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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Cassiopeia Build Guide by cyberchade

Cassieopia AP-Hyper Carry

Cassieopia AP-Hyper Carry

Updated on June 25, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberchade Build Guide By cyberchade 13,421 Views 1 Comments
13,421 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberchade Cassiopeia Build Guide By cyberchade Updated on June 25, 2016
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What Cassieopia can do

Casss can carry a game she can carry like an adc only in lower Elo she wont get fouced like one she can destory teams that need mobilty spells and she can burn down tanks she gives reliable crowd control and high damage she can own early game and dominte late game
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what to pick cass into

Cass is an Ap hyper carry she is great with teams that can protect her(Shen Jannan Moakia) and she is great vs teams that need their moblity spells(Irelia Lucain Leblanc). Her ablitly to poke with her Q and all in with her W E Q R combo make her a nightmare to lane verse.
Cass can fit into anti angage, hard engage, and protect the carry team compastions
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what not to pick Cass in to

Cass in very bad vs champoins that are hard to kite alone (Garen) (He wont be much of a threat once you get Rylia's) and her laning phase is hard vs champoins that can get to her befor her W has a chance to land (Yasou Talon Katarina)
also cass is not the best in a poke team comp tho she can work
dive team comps are a no for the most part as they leave her by her self they can work but i dont recomend it
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how to kite and chase with Rylis's

once you have Rylis's kiting gets ez due to Cass beign able to move and cast E at the same time if the enemy say Rangar jumps on you E,e,e let some distance form Q,e,e,e repeat untill target is a frosen husk if he tries to run ult the target will be slowed and W and spam E till target is dead
Note you can shorten this by just ulting and Q EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but you dont know who is going to jump you after the slilly kitty so save the ult

Also ALWAYS and i mean ALWAYS micromange your movment. Veigar just one shot your ADC change your movement Jannna just stole baron change your movement you just kited Mordekiaser to hell and back change you movement. if you are not moving you are playing wrong
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why Cass is strong vs assassin like Diana and Kassadin but weak vs Zed and

the reason for this is simple Kassadin and diana dont get their dashes till six you can abuse then till then but yasou may get his dash as early as lvl 2 also zed can ult even if cought on your W

Wait Leblance she gets her dash level 1 well level 1 will be hard (start E not Q) but her dash is not instant like Talon or Katarina and her dash is a skill shot so you will see it coming and she should land infront of you so put your W at you feel as she dashes onto it she cant pop back to the mark so she is traped in ult range she is now your viktim
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Odd balls

Some champoins just seam to make your life hard as Cass Syndra and Veigar (see match ups ^^ for him) do just that

i think the main reason Syndra is hard for cass is that syndra can more wail casting her ult her Q and her W this makes landing you Q hard and as stated your E doesnt do much with out landing your Q or W also her ablility to nuke you is on the same level as Veigar
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These poor smucks

Mordekiaser Nasus and Skarner and champoisn like them
these guys are kiteable you are a kit Queen Mord is the easyest to kit Skrner being the hardest

Mord more then likly has a hexteck gunblade so watch out of that he may get a ryli's so if you **** up and he getts close count to three and you should be dead if he gets your adc and he has ryli's you job just got harder you now have to watch out for the ghost has it can kill but you now have to run from mord with is ghost perma slowing you if mord has a ghost and you go to stun try to hit the ghost as well as it can still hit you if he is stunned

Nasus has a 99% slow the ranage is the same has you E you have to ult and you have to A run ( to do this hit him with Q for the MS bost) or B kill him befor the stun ends if you fail to do both then GG

in the Jungle Skarner moves faster so dont go there to kit him he has not one but three CCs his E will slow if it hits you and it is a hard slow but it is slow moving so try to side stepp if he hits you and he gets to you he can stun you with an AA then his ult lets him drag you back to where he wants but he is the lowest damage out of the three so you may live
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Cassieopiea's W Miasma Her weakest and strongest point

this abiltys is Odd it has a minimum and maximum range this is why talon and yasou are hard for Cass you need to learn this ability i cant do much to help you with it as there are no tricks to make it land every time it. i will say when chassing don't just throw this out as you more the likely wont land it
this is her weakest point for the fact that is is a slow moving projecttile
it is strong due to its grounded affect enemy on it cant use mobiltys spell this means in a team fight Vayne cant enter stealth Kassadin loses his damage Leblanc cant juke you to the end of the earth Vi cant dive your whole front line and azir wont be shurima shuffleing your team into his fountin as you kill his Nexus
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Last hitting with Twin Fang

Cass's E Twin fangs makes farming ez after playing her for a bit. if you kill a target with it she gets the mana cost refunded and if you hit a posion target you heal a little bit once you get Tear of the Godddess you will be gaining mana when you kill a target it does more damage if the target is posioned so try to land a Q beofor going Ham on your lane opponent. if there is a big wave throw your W and go ham once you get gud you wont miss one CS
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iteams to consider

Hextek Gunblade: this iteam is nice on cass it give everything she wants but he Q, W wont heal her much and she already gets healing from her E so it is not imprtant

Morellonomicon this iteam is nice but it isnt great it will amke it so you never run out of mana but buying it would slow down you Ryli's which is much more important

Sprit visage i recomend Banshee's as a second Mr iteam due to the spell sheild but the 25% inrease to healing affects is great so in the enemy is lacking in the CC depatemnt then go for it

Rabodon's DeathCap this iteam is great but cass doesnt need as much Ap as say vladimir and Void Staff and a Torment will make tanks melt in your hand vs Squishy teams tho take this over Torment
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So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

thank you for reading my guide i know it is a bit sloppy and i would love any tips on making it better. hope that this guide can show you the same sucsess i have when playing Cassioepia The Serpents's Embrace.

So long and thans for all the fish
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