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Teemo Build Guide by zellboy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zellboy

Captain Teemo On Duty

zellboy Last updated on August 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey guys this is my new Teemo build. I got him the other day and I immediately started destroying with him. I didn't always get the best K/D ratio but I was definitely a factor in helping my team win with either my "right-click and kill" attack speed or my "'shrooms o' death". This build gives you at least 2.2 attack speed and over 350AP so you mushrooms are killer. Read, enjoy, comment and rape errrr I mean rate ;)

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8/22/2011 - Build Created and posted (incomplete)
8/23/2011 - Mushrooms discussed, Icons added

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Pros / Cons

Let's begin with the pros and cons of Teemo

HE'S SO CUTE!!! <33333 (no ****)
He's versatile (He can go full AD, AP, hybrid or Tank-Teemo (Tankmo))
Very fast
Free wards every now and again that hurt
Cute skins =D

Super Squishy (unless building Tankmo (which I'm not discussing here))
Requires good positioning (can't be in the middle of a teamfight, just sniping from the sides)
Dies quick to AP champs (can't blind them so they continuously hit him)

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Before even starting queue you need runes. Here are the runes I've been using that worked so far:

I take 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration so that my blinding dart has a greater sting and my poison is doing it's job (as it's all based off AP)

9 Greater Seal of Ability Power to start the game with some AP (5.3 just from seals)

9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reductionfor my blinding shot to be fired as often as possible against an AD champ (I.E. Ashe, Xin Zhao, etc.)

2 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power so throughout the game I'm building AP which is important when you get your Rabadon's

1 Greater Quintessence of Health as Teemo needs some survivability in lane

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I like to set my masteries pre-game so I'll talk about them now.

I go with a 9/0/21 build as it gives you some extra damage and more cooldown reduction through utility

I take 3 points in Archmage's Savvy to get another .6 AP per level. It really adds up in the end. I also drop another point in Deadliness as I am auto-attacking so crits are good

I put 4 points in Sorcery to lower cooldowns more and to open up Archaic Knowledge for more magic penetration. I like penetrating =D wait...

I have 3 points in Good Hands for a few reasons. First, I don't like to be dead. Second, that 10% could save your last nexus turret and give you the chance to push back and win. Another good choice is Perseverence for the health and mana regen. Regardless put a point in Spatial Accuracy . It reduces the time it take to tele and lowers the cooldown. How it works? Well you can teleport to a shroom in their jungle and pop out on the person your team was chasing down for a free kill(steal). Enjoy your gank sir ^^

I always run 4 points in Awareness . I want as much exp as possible. It levels you up faster to make you deadlier faster

3 points go to Meditation for the much needed mana regen I don't take with Perseverence . Even if you do take that I suggest this. Why? You're running around dropping shrooms when BOOM! Team-fight. You run up press your q and nothing happens. Why? You ran out of mana when you dropped that last shroom. Now your carry died. Soon the rest of your team follows while you scamper away like a scared little dog to defend your inhib. I also put the 2 points in Utility Mastery . I don't focus on getting buffs as Teemo but blue wouldn't be bad for the mana regen. I tend to have maxed cooldowns by mid game so it doesn't help then but early game it could. It's more useful on your caster though.

Quickness and Blink of an Eye get maxed. Teemo has a lot of speed so why not make him faster? Couldn't hurt. Get away from an enemy and if it's not enough? "Wow my Flash just came off cooldown. Good thing I didn't have to wait an extra 15 seconds"

Reduce your cooldowns 6% with Intelligence and get your summoners faster with the final point at the top of the tree Presence of the Master .

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Summoner Spells

Alright we're in queue now. Pick Teemo get the right rune and mastery pages. Now the summoners.

Flash is always good. It can be used offensive and defensively. Flash out of a bush onto their carry, drop a shroom, Blinding Dart them and start auto-attacking. Dead in a few seconds. Got ganked in the jungle while your placing mushrooms? Flash over the wall, Move Quick and you're home free.

