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Caitlyn Build Guide by Krille301

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Krille301

Caitlyn the dominator!

Krille301 Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Caitlyn the dominator.
A really good guide to her and I got a penta kill in the five rounds I just played her guide can also be used in the dominion

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Dominion Cait is about one of two things. You can stand behind someone and shoot the hell out of the badguys by running to top, or you can take bottom lane.

In bottom lane: You take it, you hold it. You press it. You farm it. You stay in it. You can push this lane. And defend sometimes even 2v1 depending on the champs. That makes it so that your team can push 4v3 or 4v4 up top. If I'm owning bottom, then top is owning too.

First time I played dominion I thought that Cait was terrible after having played 400 games with her, but you just have to know your role. With this Cait build you can farm the bot lane easy, or you can shoot and hurt a lot of people. Then you can get to a crit build that basically destroys everyone. You're still squishy, but with flash/exhaust , net, a few traps you can get away from everyone but alk. When you are pushing a lane by yourself you have promote. So you can kill a few minions, and then you're able to pop promote and between you and the creep wave take a tower before the baddies can strike.

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Crit damage all day every day. It's just meant to make it so when you're critting frequently that you're getting tons of damage. This helps your regen and your kill rate. When I'm critting late game it can be as high as 1400 and with this build I'm critting almost evety single time that I strike. Because I have the crit damage runes I can tear through a squishy as long as their burst doesn't finish me off first. Also, with the life regen I typically have enough left to take a tower and sometimes push after that. Often I keep pushing just to regen my healthbar.

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21-0-9. Push max damage for late game ownage. I can't stress enough that late game no one is doing more damage than me. When I look at damage meters at the end of the game I'm often twice as high as the next person down. I'm destroying the meter. I own the damn meter. That's what you should be aiming for.

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"Everybody just defend"

If someone says this on your team reach through the computer and punch them in the face. Here's the problem. They win top, and the four of them are sitting there. One of their dudes back doors. One of their dudes gets the mid buff. 3 of their dudes come down and kick the snot out of me. Defending 3 is the fastest way to get your bottom double/triple/quadruple teamed. Don't do it. Don't be rude. Push as a group.

Especially if your down you have to push your advantages. If you win the top fight don't just sit on your ***. Get down there and take one of the mids so that you can catch up quicker. Try to defend mid for a little while. It's ok to retreat, but just harass and get that extra point.

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Uh oh, they have thornmail...

If you're getting strong or even a little ahead everyone in the game should fear you. I take 1/4 health away from champs in 1 hit, and I can hit 2 times a second. It's a fast gg. The problem is that if you're in an AD heavy group or they are afraid of you they will get thornmail. By that time I usually have a sanguine blade (think bloodthirster), but that's not enough. I usually get the executioners calling. It's cheap and has 18% lifesteal. It's the best lifesteal bang for buck. I hear MR and armor pen helps, but screw it. I don't play the defensive game. If I can't pick a different target I'll just mess around and harass.

One other thought is that what I normally see happen is that when I go bot someone smart will eventually get thornmail. The simple solution is to switch with an AP at that point and go top. The other guy will be ****** when they realize 2k has just been flushed down the tube.