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League of Legends Build Guide Author xLiqur

Caitlyn: The Rangeless Mistress (Updated 1/12/11)

xLiqur Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Hello everyone! This is my first serious guide, and with that being said I would like to give you a little information about how I came about LoL and MOBAFire.

I know almost everyone started with DoTA, but TBH I have never played a game of DoTA! I started with HoN ( Heroes of Newerth ) a buddy of mine invited me in the early stages of the beta, and I got hooked since.

After playing literally thousands of games of HoN, it seemed to me it was lacking something, and I thought it could always be so much more. When the game was so called "finalized" ( they just added a price and copied LoL's store ), I handed over the $30 for the game thinking it would soon evolve into more. It did not. I heard of LoL through HoN kids ranting about how stupid LoL is and its community.... and all I have to say is WOW. LoL, in every single way is so much better than HoN, and it was exactly what i was looking for in this genre of games ( with the summoner addition ).

/HoN Rant...Lol.

So here I am now, trying to get involed in what seems to be like a good place for some competitive LoL action :D! and what not a better way to start it with what I think is an amazing way to play Caitlyn: The Rangeless Mistress!

I also know that there are an excessive amount of troller's here....I say bring them on! ";)

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Mark of Desolation

ArPen pretty straight forward. Works great with rallyas well!

Seal of Alacrity

I get these to make up from the lack of attack speed from not getting Berserker's Greaves. Attack speed works amazing with her passive to get those extra procs in! I feel boots of swiftness are almost a must on her to get her in and out with the Q spams and auto attacks.

Glyph of Clarity

Mana regen is her number one problem, and even though I would like more of it, I feel she gains more from the armor pen and attack speed with her passive and physical abilities.

Quint of Fortitude

This simply to add that little bit of extra health that you really need, makes you look a little more beefy early game ;) lol.

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I've thought over mastries alot, and really wanted to go something along the lines of 0/9/21 for the extra health and mana regen. But with this build you need as much dmg as you can get, and the extra 5 seconds you can get on rally and the added abilty power it adds is great for your team. You can also put a point in ghostto give it a little something extra.

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Ok, so here we go.
Since the release of Caitlyn, I've been browsing this site for a build to try out and see what I can do. I've tried AS/Crit to AD/AP, AD/Off tank, and even a burst type build (which was/is my favorite and still play!). After playing close to 25 or so games with this build, its growing on me to be my favorite :) and you will soon see why!

Boots of Swiftness

I thought alot about what boots to get with her, and Boots of swiftness just seem to me so much more useful then the extra attack speed ( I havefor attack speed ). The extra movment allows to get in and out quick with Q hits, and to postion yourself for better placement with your ult, espcially with the movment speed gain from phantom dancer!

Tiamat x2

This is what makes this build work. Her Q, passive, and range abuse this item to the max! It also allows you to get early health and mana regen, which you really need! Once you get 2, your splashing for %75 dmg off of a passive proc because its true dmg! and if you hit a minion on your passive proc, you gain an extra %100 more dmg then you would get from just hitting a champ. With the %75 splash, along with your dmg from your sword, and your Q, and your range you just are a force to be reckoned with!

Sword of the Occult

This is what makes your Tiamat splash effective, and adds a heavy punch to your Q,R, and passive. If you think its a waste, and some games I do, i just get a 3rd Tiamat, or Yummosfor the AS/ArPen/Crit and movment speed buffs. What more could you ask for?

Starks Fervor

I get this item for mainly the life steal, and attack speed. The aura it gives is a nice addition to almost any team.

Phantom Dance

I hardly ever get the chance to get this item, but when I do its pretty much a done deal at this point! >< The added attack speed, crit, and movement speed work hand in hand with everything your trying to pull off.

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With this complete build, some games i would just spam Q into creeps, and auto attack anything I could hit, and just drop rally and watch the bodies hit the floor. Its quite amazing to see a squishies health go to 0 from just a q spam and 3 shots, and proc into some creeps. (Hopefully you crit on a proc!! the results are almost comical to see whole creep waves and sometimes squishies dying from the splash from the Tiamat!

Remember to pop Rally before shooting away! Hopefully this helps out some players looking to get into Caitlyn, but dont know where to start.

Feel free to add anything, and state your input! Would love to work with people on testing/building/playing anything with LoL!

Add me! xLiqur