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Caitlyn Build Guide by CondemnedToaster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CondemnedToaster

Caitlyn - The Survivalist

CondemnedToaster Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Welcome to my build for Caitlyn as a competitive ranked AD Carry.

The reason why i've decided to make this build is because Caitlyn have abillities like no other AD Carry to survive, and this is a thing that is extremely usefull, as AD Carries normally are 1. priority when the fighting starts.

When you have read this build you will be able to:

-Dominate your lane without having to worry about nasty surprises (ganks)
-Easily get out of tight situations (Even in team-fights)
-Take down enemies, even the heavy ones
-Solo dragon when Infinity Edge is in house
-Back door if necessary

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Skills of a Survivalist

So as promised i will teach you how to survive the game, and control the area around you.

These 6 abilities and items will be your tools for this matter

So what are these abilities good for?

The Yordle Snap Trap

Yordle Snap Trap is in my opinion your most important tool for holding off enemies, as it has a low cooldown when ranked up, and it will in cases have the function of a wall as the enemy will have to either flash over or take the consequences, which is a 1,5 second mobilization, more than time enough for you to escape, or deal HEAVY damage, you should allways remember to put up a guard of traps in your area so you allways have a way to escape unexpected unpleasanties.

Movement Speed

As for movement speed. you will be having a few options
What i usually do is that i upgrade my Boots of Speed to Boots of Swiftness so that i am nearly uncatchable when i have finished Phantom Dancer too.
However. You can choose if you find it necessary -to upgrade your boots to either Mercury's Treads or Berserker's Greaves all depending on the situation. Or Boots of Mobility if you want to have a little bit of fun.

90 Caliber Net

Also a very usefull escape mechanism, but also for hunting!
But the best thing about The 90 Caliber must be the push backwards you get, this push enables you to walljump over small distances, like Barons nest, or the wall at your base. It can also be used for kiting, but you got to be careful about that, for the distance that you get pushed is not that long. And the Cooldown is pretty long.


A wounderfull spell. This is what will save your *** in case nasty champs such as Kassadin or Tryndamere should come by. simple and easy, you might even get a kill.


This is your last chance if everything else should fail, or be on cool down, and it is as simple as a blink of and eye.
You can also in rare cases initiate with flash if you've got exhaust ready too. your enemy will drop down in a matter of seconds.

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Your Role


So as Ranged AD Carry you should always, accompanied by a support, head down to your bottom lane and start planting traps in the bushes, when minions come by you start farming (lasthitting minions) as soon as possible. remember that caitlyn has a 650 range on her normal attacks, which is 100 more than normal Ranged carries, so make use of that ability and harras the enemy as much as you can, but without loosing any minions.

Pro tip: try to dominate the bushes and stay in there if you can, your passive will pay you off handsomely.


So when the inevitable teamfight is about to start you will plant traps in your area and be ready to escape unpleasanties, if confronted, this will not only save your butt, but also let your team have less to worry about if anyone should try to hunt you down.
I myself like to stay around the Wraits when the fighting is about to start, if you can lurk the enemy into your traps around there, you will have the full controll of them, and become able to get a kill, even if they decide to flee from your incredible damage, they will not be able to survive an ace in the hole.

Back Dooring

This is where you will need to be a sneaky bastard, and need alot of map awareness, therefore you will need wards, and tactical correct placements with your traps, try to place them where they obviously would go and where they will be inevitable to step into.sight ward
The best time to back door is when the majority of the enemy champions are on, say top lane, and you wanna push bott lane. Makes sence doesn't it? And for gods sake, don't be greedy, this will cost you, no doubt about that. However are you in grieve need for an inhibitor to go down, you can always commit suicide at any nearby tower, to deny your enemy gold. gold form your killing spree, that is!

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Nope! no damn Dorans Blade in this build! In a competitive team it will be your supports job to keep your health at its highest, not your own, you might wanna have some lifesteal later on in game, but thats where Bloodthirster gets into the picture anyway.
Anyway, to me it is essential that you get your first B. F. Sword immediately when you got the 1650 gold for it. This will not only ease your farming, it will also give a greater push to your enemies than if you'd rather build stupid Dorans Blades.. pff
Anyway, the first item you wanna get your hands on will definitely be Infinity Edge, it is expensive yes. but you get what you pay for, and more to it. especially for Caitlyn, this item is a big deal, combined with her passive a critical strike on an enemy can be absolutely devastating.


As for the other items Phantom Dancer synchronizes absolutely perfect with Infinity Edge, and the extra movement speed is just wonderful for your survivability, or huntability!
After phantom you will need some armor penetration, for it is getting late in game, and your opponents are getting armored
At this point in game, it will become difficult for your Support to only look after you, so you must get yourself a way to get hp back in a fab, im talking about The Bloodthirster ofc!
Now if the game hasn't ended by now you should consider what you actually need, i like to go for Black Cleaver, or Guardian Angel, but it also at times happens that you just need some hp, therefore Warmogs armor, and Frozen mallet are considerable.

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Laning (Early Game)

As described before, you will only need your boots of speed when the game starts, however you might wanna go with some health potions if your going with a non heal support like janna and Zilean.
So from this point you place your traps, and start dominating your bushes, get the lasthit on minions and remember to harras your opponents,
In case your support doesn't bring a ward, you must do so your self, or use your traps in the gank bush, or around there. it is really essential that you see the ganker before its too late, you cant afford to lose minions.
When you get the 1650 or so, you wanna go home to get your B.F. Sword
and farm on till you can finish infinity. now you must act like the game progresses, if the dragon is alive, you can go and kill it, if there are no fights going on.

Killing The Dragon

To kill the dragon alone, you will need following:
-Be lvl 12
-Have Infinity Edge
-Have Health Potion
-3 Traps sat up
-Have Headshot ready
When you have placed the traps in the tactical right places you can safely begin to kill the dragon.
Start to pull him with your Piltover Peace maker,and hit him with your Headshot after now pop your potion- run to the nearby bush, and start shooting at him like a craze, while spamming peacemaker on him. He should be down quite fast, and you should have a few bars of hp left afterwards.

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So that was my build and guide for Caitlyn, i hope this has enlightend you about Caitlyns abilities, and what she is capable of.

The reason why i have decided not to make a chapter about masteries and runes is because i think you can decide your self weather its what you wanna go with or not. Theres not really much to explain there.
Feel free to comment and stuff, i'd like some constructive feedback if you have some.
thats it for now, go make some headshots!