get a mana regen item.

WOAH......lots of tips hope this helps.....good luck!!!

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Mana Problems???

I'm the kind the person that always spams the peacemaker because i'll know that i'll hit it. fix that problem i'll sometimes get a meki's pendant and 2 hp pots because i LOVE to spam. The i'll build tear of the goddess. Why? It grants you more mana every time you use an ability. Guess what i use my abilities ALOT. The abilities need to be spammed because not only do they do a lot of harassment, they will grant you a max of an extra 1000 mana. That's a lot for Caitlyn.

What I like about this is that enemies usually scatter when they see me charging my peacemaker or when they feel like i am. It keeps a safe distance from you and your enemy. Therefore you won't have to use lifesteal because you'll always have a safe distance. Espically when they are in the bushes or if your traps are activate, you should place another trap immeadiatly under their feet so you can have 3 punches. Trap(activated)>trap under feet> peacemaker....I found out that if you immeadiatly press your peacemaker when you click for the w, it will happen in rapid sucession ensuring no miss.

Especially that this assassin needs to find mana to keep firing her ulti. Even though i don't spend my mana early when i get doran's, I find that when the ulti is fired, it burns a lot of mana. If you are going doran's, then just don't fire the ulti until lvl 2 ulti unless the enemy is sure to die from that ulti.
In my opinion i prefer getting a lot of mana than lifesteal because you can set up more defense and harass even though you have really low health. So....i'm going to change doran's blade up at the top to either saphire crystal or meki's pendant.

Always check the enemies health by right clicking them, you will have a clear judgement whether or not to chase him, shoot ulti, stay back, and set up ganks. It will help you by judging how much mana he or she does. With that powerful info, the enemy champ probably wont have any defense if ganked if they don't have mana to do so. With how much health the enemy has, you can tell exactly how much damage is going to hit him.

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After your first Infinity Edge, you might feel like the game is going to end and you don't have that much gold. If you have enough money to build a cloak of agility DO IT. It'll bring your Crit chance to 60% and with your early game win, you might have a lot of stacks so AD is covered.

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Forget about armor penatration

Since this is all OP Crits and OP AD, you wont need that much armor penetration to begin with .....If you feel like you don't have to go for bloodthrister, get last whisper instead. Its a lot cheaper than black cleaver and grants more damage when you are facing tanks. After that you will want to build your madred's. You'll be not as strong when you are facing squishes like ashe, but when you are facing tanks, you'll destroy them. If the enemy team has a fed squishy then don't go for penetration, just follow the build up top. Oh and if you feel like you don't want to get the bloodthirster yet, just get the Phantom Dancer. This is if you don't feel like the enemy team is doing enough damage to you that you need to up your AD. Blood thirster is more of a in your face kind of item because you need to let your opponents see that your are getting insane health. But Phantom dancer adds more stealth. It gives you MORE movement speed, and you'll have more Crit chance.
This is also the deal if you don't have all the crit chance runes above.Either way(BT or PD), you'll give a lot of damage if you have stacks from your SOTA.

Option #2: you want to deal a lot of damage, but also want to kill tanks at the same time(because some noob on your team fed a tank LOL). The solution is after you get IE then PD, get Last Whisper. I like the fact that LW has a armor Percentage instead of flat becauase when you are flat. If you feel like the LW should be put towards middle game(if someone fed esp singed), get your sword of the occult, then LW, then just go for Madred's next. Sure you wont be assassinating squishes, but you'll be assassinating tanks.

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Stay Frosty!!!

I love sniper rifles and cait too.... not only does she have a rifle, she has traps and nets.
Use your traps to block baron and net and put a ward by baron so you could snipe and kill your enemy without being seen and then run for your life so you are "without a trace". Always put at least wards in jungles in the opposing team in the game so you can kill junglers such as ww in seconds. Tele there kill him, flash into brush, and then back to base. Mission complete. Throughout the whole game always try to use the brush to a huge advantage. Use wards in brushes by your allied turrets so when you tele you wont be found. Kill the soloists as quickly as possible. With headshot being load in less shots in the brush, killing the target is easy.

Be as stealthy as eve as possible......try not to show up on the map. You want to assassinate better than akali. Pretend its like the movie WANTED where they curve the bullets. At the end, the protagonist snipes the guy that is standing on the x. Use your traps as that x. Once they are caught shoot them with a POWERFUL peacemaker followed by a Ace in the hole and they are dead. Never try to go 1 to 5 ........unless you are an godly sniper. It doesn't matter if you are fed or not.....don't try to do 1 against 5. If you are planning to do that make sure that you kite like crazy, shoot from the brush, and flash if it gets too much then tele somewhere else.

Oh i forgot....with tele you can back door very easily. Caitlyn could destroy turrets like they were nothing...once you destroy one turret run.......obviously you are going to be spotted. Then go B. With this need to farm really good so you can get your expensive items really fast. REMEMBER THIS.......ONCE YOU ARE CC'd YOU ARE DEAD. You are extremely squishy......(i hope they make a guy sniper with more armor).....if ryze catches you in a are dead just like anyone else with ccs. Don't replace your boots of mobility with mercurys because you don't have ghost. That means running away is going to be really hard.

Even though this is against this build.....phantom dancer would make assassinations EVEN FASTER. You'll have more movement but you'll attack faster with even MORE crit chance. It is suggested over madred's in my opinion because its cheaper with benefits to a sniper. LOL i forgot that snipers shoot tanks. You can use madred's if the busy gets tough......It will be really easy at that point to kill the tanks even if they have 4k health. If you get your stacks and not die.....Remember you don't have to get the kills you have to get the stacks. So don't be reckless. The stacks are very very important to this build thats why you can stay behind the team fight and shoot your net and run away and still get the assist.

If you look at the items....your end game is a total'll have enough power to assassinate anything in your path......maybe even baron? w/ls.

If you find that your mana is being low all the time, buy tear of the goddess.

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Get Used To It

This is how Caitlyn should be viewed and played....See? I told you guys doing experiments over and over work. This is probably the PERFECT build for Caitlyn's assassination spree. Plz don't vote down because you are only hurting yourself. Get used to playing this kind of Caitlyn more often esp. with the Resistance skin ^_^ because it makes you look more dangerous. Also, if you don't like the way that i put crit chance runes then you can go f yourself ******. I've tried many builds and many have failed. This build though will give you overpowering capabilities. Master this Caitlyn and move on to the next just like i'm going to do. I'm done with the Caitlyn saga and probably erasing my other guides but i'm going to over stuff the tips and stuff into this one. Stay Frosty ^_^