Teleport has so many uses. Your turret about to die? Quick! Tele to that minion and fight off that attacker. Your minions pushing a tower? Tele on in and help them take it out. Your team chasing someone down the lane? Tele to a mushroom previously placed in their jungle and ensure your team gets the kill

I don't think you should swap these out with anything unless you want to switch Flash with Ghost and use the mastery point for Haste instead of Blink of an Eye but this should be all you need. Your Move Quick is a good enough ghost with a much shorter cooldown.

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OK everyone summoned we're on the summoner platform and invisible >.> <.<. What do I buy?

I begin with a Doran's Blade. It gives health, again for that early game survivability, 10 AD that you don't get from runes or anything, and 3% lifesteal, the only lifesteal you're getting.

Other choices include Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, or a Regrowth Pendant and a health pot, building that into a Philosopher's Stone for HP/Mana regen and gold per 5 seconds. Just continue at the greaves.

Speaking of Berserker's Greaves, I take these for the attack speed (obviously) for the early game farm and the late game "right click and kill"

It's up to you with your Malady. You can either get the Dagger's first and keep right clicking your opponents or you can start making your mushrooms hurt with an Amplifying Tome. It's your call but either way Malady is your next main item.

Again with the Nashor's Tooth. I prefer rushing the Stinger for attack speed but you could go for the Fiendish Codex for the AP and mana regen.

Now your really pegging them in the eyes with your darts. Needlessly Large Rod into Rabadon's Deathcap to make your mushrooms do a hefty damage. Wouldn't be the first time someone runs from a team fight early while I'm pushing top yet I get the kill on them. Ah such sweet gold...

Your Guinsoo's Rageblade is next making you attack faster and do more AP damage with every auto attack or ability. Blind them, shoot a few times blind again they can't handle it!

If the game lasts long enough (It's rare I even get my Rageblade) get a Frozen Mallet. Make room for it by selling your first item ( Doran's Blade/ Philosopher's Stone) Now, not only are they poisoned, they can't seem to get away from you.

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Skill Sequence

Walkin' to lane what ability do I get first?

I like to get the Toxic Shot first. It doesn't have to be activated it's just always on, doesn't cost any mana, poisons your target, and makes your auto-attack do more damage. Level this first then starting at level 5 put a point in it every chance you get.

Second I take Blinding Dart. It's the ultimate Anti-AD Champion. When your opponent is blind their auto-attack WILL NOT HIT. There is 0% chance they will hit while blind. Get this at level 2, level 4 then max it after Toxic Shot.

My third ability is Move Quick. It passively increases your movement speed and, when activated, doubles that passive. Use it to cross the map fast to ward their jungle and get out or join that teamfight when your teleport is down. Put a point in it at level 3 to have it but otherwise leave it alone until everything else is maxed.

Finally your ultimate. The cryptonite of the enemy team. I'll go over this separately in another section.

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Kinda hard to see. I will get a better picThe red dots are points you should ALWAYS put a shroom. They're major movement points through your jungle and theirs.
NOTE: The mushrooms for Dragon and Baron are slightly INSIDE the area. That is so you have vision of the neutral more so than the river. I find this more useful as someone could hug the wall and manage to avoid the mushroom as most Teemo's do put mushrooms near there. Also more shrooms could be placed throughout the river for vision if you fear ganks during laning/want to piss of their team by forcing them to run through 8 traps to escape your team

The blue dots are spots you should drop when you're in the top lane, purple being for mid and green for bot.
NOTE: The little single bushes are prime spots to hit regardless but it's absolutely necessary when in mid or the adjoining lane. Also if you want to be nice to your team you can leave shrooms for them.

The yellow dots are optional points. I included them as good spots but aren't a necessity like the red ones. They're mostly game based. No need to put one bot between the turrets if they can't destroy the first one.

The brown ones are special. They're for backdooring mostly. They mark good spots to drop a shroom to tele to later (Remember, shrooms only last 10 mins) to try to take that inhib while your team fights, or to jump into the middle of the team fight from behind.
NOTE: You can tele to any of the shrooms you have on the map I just find these particular spots useful for this job.