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Shaco Build Guide by Weenerdog123

Assassin Cancer, but somehow works...

Assassin Cancer, but somehow works...

Updated on March 27, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weenerdog123 Build Guide By Weenerdog123 2,731 Views 0 Comments
2,731 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Weenerdog123 Shaco Build Guide By Weenerdog123 Updated on March 27, 2016
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I know, you're thinking "why did i click on this guide" and you're probably already about to ask me what rank in bronze i am. But here me out. This build actually works and it works really good. i was just trying some random stuff out one day playing shaco, and i built this stuff. and ever since then i started building this every time. With this build you win will more games. And even in losses you're score is still gonna be good. This will help you become a better shaco player and a better jungler. :D GLHF
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How to play him:

Ganking: When ganking with shaco, always stay in the fog of war, and when the enemy is pushed to far up. When you go in, Q (Deceive) over the wall, and if they're pushed pretty far up, go a few steps a flash behind them and place your W (Jack in the box) run up to them. Since you Q'd you should have a crit, when you up to them, E (Two-Shiv Poison) them, and then keep auto-ing them, they should get scare by this and flash out, straight into your box. when that happens. you go and smite and ignite them, auto and E one more time. and they should be dead.

Team Fights: When your team is in a team fight, stay in the shadows and don't let your enemy see you. Go Q over a wall and focus their carry. place a box right at their feet and keep auto-ing them. Use your E as soon as you go in, pop your hydra, smite, ignite, and auto and they should be dead. If you are caught in between a team fight and everyone starts focusing you. Just ult and keep getting the carry, you team will get the rest of them while you're getting the carry. At first it will be hard, but then you will get the hang of it. :D
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When starting off, get your W and just place them right behind where your blue buff spawns starting from 45 seconds, after that keep auto'ing the blue buff in its back. and after you get blue. Get your Q and go over the Baron (Blue Side) or Drag (Red side) pit to the enemy red. If you're lucky, you should find a really low enemy and a really low red buff. Go up and smite the red buff and place a box behind them. if you're fast enough you should get the kill, if not you should atleast get the flash. If no one is there, then you get a free red buff. :D
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Since you're jungle, you will need to take smite. The reason i take ignite, is that with the ignite you can kill them easier. The reason you don't need to take flash on Shaco is that Shaco's Q range is bigger than a flash, and its cool down is 16 at the start, and late game it gets even lower.
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These masteries are really good on Shaco. A lot of people would say to not take Thunderlords, since shaco already has a confirmed crit. But with Thunderlords, you can easily 1v1 the enemy jungler, and get a huge spark and a power spike of damage when that goes off. So it is really important and gives you a lot of sustain.
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These runes are really good on shaco, since they give him a lot of attack speed, attack damage, scaling health for late game, and magic resist for late game as well. This is really good on shaco and makes him one shot later in the game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Weenerdog123
Weenerdog123 Shaco Guide
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Cancer, but somehow works...

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