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Kalista Build Guide by KillerSupport

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KillerSupport

Can't touch this:Extreme Movement Speed Kalista

KillerSupport Last updated on May 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone,welcome to my Kalista guide.(This is my first guide on Mobafire so please bear with me).I'll try to make this good as i can so that you guys can understand how to play her better(or not,we all have our different playstyles)

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Pros / Cons

-Great at kiting enemies
-Infinite stacking E(not really,max cap is 257)
-Nearly uncatchable
-Moving wards
-AA proc with Oathsworn
-Great Ult

-Dependent on AAs
-Squishy once she's caught
-Weak early game
-Pretty much dies if CC'd

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There are 3 core items you need to build on Kalista:BoRK,Berseker's Greaves(with Furor)and Trinity Force.These 3 items are what makes the "Uncatchable Kalista" build.The bonus movement speed from Furor and Rage can help her chase or escape enemies.This also helps her dodge skillshots,especially ones that stun or slow her.

Once you build those 3 items,it's time to build Bloodthirster.The additional lifesteal from Bloodthirster grants her more sustain while the shield grants her survivability.Yhe shield also helps to negate the damage against tanks with Thornmail.

Speaking of tanks,you also need to build Last Whisper,though that's more of a last item choice.If there are more than 3 tanks in the enemy team,build a Last Whisper.If their tank is weak,build a Frozen Mallet.

Frozen Mallet is one of the best items on Kalista.You already have lots of bonus movement speed,what else can make you uncatchable?Frozen Mallet!

This item grants a lot of health,plus it slows the enemy.So it's either LW or Frozen Mallet as a last choice.

Oh wait i forgot IE.Well,sometimes i don't choose this and just buy both LW and FM.The crits are good but i don't generally build this item at all on Kalista.

BUT,it's your choice.

And now for the Situationals!Let's start with Black Cleaver.This is also a good item for shredding tanks,and because of the rework,you could choose this instead of Trinity Force because of the Rage passive.

Build Mercurial Scimitar if the enemy mage is too much of a threat.The last 3 you should only build rarely,since you get decent attack speed from BoRK and Trinity Force.

I also added 3 items you could build to provide some defense against AP Assassins.They are the main threat to ADCs so building one of these can also be optional since Assassins like LeBlanc and Akali tend to one shot you

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Skill Tips

I typically go first for Rend because it helps greatly with last hitting.It can also be used for harassing.Attack a nearby minion atleast 3 times and then attack your lane opponent.Stack as many spears as you can and then activate Rend to kill the minion and get the reset on Rend,also damaging the enemy.

Pierce is also a good harrasment ability.One quick combo is to Pierce towards the enemy(It activates Martial Poise)and then auto attack backwards,and then activating Rend.This allows you to put atleast two spears onto the enemy,with the additional damage from Rend.

Now let's talk about Sentinel.This ability is actually pretty great,because not only you get a moving ward,you also do addtional magic damage to an enemy if you and your Oathsworn attack the same one.This is even more powerful with supports that are autoattack based,like Sona,especially if she has her Power Chord.Also,take full advantage of the Sentinel Active.Make your Sentinel roam between the bush under the Dragon's Pit and the bush parallel to it.This makes ganking for the enemy hard,since the Sentinel screams once it spots someone.

Finally,Fate's Call.Try to partner with a tanky champion or at least has AoE CC.This will allow you to chain CC into the enemy.